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Srsly I have a new OTP.

Okay, so I'm at work and have to post this from my G1, so I can't squee properly--that will come later when I have proper keyboard access but probably not until tomorrow 'cause I have a Rhett concert tonight--but I HAVE to squee NOW about the fic I got for hp_beholder.

You guys I have a new OTP and I'm seriously not joking. Albus Severus/Viktor Krum. IT IS AWESOME AND BRILLIANT AND OMFG. I need more of this pairing now. It's like discovering you were craving something you didn't even realize you needed and now you have to have more, more, MORE.

Go read this: Finding Viktor Krum

P.S. Scorpius is awesome here too.

P.S.2 You know I love this fic because I typed all this out on a damn tiny keyboard.
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Yay for free wireless at tiny little local airports!!!

Back to Boston this afternoon, via a half hour layover in Cincinatti (wtf Delta), just in time to hit rush hour on the T with luggage. \0/ I'm kind of sad to go back, I'll admit...this has been a really good weekend with my whole family and I miss them already. :(

Still, I can't wait to see my cat and my bed and oh, yeah, [info]ze_dragon. :D

Also, I am totally enamoured with Dreamwidth now, I have to tell you. I'm still going to be crossposting and reading my LJ list, of course, but I can already tell that my Dreamwidth account is most likely going to become my home base. Since I work on a Mac and therefore don't use Semagic, the crossposting feature alone is freaking awesome. And I'm a bit flaily about how fantastic the importer is--I've already nabbed free accounts for my RP journals so that I can consolidate their LJ and IJ journals as an archive. I can't wait for the community importer to come online. \0/ Now I just need to sit down and figure out Core 2 so I can whip up a layout. (Right now I'm using one of [info]gossymer's fantastic designs.) Oh and import my Keira mood theme over. \0/

While I'm chilling here, listening to the really cheesy yet oddly Zenlike Muzak being piped in over the airport speakers, I did want to rec two fics I read this weekend which were fantabulous.

Dear Diary... by anon
This was written for the [info]snape_potter Snarry-a-thon being held on IJ and LJ the past couple of weeks. It's deliciously funny and sweet and charming and I have to say this is my absolute favourite incarnation of Lily Luna Potter ever. The author had me at this sentence: In fact, Harry couldn't think of a single person Lily knew with the initial 'S' apart from Draco Malfoy's son, and the only thing Harry had ever heard Lily say about Scorpius Malfoy was "He wears too much eyeliner." \0/ I LOVE THIS FIC. I could read it over and over. *hearts*

Promises to Keep by [info]lesyeuxverts
Birthday fic! Written for me! With my OTP! *flails* Lyv has outdone herself here, seriously. I absolutely adore the premise of Snape and Draco having to live in Harry and Ron's spare room and oh, the characterizations. Brilliant. And the amount of story Lyv packs into an 800-word ficlet! \0/ It's beautiful, seriously. Here's a taste:

"Weasley is a lout," Draco said.

"And Potter has a voice that could shatter glass at twenty paces, and shouldn't be permitted to sing in the shower, but there is nowhere else for us to go, Draco."

Go! Read them both! Tell the authors they are amazing! Now I'm going to watch some Spooks on Netflix while I'm sitting here waiting for the plane to roll up. Or read Harry/Draco pr0n. MAYBE I'LL DO BOTH. \0/
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I can has fics! Yes, I can!

I am back with the Intrawebs after the Month of Franticity. (Let's just pretend that's a word, shall we? Right.) And what do I discover, but I have gift ficcage waiting for me to read. \0/ I've still to read the two Yuletide fics I got (which I shall do tomorrow, hooray!), but I got to curl up today with my [info]hd_holidays and [info]snapelyholidays gifts and you guys, I am incredibly lucky this year. :D

For [info]hd_holidays I asked for epilogue-compliant H/D kidfic and OMG did I get it. \0/ Seriously, this is exactly the sort of kidfic I've been craving. TODDLERS, you guys. Toddlerfic makes me squee. \0/ And this fic's warm and funny, but with brilliantly sharp, ouchy corners. I love Harry and Draco here. Harry's charmingly stumbling and stammering and Draco's snarky and wounded and I seriously could not love either of them more. The best part of the fic for me is that it feels incredibly real. There's no glossing over the difficulties in getting together, or in being divorced dads. There should be more kidfic like this in the world. It's fantastic.

