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For the parts of my flist who also have an obsession with overwhelming love for the Old 97s and/or Rhett Miller, (HI, [info]djinnj, YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) the Old 97s played last week at a benefit last week for the Carter Albrecht Foundation in Dallas and you can download the video here. Right now there's just a 1.3 GB high-res .mov file available but they'll be putting up a lower-res .mov file and an iPod format file as well. Scroll down to the bottom of the page; they're the last ones listed in the roster of performers.

They played for 90 minutes and reportedly (I haven't yet gotten to download the file 'cause I'm pretty sure IT would object to me putting 1.3 gigs of Rhett on my work computer though I think it's perfectly reasonable), anyway, reportedly included in that is a performance of their NEW SONG "Wanna Dance With Me" FROM THEIR UPCOMING ALBUM. *tries not to squee too loudly*

A donation to the foundation is strongly suggested for each download, but not required.

(Also, [info]djinnj? Tickets go on sale tomorrow via Ticketmaster/Live Nation for Rhett at the Paradise here in Boston on Feb 2. [info]ze_dragon and I are going. YOU WANT TO COME UP THAT WEEKEND, YES, YOU DO. Just saying. *g*)
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