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Y, hai thar, EyeJay.

I just realised today that other than a txt-to-lj post on Monday, I haven't posted since last Saturday. It's just been one of those weeks. I was in a training conference Monday through Wednesday, then yesterday morning was spent trying to catch up on work, then yesterday afternoon...well. Let's just say there was a department holiday bar crawl lunch that managed to go from 1 to 6 and which may have involved the imbibing of two mojitos and five martinis since my VP kept buying rounds for everyone. I came home and fell into bed at 7. As I told [info]bethbethbeth, hand to God, I'm never drinking again. She just laughed at me.

My office is currently filled with small children...a bunch of people brought their kids in today for our yearly Santa visit, and I'm not even making an attempt to work because every ten minutes or so another three or four year old comes flying into my cubicle to talk or play. I love it. I adore kids so much, and having them around is making me a) want a kid of my own, which is something I've been turning around in my mind for the past year anyway, and b) want kidfic, mainly because that's a lot easier to get my hands on at the moment. Seriously, kids rock. I think they're some of the coolest people in existence.

I'm totally falling in love with the Used. This is entirely [info]luciamad's fault as she has been tossing pics and interviews and vids and music my way. She's evil, I tell you, and is using against me the fact that my biggest kinks are twinks (hai, Quinn) and dirty, snarky, fucked-up broken boys (hai, Bert). Also, Jepha is fucking hysterical. I'm seriously starting to adore them all.

And it was this picture that pushed me over the edge. I'm telling you, Luc knows exactly which buttons to push on me. *g*

Tell me I shouldn't write The Used kidfic. Seriously. )
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