heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]

Happy birthday, [info]bethbethbeth! You're the bestest. *hugs*

Half an hour and I'm headed to Logan. Three hours early. Because Delta.com still won't spit out my damned boarding pass. *eyes it balefully* But that's okay because I'll be using those three hours to frantically try to finish my presentation...


Also I am currently sitting in my cubicle with hot rollers in my hair. Don't ask. Really. *ducks under desk*
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Gone, um, Terminusing

Stupid Delta.com hasn't let me print my boarding pass for tomorrow at all today. ARGH. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I have to take a shuttle down to LaGuardia to catch my flight to Chicago. THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR MY TRAVEL LUCK, YOU GUYS. :/

Am currently finishing up a load of laundry and packing my bag for Terminus. I am attempting--attempting, I say--to fit five days worth of clothes into a large duffle bag because I have a phobia of checking bags. Okay, maybe not phobia. But I really hate it. We're going to see how creatively I can pack. Fortunately everything I own is black or grey so there's going to be a lot of mix-and-matching this weekend. \0/ And as long as I have room for my hot rollers I'm a happy camper. However, lugging this on the T tomorrow is not going to be fun. I think I might grab a cab to Logan from work instead of Ting it. *ponders*

OMG. I can't believe I leave for Chicago tomorrow afternoon. I AM SO NOT READY. I'm still finishing up my presentation! *grimaces* Don't hate me too much if it sucks. And can someone please tell the TSA that a stupid quart bag is NOT enough room to hold all my makeup for five days? Dammit.

Okay. May or may not be around in the morning depending on how busy work is. Shall see some of you shortly (ETA: Will be at the Snarry and Snaco meetups I know for certain and our Snape panel is at 2 p.m. on Friday), will miss the rest of you muchly. *smushes flist* Back Monday night!

P.S. Dear SUP, please, for the love of God, do not do anything incredibly stupid like 6A did last year during Prophecy. Kthanxbai.
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Attention Snape/Draco shippers!

I know there are a few of you around here. :D

[info]ravenna_c_tan is planning a Snaco lunch at Terminus on Saturday at noon. Sign up here if you're interested in joining us!
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