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So tired. I have now packed up nearly my entire life into seventeen boxes and three suitcases which somehow seems oddly humbling, and I'm waiting for my last load of laundry to finish so I can tape up the last box and be done. The movers will be coming tomorrow at one for phase one of the moving process--long story short, since Sept 1 is the THE moving day in Boston courtesy of the rather large student population, as of tomorrow night I'm living out of a carryon and sans furniture for a week. \0/ It'll be like camping in my living room....which is about the only way you'd get me to go camping, come to think of it.

Dungeons last night was brilliant fun. We had a gamewide year-long plot arc that ended in a flurry of activity, which meant hardcore RPing from 8:30 at night to 3:45 in the morning, OMG. It was, as those of us still stumbling about punchily around 2 a.m determined, epic--one of those moments that reminds me how much I love RPing with this fantastic group of writers. \0/

Speaking of writing (go with it, really, I'm too damn tired to think of a better segue), I sat down and figured out my writing schedule for the rest of the year because I'm going to have to be very organized when it comes to my writing this fest season. So far I have plots for all but the two exchanges that I haven't gotten my assignments for yet. I just have to beat the plots into outlines now, which I think I'll do next week. It's going to be a very Snarry and H/D heavy season for me. :)

How Femme Will Be Spending Her Fall, Age 36 )

Call me masochistic, but I'm all flaily about being able to write so much fic, and about the plots I have. I feel like I haven't written anything really plotty in months. Which I guess I haven't....huh. My past two fics have been a lot shorter than my usual.

I'm considering making the box of brownies that's been sitting on my counter for the past three days. Hm. Or I could just sprawl exhausted on the couch and stare blankly at whatever crap's on TV tonight....chocolate....tv.....chocolate....tv....
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