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New 6A CEO. Hm.

Barak resigns; new CEO Chris Alden is instated.

Mena Trott says this.

Christopher Alden's website and his blog. And on Wikipedia.

I...don't know what to say. Or to think.


I'll just be over here, still eyeing 6A very, very very warily...

In the words of Fox Mulder, trust no one. They could still be crazy-ass.


ETA: Dartmouth blog mention of Alden
A few interesting comments to this blog post regarding the new CEO.
A 2005 Forbes article regarding Rojo, Alden's previous company.
Info on 6A's previous acquisition of Rojo last year.
TalkCrunch podcast interviewing RSS feedreader execs, including Chris Alden.
More info on 6A Rojo acquisiton.
Valleywag on Barak leaving
Valleywag on the Rojo acquisition

Um. Just read through the Six Apart tag on Valleywag. In particular? Look at this conflict of interest item which is then followed by this. *raises eyebrow* Even the industry blogs seem to be turning on 6A. Curious.

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