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I'm too tired to think of anything interesting to put here.

Con crud has reached the point that I gave up this morning, miserable, and called in sick to work. Blech. I hate calling in sick. I always feel guilty for doing it.

I am now ensconced on the couch, wrapped in a blanket,coughing my lungs up and sneezing like mad. However, I have discovered Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is on TV. OMG, I love this movie more than I can even say. It's just brilliantly cheesy. \0/

Also for some weird reason Dick Van Dyke at the moment is reminding me of adult!Harry with his kids. Yeah, I don't even know. I blame the fever. Or something.
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I am feeling retro today.

After sleeping less than 2 hours Thursday night for various reasons (*eyes the cats balefully*), I came home last night and crashed for four and a half hours, then got up and puttered around sleepily for a few more before crashing again until 10 this morning. I'm currently curled up on the living room chaise, windows thrown open to the first sunshine in days, with the 60s easy listening music channel playing the instrumentals of Mancini and Bert Kaempfert and Percy Faith and Francis Goya. \0/ I am such a sucker for cheesy 60s music.

Have breakfasted, showered, bitched at the cats, done a Dungeons thread, bitched at the cats again, and talked to my sister so far today. Now I have to do a few dishes, write (ZOMG, write), throw some laundry in, email [info] - livejournal.comglockgal about what I want for my commission, check in on a fluish [info] - livejournal.comnoeon to see how she's feeling, kill my upstairs neighbours who are playing crap music again and drowning out my Kaempfert dammit,and prep for a couple more Dungeons threads tonight.

This is the last lazy weekend I'll have for the rest of the month--next weekend I'll be down in Hoboken for an Old 97s concert and the weekend after that I'll be off on a four-day work trip. I am going to enjoy lazing about this weekend, doing not a damn thing other than what I want to do.

Oh, and also, I've discovered that the latest update to my G1 sometimes keeps me logged in to gchat, even when I'm not. So, er, if you ping me on gchat and I don't answer, but I'm showing up as being online, I might not actually be, thanks to my phone. /0\
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The scourge of Londontown, there'll be no rest until you are a guest of the Crown

Taking a break from writing to say happy birthday, [info] - livejournal.comdjin7!

Also everyone knows, right, that Spinal Tap recorded Saucy Jack? And you can download it here? For free? I am so amused by this song. And by their website where you can listen to tracks from the new album. I'm particularly fond of Funky Sex Farm. Oh Spinal Tap. I heart you so much. I really, really need to watch that movie again.

Do you know what I hate about living in an old house in the summer, other than the fact that there is no central air and window air conditioners do absolutely no good most of the time? The bugs. The annoying ones that slip under the crack at the bottom of the French doors in my bedroom and decide to crawl on me when I'm taking a nap and I smack them off sleepily and then I wake up with a giant red bug bite on my cheek that itches like crazy. Die, bug. DIE. >:(

I have now registered for the Sunday programming at Azkatraz. I'm going to be at the Parc55 from Wednesday night through Tuesday morning, but as of right now I'm only officially attending the day that my panel's scheduled. Other than that I'm planning on hanging out around SanFran, going to meetups, and jabbering with friends about pretty boys and what we want to do with them. But everyone should come to the Harry/Draco panel at 10:30 on Sunday morning because it's going to be awesomecakes and I'm totally in awe of my fellow panelists. \0/

ETA: Beth brings up a good point here...are those of us without full con registrations going to be able to get into any of the meetup rooms if the meetups are being held in the hotel?

Okay. Going back to writing Harry/Draco club fic now.
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Now put your hands up, up in the club
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Happy birthday, [info] - livejournal.combewarethesmirk and [info] - livejournal.comsansa1970! I hope you both had lovely days.

New Hampshire passing their gay marriage law makes me so happy. \0/ Six down, baby, forty-four to go. Now all we need is Rhode Island to cough up one, and we'll have the entirety of New England sewn up.

