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So I got a chance to read my Yuletide gifts and I'm a bit \0/.

I got a full fic and a treat, both in Gaiman's The Graveyard Book universe, which OMG, why is there not more Silas and Bod fic, people? Fandom, you may fail me in that regard, but my Yuletide authors made up for it. :D

My gift fic is 1200 delicious words of Bod coming home ten years after he left and finding Silas and there may be a kiss involved and I might have just flailed madly because is there anything better than love between a vampire and a boy who grew up with ghosts? I didn't think so.

May You Find Hope Everlasting by Anonymous

My treat was a wee tiny fic about Bod out on his own that is brilliantly, creepily fantastic. I won't give it away, but it may just be one of my favoruite little Christmas snippets now. :D

Rest Ye Merrily by Anonymous

In other news, we had about half a foot or so of snow dumped on us this afternoon. Again. The last snow had just nearly melted too, dammit. I'm ready for winter to be over now, please? I do not want another three months of this. However, I did get to skip out of work early today, which was awesome since I was up until 4 a.m. RPing. Cause I'm dedicated. Oh, yes I am. Or actually guilty since I have abandoned everything for the past month including my poor RP boys. *eyes Snape sadly*

Tonight I'm curled up on the couch beneath a quilt watching the snow blow past, and Dragon's on the chaise and both of us are on our laptops, 'cause the Internet doesn't surf itself, after all, and the cats have found their separate blankets (or towels as may be the case with one) to burrow beneath to stay warm and we're contemplating whether or not to flip on the TV to watch the ball drop. Welcome to our idea of a rockin' New Year's Eve. AHAHAHAHHAAHHA. We're pathetic. :D

As far as 2008 goes, I am grateful to see it on the way out, thank you, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Here's hoping 2009 sucks less. \0/

However, I did a quick count of my writing for this year. Ten fics that total roughly 222,000 words.

List o' fics o' doom )

I already have three fics lined up to work on next year. Maybe four if I can't get a particular Snape/House bunny out of my mind. So I think I'm definitely going to be narrowing my fest participation down significantly in coming months. Seriously significantly. This is my one and only New Year's Resolution. Plus I have a $50 bet with [info]spiderine that I'll only write one holiday fest fic next year. Which, might I point out, not a damn one of my friends actually believes I can do. Honestly. *haughty sniff* It's like y'all think I have no self-control or something. *looks guilty back at list of fest fics from this past year* Oh, shut up.

Anyway. Happy New Year!

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