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This is why I need to be best buds with Daniel Vosovic.
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Okay, so I hate shopping. I mean I hate it. I always have. I've never been one to wander the mall windowshopping--in fact, unless I'm forced to the mall for some reason or another the only time I go near it is at Christmas.

I loathe the mall.

However, I may have to resort to going this weekend. Sigh.

I have a wedding in a week and a half that I have to go to. (Let's be noting here too that I am not a fan of the wedding. In fact, I'd rather people eloped and hi, I'll just give you the money I'd have spent on a dress because, yes, I hate shopping that much.) So I am in search of proper attire.

The only problem is almost every dress I've found so far has no fucking sleeves. And this wedding is an evening wedding being held outside on the Massachusetts shore at the end of September. (Please to be noting Massachusetts, evening, outside, shore, and end of September. Which translates in Femme-speak to bumfuck cold for this transplanted Southerner.)

I spent an hour and a half at lunch in the Macy's down from my office desperately searching for anything to clothe me as showing up naked seems to be something that Emily Post would frown upon.

Nothing. No-thing.

However, I am currently considering an ankle-length black skirt and a black cashmere sweater combination that I can order online, thus avoiding the horror of the mall. If I find fabulous jewelry to dress it up and some rocking shoes and splurge on a French manicure...hm. The wedding's not formal, thank God. And I could justify the splurging on cashmere because I could wear the sweater to work. And the skirt too, come to think of it. And I'm not too concerned about the wearing of black to a wedding as everyone in my department is wearing black.


I seriously hate these sorts of decisions. I'm so, so, so hard to please about what I want to wear and finding things I actually like is almost impossible. I really should sew my own stuff. Sigh. I know exactly what I want in my head. I just can't find it.

*chews fingernails and bitches about the fickle whims of fashion*

Oh, Danny V. Why can't we be friends? You'd whip me up something awesome for this damn wedding. You would. Even Tim Gunn would agree.

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