I've discovered Lala.com, courtesy of Rhett Miller tweeting his Lala playlist earlier today. (Don't look at me that way; I am so damn easy when it comes to him, yes.) Anyway, I'm kind of entranced by it. I like that you can listen to full songs before you buy them, and that you can buy them for web use only or as MP3s, and they're still cheaper than iTunes and Amazon. Plus I managed to buy the new Eels album for $3.99 on there. \0/

Joe Jonas doing the Single Ladies Dance is utterly dorktastic. I blame my watching this on[info] - livejournal.comsupergrover24. And now I have the song going through my head. Thank you, Jodie. Thank you so much. :P

I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips, hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans, acting up, drink in my cup, I can care less what you think--no, I will not write a gloss-wearing, Muggle-clubbing Draco fic for his twenty-ninth birthday. I won't. Really. *whimpers*

Plans for tonight? Betaing, watching Spooks and hopefully catching up on emails/comments. Writing a gloss-wearing, Muggle-clubbing Draco fic...dammit.
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Random update is random.

1. Woke up this morning at ten til five because the damn sun has decided to start rising at four-thirty in the morning and filters through one of my windows. I find this ridiculously annoying since I don't have to roll out of bed until seven.

2. Got caught in a nightmare commute this morning that turned my I'm-going-to-be-15-minutes-early-to-work into WTF-I'm-half-an-hour-late because I got stuck in a subway tunnel for 45 minutes, thus mutating my 30 minute commute into well over an hour. Not. Fun. To say the least. Bad MBTA, no biscuit for you. >:(

3. Downloaded 500 pages of factsheets from the Parliament.uk site detailing a goodly chunk of the procedures--legislative and otherwise--for the House of Commons. This is research material for several fics bubbling away in various stages of production, including my [info]snarry_games fic, the synopsis of which has now hit 2500 words and still isn't finished. *headdesk*

4. Watched the series four finale and series five opener of Spooks tonight. This was me: ZafZafZafZafZAFZAFZAF--ZOMGCOLINCOLINCOLINCOLIN--ZAFRuthRuthRuthRUTHZafZafZafZAFZAFZAFZAF. *cough* Also I am now utterly convinced Malcolm/Colin is canonical. And certain that series five is going to tear me apart. *whimpers*watches with one eye closed*

5. Got to RP my Marik tonight against [info] - livejournal.comjjtaylor's Tonks. This was massively happymaking. I giant-sparklypen-heart those two. Plus it was nice to RP; I haven't had a chance to do it much the past few weeks. Alas. Alack. Woe.

6. I looked at the prompts that are being submitted so far for [info] - livejournal.comhd_career_fair and I kept going, oooh, I want to write that one and that one and that one and that one and that one...and that was just on the first page. *facepalms*

7. I owe a couple of emails and a bunch of comments, but for now I must needs hie myself to bed as I've an early meeting in the morning. Blech. Meetings should not be scheduled before 11 a.m. Ever. I am neither functional nor nonsnarly that early in the morning.
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Slept twelve hours last night and ten the night before. This is so unlike me that it's weirding me out a bit. Especially since I'm still ridiculously tired and feel like I could sleep another twelve right now. However, I have Things To Do this weekend, so hauling my butt out of bed is a necessity. Alas.

[info] - livejournal.compir8fancier's posted the sequel to Lush Life and I am all flailing grabbyhands, but I am refusing to let myself indulge in it until I strike off at least two things on my to-do list. (Goals for the weekend: among other things, throw open the windows and tidy up my bedroom, finish plotting my Snarry Games and Al/Viktor fics, and write more H/D musician AU. I shall prevail. Really. I think. Maybe.)

All right. Getting up now. Bah. Really want to stay in bed with the laptop.... :(

Also, you know, if my upstairs neighbours are going to insist on playing music at the highest decibel level possible this early in the morning, could they at least not make it absolute crap? Sigh.

Also part two, it really amuses me that iTunes specifically marks my copy of iTunes-purchased Percy Faith's Theme from A Summer's Place as clean as opposed to explicit. *snort* Well, yeah. As there are no words to it. LOL, Apple.
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Yay for free wireless at tiny little local airports!!!

