heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you

I don't care if you absolutely hate Fall Out Boy--you need watch this video. I'm in tears and I have to leave for work.

Oh, boys. I just.


Invisible Children.

heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Is this creepy now?

So. I have been informed by a nurse at my workplace that I am to stay the fuck off my ankle this weekend if at all possible. Which means poor [info]ze_dragon has to put up with my crankiness. :D

[info]miasnape posted a link earlier to Morphthings, with the warning that it's addictive, and OMG is she right. Dude. I've been morphing and snickering like mad.

But! I have discovered what the love child of Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump would look like all grown up. And I am going to inflict this on my flist. Hah.

AW. )

Dude. This makes me want mpreg like whoa. WHY IS THERE VERY LITTLE MPREG, DAMMIT? Mpreg ROCKS. *sighs and curses fandom's prejudices* :(

Also? This video of Morrisey and Johnny Marr dancing together is AWESOME. *LOVES*


And for those of us having bad days? Taking Back Sunday has this to tell us....



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