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So it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted...lots of work going on and lots of fest writing, although the work seems to be trumping the writing lately much to my (and my deadlines') dismay. It's been trumping a lot of things, actually, and since I have some big projects lined up for the next two months, that's probably going to be the case for a while. :/

But, um, hi! :D

Today was kind of an awesome day...my diocese had its confirmation service today, so I am now officially Episcopalian/Anglican. \0/  )

Anyway. Celebration was had afterwards when I dragged [info]ze_dragon to the Pru for Sephora purchasing and Cheesecake Factory noshing. Their Hungarian goulash is FTW.

Recently I've started obsessing over Bones. )

And I've started to drive [info]ze_dragon crazy by asking her constantly, "okay, oh forensic student roomie o' mine, is what they're doing even possible", to which she usually provides a solid scientific explanation because she is freaky smart about this sort of thing, and half the time I end up going, ew, gross, I really didn't need to know that which amuses her greatly. And we have an ongoing discussion about the delicate balance of eating while watching maggots wriggle out of decomposed bodies. (As in, she can cheerfully do it, and I get a little green sometimes. Which would be why she's the forensics student and I'm the graphic designer. *G*) Although I do think this show is desensitizing me more than the X-Files and Millennium did, which is saying something, given that I'd eagerly chow down on lo mein on Friday and Sunday nights without a second thought to any blood or gore spattered across my TV screen. Now I'm getting used to eating while eyeing half-rotted skulls. Go, me!

Speaking of the X-Files, I have only this to say about Thursday's Supernatural... )

In completely unrelated news, there's an Autumn/Halloween challenge going on at pornish_pixies. Submission is open to all members and watchers, so I highly, highly encourage people to submit art and fic for it. Highly. Really highly. Submissions are due by November 8 and if you're writing fic, you can write as little as 500 words or as much as 10,000.

And if you're interested in some excellent autumnal Severus/Regulus, you should go over to pornish and take a look at [info]drachenmina's Our Night which is deliciously awesome.

Also, I am RPing a thread tonight that is tearing me up. It's cathartic for my woobie, but oh my God, it's painful. *may be having a bit of RP bleed at the moment*

And look, in one post I've managed to go from church to Bones to lesbian crushes to forensics to Supernatural to gay porn about wizards to angsty RPing. NEVER SAY I AM NOT WELL ROUNDED. Or something. :D
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
More adventures in Episcopalianism

  • It is not a good idea to forget to put all the priest's patens (the glass plates that hold consecrated wafers during Eucharist) on the altar before service. One ends up having priests and lay eucharistic ministers freaking out three minutes into Eucharist with good reason since, hi, no place to put the wafers to be distributed. (I feel the distinct need to point out this was not my fault. *g* Still, um, oops?)

  • One of my favourite lay liturgists looks exactly like Alan Rickman, albeit twenty years younger. I seriously kid you not. He even has Alan Rickman's hair. And when he came down after Eucharist today to hang with the us while we were cleaning up, he took off the white surplice he wears over his black high-necked, many-buttoned cassock...and yes. He looks rather distinctly like the movie version of you-know-who. Yes, I found this a bit distracting. *g* I kept wanting to say, you know, R, if you had a greasy black wig.... However, I restrained myself. For now. It's going to come out at some point though because eventually he's going to ask me why I keep staring at him curiously. \0/

  • Cut for religious-type thinky-thoughts... )

    Nap now and then food and packing, I think; I managed to get a total of three and a half hours of sleep last night because I stayed up to do some RPG stuff. \0/
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