Back to Boston this afternoon, via a half hour layover in Cincinatti (wtf Delta), just in time to hit rush hour on the T with luggage. \0/ I'm kind of sad to go back, I'll admit...this has been a really good weekend with my whole family and I miss them already. :(

Still, I can't wait to see my cat and my bed and oh, yeah, [info]ze_dragon. :D

Also, I am totally enamoured with Dreamwidth now, I have to tell you. I'm still going to be crossposting and reading my LJ list, of course, but I can already tell that my Dreamwidth account is most likely going to become my home base. Since I work on a Mac and therefore don't use Semagic, the crossposting feature alone is freaking awesome. And I'm a bit flaily about how fantastic the importer is--I've already nabbed free accounts for my RP journals so that I can consolidate their LJ and IJ journals as an archive. I can't wait for the community importer to come online. \0/ Now I just need to sit down and figure out Core 2 so I can whip up a layout. (Right now I'm using one of [info]gossymer's fantastic designs.) Oh and import my Keira mood theme over. \0/

While I'm chilling here, listening to the really cheesy yet oddly Zenlike Muzak being piped in over the airport speakers, I did want to rec two fics I read this weekend which were fantabulous.

Dear Diary... by anon
This was written for the [info]snape_potter Snarry-a-thon being held on IJ and LJ the past couple of weeks. It's deliciously funny and sweet and charming and I have to say this is my absolute favourite incarnation of Lily Luna Potter ever. The author had me at this sentence: In fact, Harry couldn't think of a single person Lily knew with the initial 'S' apart from Draco Malfoy's son, and the only thing Harry had ever heard Lily say about Scorpius Malfoy was "He wears too much eyeliner." \0/ I LOVE THIS FIC. I could read it over and over. *hearts*

Promises to Keep by [info]lesyeuxverts
Birthday fic! Written for me! With my OTP! *flails* Lyv has outdone herself here, seriously. I absolutely adore the premise of Snape and Draco having to live in Harry and Ron's spare room and oh, the characterizations. Brilliant. And the amount of story Lyv packs into an 800-word ficlet! \0/ It's beautiful, seriously. Here's a taste:

"Weasley is a lout," Draco said.

"And Potter has a voice that could shatter glass at twenty paces, and shouldn't be permitted to sing in the shower, but there is nowhere else for us to go, Draco."

Go! Read them both! Tell the authors they are amazing! Now I'm going to watch some Spooks on Netflix while I'm sitting here waiting for the plane to roll up. Or read Harry/Draco pr0n. MAYBE I'LL DO BOTH. \0/
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Day of \0/

Today was one of those days that started off on the wrong foot with me oversleeping and running in to work late, but just proceeded to get MORE AND MORE AWESOME.

My boss worked from home, the files I need to complete our annual report didn't come in which meant I literally, seriously had nothing to do all afternoon (other than sit around and read fic on my phone yay), I snagged a seriously awesome free lunch from leftovers from a lunch meeting my VP held, and one of my music blogs posted a Rhett cover of the The Pixies' Wave of Mutilation (which is hi, one of my favourite Pixies songs off of my favourite Pixies album and yes, I have had it on repeat all day).

And to top all that off, [info]djinnj sent me Rhett pictures and video, [info]oddogoddess wrote me my very own AWESOME Snape/Draco ficlet (here on IJ and here on LJ), and [info]regan_v wrote me meta about Draco. \0/ And then there are all the birthday wishes from friends, RL and fandom, that I've been getting on Facebook and Twitter and LJ...omg, thank you all so much. *hearts the Internet liek woah* :D

All in all, it's been a good day. A really good day. \0/ Even if I am another year closer to 40 now. *G*

And in less than 24 hours I get to see my mom for the first time in a year and I. Cannot. Wait. *bounces*
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Heaven's the next town with a girl and a bar

So my morning started off with me waking up 45 minutes later than I meant to, which meant not doing the fest writing before work which I really needed to do and instead racing to catch the T which, of course, I missed , so I had to get the next train which happened to break down in the subway tunnel for 18 minutes before they finally managed to lurch it into the nearest station and of course they had to pack our crowded train into another crowded train which made everyone cranky and misanthropic by the time we got to my stop.

