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Always forget how strange it is just to be alive at all

I haven't gone to see the new Star Trek movie. To be completely honest, I'm not sure I'm going to. My dad was a Trekkie--a Spock fan, and honestly how my mother can be surprised that all three of her kids ended up fannish in one way or another is beyond me since we all take after my dad on that score (and she and I laughed about that this past weekend, actually, about how much the three of us had obviously inherited my dad's geek/fan genes because the entire concept of fannishness flummoxes her)--and seeing the squee on my flist is a little bittersweet for me. Not that I want to avoid it, mind, because it brings up some really great memories of my dad and of watching reruns of TOS and new episodes of TNG with him when I was in high school and college (whether or not I wanted to *g*). But I miss him, rather a lot, and this time of year it's always more poignant. I can't believe it's been almost 5 years. Odd.

I started plotting out my Snarry Games fic today while at a seminar on multitasking and workplace productivity that my boss felt the need to send me to. (*rolls eyes*) I really like my idea, and I'm taking on a new method of plotting which is really intriguing me. It involves outlining in steps, adding more plot and character detail with each incarnation of the outline, and so far I'm liking it. I don't take the outlining as slow as Weisner suggests (she thinks outlining should fill 30 days, and I did five days worth in one and should be on track to start writing next week), but I have to say it does make me focus more on the way plot and subplot and character dynamics interweave than I normally do at this stage in the writing process. I'll be interested in seeing if the final outline makes it easier to write the draft...

My latest musical obsession is Patrick Park's Life Is A Song. I cannot get enough of this song. Srsly.

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