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Seriously? This is starting to get not-so-funny.

Okay, so more trials and tribulations in the saga of Femme travelling this summer. Y'all. I swear I pissed off the transportation deities earlier this summer.

So, I'm taking the train today to [info]supergrover24's, right, so we can go concerting. Well. Amtrak's reservation system has been down all weekend. Because of course, I'm traveling this weekend. Dude. I have the worst travel karma So I had to board the train with no ticket, just a confirmation number and a picture ID. HI, THIS DOESN'T SEEM LIKE THE SAFEST WAY TO TRAVEL, RIGHT? Not to mention I'm like...er....I'm not going to get thrown off the train in some podunk town am I?

And on top of that, I fell down a flight of stairs in South Station back in Boston--DO NOT ASK IT WAS OMG SO HUMILIATING--and managed to sprain both my ankles. Yes. Both. And the one that has seven pins and a plate in it...is kind of nastily swollen.

But does anyone think two sprained ankles are going to keep me from seeing MCR again? HELL NO. I WILL GO ON TWO BROKEN LEGS TO SEE FRANK IERO IF IT IS NECESSARY. I DO NOT CARE.

Hi. I think I have a slight problem. XD

Besides we've had these damn tickets since June. *G*

Anyway. Moral of the story? DO NOT TRAVEL ANYWHERE WITH FEMME. Because I will kill the hell out of any travel plans you have, it seems.

Trials and tribulations aside...I've forty-five minutes or so to kill waiting for my connecting train so I'm mooching wireless from somewhere, eating a banana nut muffin and checking my flist.

Man. My ankles hurt.

*goes to download MCR and J2 fic to read for the next two hours as *coughcough* research for a certain fic*

*looks shifty*
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