And then my day spiraled down from there. Yay. No use going into all the details (mostly it involves having too much work to do this week and next and not enough hours in the day in which to get everything done) but suffice it to say by the time I got home tonight I really wanted to inflict physical damage on any inanimate object that might cross my path. (Also if the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not get my voter registration card here by next Tuesday I'm going to have to hurt someone.) And to add insult to injury I forgot my iPod today so there was no immersing myself in tunes to ignore the world. Dammit.

Tonight, however, I've drowned my sorrows in a hot shower and made a cup of tea and I'm about to crank up the heat in my bedroom and throw myself into finishing this damned [info]snarry_holdays fic that will not end, omg.

But first, a few things I like today:

Yes We Can (hold babies). Best. Blog. Ever. Kids + Obama = \0/. I really shouldn't want to write kidfic about a presidential candidate. Really. I shouldn't. But I mean, dude. With pictures like this one...

An awesome photo of the Old 97's I hadn't seen before today. \0/ Dear Rhett, you are so pretteh....I am now thinking about slashing you with Jared Padalecki because OMG lanky Texans FTW.

Two photos )

And on that note, I have to go make Snape and Harry have sex. Which is a lot harder than you'd think. *cries*
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Birds love and bees love and whispering trees love
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So, it's halfway through the month now and I've barely posted. Er...real life's been a bit busy with work and moving...

  • Still a saga on the latter as the moving company admitted today that they've officially lost eight of our boxes and can't find them anywhere in their warehouses. Awesome. I'm going to have to call their insurance company tomorrow and figure out how we can be compensated. Color me not thrilled...I'm missing my Wacom tablet, winter clothes and half of my bedding and Dragon's missing a bunch of her textbooks. :/ I'm trying to be Zen about it though because, really, what can you do? Possessions are just possessions, after all.

  • I've been a bit worn out and under the weather the past week or so. Lots of headaches and coughing and copious amounts of napping on the couch when I get home. One of my coworkers had a bug recently and came to work anyway (due to issues with our leave time), so I suspect I might have picked it up from her. Unfortunately, I can't take a day off either which doesn't help with the getting to feeling better bit. Alas. Woe. I am cheering myself up, however, with large doses of Ella Fitzgerald. Who can make any day brighter.

  • I'm rereading Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer's The Power of Myth right now and really, it's amazing how much a twelve-year-difference can make in my enjoyment of it. I remember being a bit bored and impatient at times with Campbell in grad school. Now I keep finding myself nodding as I read, agreeing with him both as a human being and as a writer. And I very nearly missed my T stop on the way home tonight because I was caught up in the book. Which is of course why I'm now downloading some of Campbell's lectures to listen to at work tomorrow. And I think I might go back and reread The Hero with a Thousand Faces again. Very interesting.

  • I'm finishing up my outline tomorrow hopefully for my snarry_holidays fic so I can actually dig into writing. Because that would be good, yes. Because I have a deadline approaching. Quickly. Urk.

  • I splurged this weekend and bought 10 Adrien Brody DVDs for a total of $50. Now I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the mail from various Amazon Marketplace sellers. Today's arrival was The Darjeeling Limited. \0/ I might force [info]ze_dragon into an Adrien fest Friday night. Apropos of very little at all...I rode the T today with an Adrien-lookalike who was wearing a t-shirt that read Optimus Prime says stay in school. For some reason this amused me greatly.

  • As it's now officially the 17th on the East Coast, I can say happy birthday to my baby sister! *snugs [info]mulberry_ink* I heart you.

  • I'm on my way to bed. But as I go, a link to share. The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Hours of fun for the whole family. *nods sagely* And on that note, good night, Eye Jay.
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You’re scoring her shipwrecks with fiddles and dobros

So I went to take a short nap last night at 8 o'clock before I tackled some things on my to-do list like send out p_p invites, answer some comments/email and do some RPing. Um. I woke up from said short nap at 7:30 this morning. I've been...a little tired lately. Sadly I could still take a nap right now.