An Unstraight Path to Happiness by Anonymous (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

For [info]snapelyholidays one of the pairings I'd asked for was Snape/Harry/Draco. And this threesome fic hits all my kinks. There's deliciously hot public sex (back alley! FTW!) and drunk!Harry and children and devious!Snape and a Russian setting and vulnerable!Draco and OMG, it's awesome. I love how Snape brings Harry and Draco together, and how they in turn bring him to them and did I mention that there's a bit of kidfic in here too, and there is nothing I love more than Severus Snape with children. \0/ And I've decided that this fic's epilogue shall replace the canon epilogue in my head now. Without a doubt. :D

Begin As We Mean To Continue by Anonymous (Snape/Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Go and read both of them. They're wonderful. *dances in glee*
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ART REC: What I Did on my Summer Vacation by chibitoaster/littleblackbow

If you like Snarry, you have to go see [info]littleblackbow/[info]chibitoaster's Snarry Games submission.

It's incredible. I'm not going to spoil it, but it includes what is possibly my FAVOURITE plot twist ever and it's something you don't see too much on the slash side of fandom, which is a pity. And Rana's picked the absolute best music to go along with it. It's perfect. Seriously. I'm still choked up over it.

What I Did on my Summer Vacation by chibitoaster/littleblackbow, PG

ETA: Also? Best. Challenge. Ever. on [info]snape100 this week. *snogs [info]bethbethbeth and ponders how many drabbles can be written in seven days*
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Read. This. Fic. Srsly.

Okay, so I just finished The Evil Devil Child and the Perfect Gift from [info]hp_cross_fest and seriously, OMG. It is dirty. It is filthy. It is perverted. It is hysterical. Do be forewarned by the pairings though: Albus Severus/Scorpius/Draco, Harry/Scorpius, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Harry/Draco and all four together.

I think this version of Scorpius is my very favourite ever. He's sweet and kinky and brilliantly Slytherin and I now have the sudden urge to read more Scorpius fic except I can't because I'm supposed to be writings which means I have to get off the Intrawebs right now and get back to work. Which I am. After I tell you all to go read this fic. :D
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Instarec: Boundaries by Florahart (H/D)

Okay, so if I said the words Harry/Draco, penis enlargement and beautifully hysterical porn in the same sentence would you be interested? Because you should be.

[info]florahart's written a fantastic fic for [info]pornish_pixies that includes all three and OH. MY. GOD. I howled my way through it. So much love. Seriously.

Boundaries, Harry/Draco, NC-17

Read. Now.

Excuse me while I go fangirl Flora madly.

I really need a H/D icon...
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[info]ravenna_c_tan's written an absolutely delicious Snape/Draco. Two words, you guys. Azkaban sex. Oh, yeah. It's hot and delicious and so very, very, very brilliantly fucked up. \0/ I love the Snape we see here, and Draco is so very vulnerable and broken which is just...wow. This is a very Slytherin piece. Two thumbs way, way up. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant.

The Puppet Master by [info]ravenna_c_tan, Snape/Draco, NC-17, warnings of some dub-con.

Go. Read. Seriously.

In other news, today's been rather blech. I got some news when I got home that might possibly affect negatively some of my plans for the rest of the summer which sucks a bit, and it's currently hot as blue hell and twice as muggy in my apartment despite the two fans blowing tepid air at me. Rumor has it by Wednesday it'll hit the 90s again. WTF is it with New England and the lack of air conditioning in the summer? *grumbles and pulls off yet another layer of clothing* CENTRAL AIR, PEOPLE. It's a good thing.

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