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More adventures in Episcopalianism

  • It is not a good idea to forget to put all the priest's patens (the glass plates that hold consecrated wafers during Eucharist) on the altar before service. One ends up having priests and lay eucharistic ministers freaking out three minutes into Eucharist with good reason since, hi, no place to put the wafers to be distributed. (I feel the distinct need to point out this was not my fault. *g* Still, um, oops?)

  • One of my favourite lay liturgists looks exactly like Alan Rickman, albeit twenty years younger. I seriously kid you not. He even has Alan Rickman's hair. And when he came down after Eucharist today to hang with the us while we were cleaning up, he took off the white surplice he wears over his black high-necked, many-buttoned cassock...and yes. He looks rather distinctly like the movie version of you-know-who. Yes, I found this a bit distracting. *g* I kept wanting to say, you know, R, if you had a greasy black wig.... However, I restrained myself. For now. It's going to come out at some point though because eventually he's going to ask me why I keep staring at him curiously. \0/

  • Cut for religious-type thinky-thoughts... )

    Nap now and then food and packing, I think; I managed to get a total of three and a half hours of sleep last night because I stayed up to do some RPG stuff. \0/
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