I currently have no furniture in my apartment (unless you count an air mattress furniture, which I don't.) Two-pronged moving is a pain in the butt seriously. (Six days left! Six! \0/)

You know you've officially become a Massachusetts resident when you're rewatching Men In Black for the thousandth time as [info]ze_dragon and I were recently and when they zoom in on Truro, MA on a satellite map you suddenly turn to one another at the same time and say, dude, that's so very much the wrong end of the Cape, duh.

Anyway, to sum up, life lately = pretty much working and moving accompanied by a lot of Old 97's interspersed with some Van Morrison to help with the staying sane part.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the Old 97s the past few days because when I say I've been listening a lot I mean probably 20 hours a day worth of listening. (That's really not all that much of an overexaggeration, sadly. *g*)

In which Femme goes off on a somewhat emo tangent about the Old 97's )
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A request

I have a friend in the UK who has a rare blood condition called Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria. She found out recently that, due to the exorbitant cost of the experimental drug, the NHS may not fund the medical trial she is a part of. While some people with milder forms of PNH may not require the drug, she and the other members of her trial have severe enough symptoms that they need this drug to live what we would consider a normal life. Without it, simple things such as walking up a flight of stairs or going to the store are difficult.

She's detailed her experience and what's going on with the trial and the funding here: http://pnhlondon.wordpress.com. Please, please take a few minutes to read about the situation. In her words: I don’t want to stop living my life simply because the system decides my life isn’t cost effective enough. I don’t want to when there is a drug out there that will let me live my life. I don’t want to have to go back to the life that was because medical decisions are now being made by administrators and politicians instead of doctors.

As of now the matter's been referred to Health Minister Dawn Primarolo for a final decision. The patient group is requesting that people contact Primarolo's office to express support for funding the treatment.

Contact Info )

While they prefer snail mail and other forms of direct contact, the group has also set up an online petition for UK residents here. Please note that in order to sign the petition, you will have to provide a real name and the first line of your UK address. If you are worried about your fannish name being connected to your real name, please use a non-fannish email address.

Thank you so much, guys. A few moments of your time could make a huge difference in someone's life.
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Things. Not necessarily related.

  • Membership in OTW has opened as of this evening. You guys, I'm so excited about the archive that's going to be released this summer (version 1.0). Check out the roadmap for archive development. All this stuff is going to be available when it opens. It fills me with massive squee. And some of the possibilities for expansion that have been discussed for the future are even more awesome.

    You don't have to be a member of OTW to use the archive when it opens, but OTW membership provides financial support for the underpinnings of the archive and non-profit and a donation of $10 or more during a year will give you the right to vote in the next board election. You can read more about OTW membership at the Membership FAQ. If you've financial questions or privacy concerns, check out the Financial FAQ and our Privacy Policy. Still want further info? Drop ComRel a comment on the LJ post or email us at comrel@transformativeworks.org. :)

  • I'm getting sick again. I came home tonight at five and took a little nappy-nap on the couch. I didn't wake up until 9:30 and I'm still so tired I could curl up right now and sleep until morning. I don't feel like eating, my throat's raw, my head hurts, and I'm running a fever. Awesome. I don't know what it is with me and illness this winter but I'm like the walking plague lately. I'm seriously debating whether I should go to work tomorrow. Stupid body.

  • I've gotten sucked into Skins. How did this happen, you ask? LET ME TELL YOU. I resisted [info]luciamad talking about it for a year because hi, I don't need another show to watch, dammit. I can't keep up with the ones I have--even with the writer's strike. Then [info]ze_dragon saw Luc start mentioning Skins lately with the new series airing and all and knows that she has excellent taste in media. (Cause she does. *eyes Luc*) And not long ago [info]stepps pimped it. So between those two, Dragon fell last week. I still resisted. Bah! Don't need! No! Will not! No more shows! No more fandoms! And then Dragon came over this weekend with a DVD filled with the whole damn first season and forced it on me. Dammit. Now I'm totally in love with Sid because he's such a sweet dork and I may be in search of fic and oh my GOD, [info]luciamad, [info]stepps, and [info]ze_dragon....I hate you all. No, really. I do. Oh, God, Sid. My heart. Sid. Dammit.

  • Am still feeling seriously restless and discontent. I don't know why. This too shall pass, I suppose.
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Caught beneath the landslide in a champagne supernova in the sky

I am So Bloody Tired I'm not even certain I know my own name any more. And I've broken out like a teenager which is entirely due to stress and is making me go ARGH. And I've got a metric fuckload of emails that I haven't replied back to yet, but they're starred in my inbox so hopefully with tomorrow being Friday and Fridays usually being 90% calmer in my office than most other days, I might actually get to reply to them. :( Seriously, I suck at fandomy stuff right now. And life stuff. And pretty much all stuff, to be honest.

However, I do have 40,000 words of my [info]hd_worldcup fic done, with only 5,000 words left to go and roughly 49 hours left until it's due.

(Let me tell you, at 12 midnight Saturday when this fic is turned in I'm doing nothing for 24 hours. Nothing I tell you, save sit in front of the TV...and proofread five chapters of the modernism textbook that I'm behind on. And then Monday I'll start in on my [info]hp_beholder and [info]snarry_games fics....)

However, tomorrow my copy of Leopard OSX is supposed to be in, along with the Wacom tablet that I finally decided to get. I went with a small lower-end Bamboo Fun for now. I figured I'd try it out before throwing $300+ at the Intuos3. So, um, \0/?

I've been so entirely not-around this week that I'm just now getting to posting the call for players for [info]hp_dungeons that some of you might have already seen cross your flist this week. Dungeons is the RP that I've been modding for, Christ, almost five full years now. I can't believe it's been that long. Most of us have been playing in it for years now, if not from the beginning, and it's something that's defined fandom for me and is incredibly precious to me for a number of reasons. One of the things we've been adamant about over the years is that we've wanted to keep it fairly smallish (at the moment we've only 19 authors), but we're accepting open applications and we're more than willing to consider people without RP experience. (In fact, most of us had never RPed before.) We're more interested in characterization and writing ability. So if you're interested, details are below the cut.

Dungeons Call For Players )

(Um, and yes, I've gotten emails already from a couple of you and they are in my starred list...I just haven't had a chance this week to write up the character details, etc for you. But they're coming, I promise...)

Okay. I have to go back to trying to get Harry and Draco in bed. Which is surprisingly more difficult than it seems it might be. Stupid arses.

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I read in the papers that Gemini people will make it tonight

So, Severus the MacBook officially gave up the ghost last week. I'd managed to coax the keyboard into working again, though the DVD burner was still stuck, but Thursday the last bottom row of my keyboard died on me again. And it's kind of hard to type without the m, z, x, c and comma keys. :/ So yesterday [info]ze_dragon and I hiked up to the Apple store in Cambridge to get her power adapter replaced and my laptop packed back off to Apple. Which means for the next 5-7 days I'm back down to the ickle iBook and let me tell you....it is so much slower. And smaller. And heavier. And bulkier. And the shift key only works half the time.

*cries for Severus*

Best part of taking him in though? I have this OgN picture of Ayase chained to Kanou as my background on my desktop, and the dude at the Apple store who was tattooed up both arms and had a lip ring looks at it and says "Awesome pic. What's it from?"

Dragon and I still aren't sure if he realized Ayase was a boy. :D

Of course Apple > Best Buy given the fact that Marik the iPod is still not back from the repair shop and the 2-3 weeks they told me it'd be has now hit two months. Not best pleased. Not best pleased at all.

In between writing and going to chats and cleaning my apartment the past couple of days because OH MY GOD I HAVE COMPANY COMING NEXT WEEKEND, I've been indulging in anime. I inhaled the fourth English subbed OVA for Okane ga Nai--and WHOA THE FIC IDEAS--and then [info]ze_dragon introduced to me another anime that (according to her) she hand-picked to hit all the cracktastic things I tend to love.

So now, of course, I'm addicted as hell to Kyo Kara Maoh!, and I hate Dragon, I really do. I may have actually ordered the entire first season DVDs because the company who dubs them has stopped production, and I may be up to episode 21 out of 78 on the Veoh fansubs.

Really, how could I resist? *coughs and points to icon* It combines high fantasy with total CRACK with a yaoi couple who get unintentionally engaged in the second episode because one of them gets pissed off and slaps the other and that's how nobility gets engaged in this world and then they go on to adopt a daughter together, and the main character was born in Boston, is addicted to baseball and loves the Red Sox. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. )
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slashing not for the weak minded

I didn't fall asleep until 3:30 again this morning, and I came >thisclose< to calling into work and staying at home reading manga sleeping, but then my sense of responsibility kicked in. :/ Dammit.

Okane ga Nai update: I've devoured the first thee OVAs and the first chapter of the manga. Imagine my utter devastation when I found the fourth and final OVA...only to realize it was subbed in Chinese. As I comprehend neither Chinese nor Japanese, I'm forced to twitchily and impatiently wait until the English sub is out. You guys? I think I have a minor obsession. I also have three new icons. *looks shifty* Word to the wise? Never, ever, ever say you will never be interested in something fannishly because there will come a day when you will be dragged kicking and screaming into that fannish arena and then you'll have to suck it up and admit to your baby sister that, despite all the years you spent mocking her, she might have, possibly, for once in her life....been right.

The horror. No, seriously.

HP update: Okay, so you know how sometimes you read something and it just totally blows you away? I read one of those fics during lunch: Being Snape, which is a Snape/Harry written for [info]regan_v for Smutmas. Perfect characterizations, perfect interactions, perfect, perfect, perfect ending. I'm at work so I can't link you directly to the fic (I googledoc'd it this morning so I could read it) but I can point you towards the rec on [info]regan_v's journal.

[info]mctabby has a new batch of Summary Executions up! YAY. And then I saw this:

HPSSDM slashing not for the weak minded \O/ DAMN SKIPPY. *waves Snarco flag* It screamed for iconning. So...

Also, it still amuses me that Greatestjournal is sending people to Insanejournal. *snicker* I really need to start posting over here more often... *comes to do so*

Now I have to go back to work... /o\
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Ice skating on asphalt and other hazards of winter
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I hate ice and freezing rain. I slipped and slid all the way to the T this morning, and I have to go out to run errands during lunch today which means that I'll be slipping and sliding all over downtown. Bah. Winter sucks.

Also, I managed to fall down a flight of seven steps last night when I got home at 10:30. No, seriously. After 12 hours en route in one form of another, I got home just in time to walk home through the freezing rain carrying luggage, and I fell down my steps onto the concrete. I'm bruised on my hip, my shins and my palm and my lower back is rather grumpy with me today. This makes two flights of stairs I've fallen down in roughly four months. Go me.

All I really want to do today is curl up on the couch in my red sweatshirt that hangs down nearly to my knees and sleep or watch source material for my Yuletide story which is due in nine days.

What I do not want to do is... )
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Patrick and babies make even Mondays brighter.

Yesterday was [info]isoldest's birthday (except really it was Saturday night what with Australian/US time zones and all--boo on time zones and being half a planet away from one of my favouritest people ever), so you should all go tell her she rocks. Because she does.

Procrastination last night lead to me ordering a vacuum cleaner (finally) as well as a two-foot tall silver Christmas tree, thirty-seven blue/teal/green glass ornaments and two strings of blue and teal lights with which to cover it. I am going to have a kitschy Christmas this year, yay. Perhaps I shall take pictures when it arrives next week.

However, I finally fell asleep last night at 3:30 after a five-hour writing frenzy in which I wrote five thousand words....and kept two thousand of them. *facepalms* Sometimes I hate the way I write. But, ah well. No sense in keeping scenes that just don't work. The delete key is a writer's best friend.

Due to falling asleep less than four hours before I had to get up, I slept through my alarm this morning, waking up exactly twenty-three minutes before my train left.

Which I made. I am just that good. Also yay for sloppily doubled ponytails.


Dear Idiots on the T... )


Then I got to work, crankily, to find the heat off in the building. It is currently 34 degrees outside with a wind chill of 24. I am currently huddled over a tiny space heater still wrapped in my Slytherin scarf.

BUT. I turned on my computer to find an all-caps email from [info]supergrover24 saying HAVE YOU SEEN THE HATLESS PATRICK WITH BABY PICS on [info]gigantic's journal?

I had not.




Dear Pete Wentz... )


Also, it is snow-flurrying outside! Before Thanksgiving! OMG. \o/


Dear God... )


I am going to make a hot cuppa, then knock a few projects out of the way and perhaps eke out some time to write more.


heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
This and that and that and this....

Things that make today good:

I'm reading a deliciously fabulous blog that I'd love to share except I can't because I'm reading it as research for my Smutmas fic.

The Red Sox, hands down. (Dear Theo Epstein, John Henry, Terry Francona, et al, if you toss over Mike Lowell for A-Rod I will hate you with the burning hatred of a thousand suns. Just saying.)

The fact that part of the route for the rolling rally tomorrow celebrating the Series win is literally two blocks away from my office, so yeah, my lunch hour will be spent out thattaway.

Anticipating going to see Jens Lekman perform tonight at the Paradise with one of my favourite peoples in the world.

Having tickets to see Rhett Miller at the Paradise in February with three more of my favourite peoples in the world.

Caffeine. I didn't get to sleep until after three a.m. Thank God for steaming hot venti Earl Greys from Starbucks with three Splendas. Mmmm. Bergamot. I love the smell of it wafting through the hole in the cup top; I love the taste of it rolling over my tongue, just bitter enough.

Working downtown. I love going out at lunch and being surrounded by skyscrapers and by buildings one, two, three hundred years old. I love walking down sidewalks that go from asphalt to brick to cobblestone without rhyme or reason.

Vintage Old 97s interviews circa 1996 from KCRW

Things that make today not-so-good:

Having trashed yet another draft of a fic that was due two weeks ago, bringing the total of abandoned drafts to four. SIGH.

It being 47 degrees Farenheit out during the middle of the damn day and me walking around in a summer sweater and a denim jacket because Boston can't make up its mind whether to be hot or cold.

Being so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open at times, despite the Earl Grey.

Needing to do laundry and clean my apartment and write and keep up with meetings and....starting to feel very, very overwhelmed again.

Passive-aggressive crap.
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]

I have a slight fever and I'm achy and my lymph nodes are now hurting and I had four hours of sleep last night but I'm at work because I have 2.5 days left in my vacation/sick bank and one of them is already reserved for FOB in November and the other 1.5 is for Christmas and while it's awesome that I get 18 days a year to use for sick or vacation time, the fact of the matter is that I have to be on my deathbed before I'll call in sick. Which is somewhat annoying. Because I really want to be in bed sleeping right now, or at least curled under a quilt on my couch. Instead I'm huddled in a cardigan and a denim jacket over a space heater because despite being feverish, I'm also freezing. And sneezing. And sniffling. And headaching.

This does not bode well. I just hope that I can struggle through to 4:30. Two hours. I'm debating going out to get some soup for lunch but it's cold and rainy out and I ache and I'm not really all that hungry. Sigh. Maybe I'll just get some on the way home.

I hate being sick when I can't take time off work. That's supposed to be the fun part of illness--being able to curl up on the couch and watch soaps all afternoon, not running webtracking reports that make your eyes cross and your nose run and then you start to wonder if maybe you're turned into one of those bobble-headed dolls because your neck can't seem to support the weight of your skull any longer....and then you think maybe you are actually at home curled up on the couch and you're just dreaming one of those weird lucid dreams that seem so normal until you do turn into a bobble-headed doll, so you pinch yourself hard and...dammit, you're still at work.


Or maybe that's just me...
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