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LJ/6A stuff

For those of you interested in keeping up with the LJ/6A mess who aren't watching [info]pornish_pixies, I just posted a summary there of my last communication with LJ/6A.

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Open social networking & how to work around that problem now

So I spent my lunch hour distracting myself from the black hole that is my workday by reading Wired blogs as I often do. (I'm a HUGE fan of Wired.com; I read it almost every day. Although it was kind of unsettling when Strikethrough hit the Wired blogs in May.)

Today I came across this: Brad Fitzpatrick, The Creator Of LiveJournal, On The Long Road To Open Social Networks

You know, seriously? I think Brad needs to talk to fandom if he wants a demographic to test this possibility on. I mean, frankly, a lot of what he's talking about addresses our concerns about fandom fragmenting across various journaling sites. The only thing that gives me hesitation is any suggestion that crops up about 6A being involved. I have massive trust issues with them at the moment. Obviously. (Although I think it'd be funny for 6A to try to police underage fanworks on open source social networking. *snerk* Because, hi, that'd be a totally lost cause there.)

For more info on what Brad's thinking of, check out this article on his site: Thoughts on the Social Graph

I've talked to a lot of people lately who are really seriously worried about fandom fragmenting. With very good cause. This whole situation lately is more than a bit nerve-wracking. It's just...honestly, I think we'll settle into a way of keeping track of multiple flists on multiple sites much the way Brad's already envisioning, albeit perhaps a little more roughly. Y'all, we're sort of on the forefront of the Next Big Social Networking Adventure. You and me and all of fandom. 6A's kind of thrown us out there, you know? What Brad's talking about doing? It's what we have to do. By necessity, not choice.

I find that incredibly intriguing in many ways. And exciting. And liberating. I look at my two flists sometimes and you know what? The fragmentation between them doesn't destroy my love of fandom or my desire to participate or interact. In fact, it does the opposite. I'm invigorated by fandom again because it's a challenge. Because, whatever their reasons behind it may be, 6A management has effectively thrown the gauntlet down and said Fine, screw you, you want your fandom? You work for it, bitch. And my response? Hell, yeah, I will. You've just gone and given me a reason to now.

Sometimes change is good. )

We can do this, y'all. Sure it means that we have to change and morph and pull ourselves out of the status quo. And that's hard. Trust me, I know; I'm a Taurus. Status quo is me. *G* BUT. We can be the ones out there on the cusp of open social networking. We could help change the Internet. Not corporations. Not CEOs. US. The end-users.

And seriously? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

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Right. So this is where I might snap a bit.

You know when the straw breaks the camel's back? Yeah. It's seriously broken the camel's back tonight.

I have had enough of this.


In regards to [info]vikingcarrot's [info]pornish_pixies post, no, I received no notification of the fact that another [info]pornish_pixies post was in violation of the new policies. When [info]elaboration and [info]ponderosa121 were suspended, I received notification that their posts violated the content policy. This time? Nothing.

I've filed a report with Abuse asking, in a politely Southern, you had better give me some goddamn answers way, WTF is going on, why I wasn't given notification as I was before, and why [info]vikingcarrot's statement that Draco was over 18 in her artwork was not taken into consideration.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of my artists and authors being treated like shit. I have tried to fit with this policy. [info]cluegirl tried. [info]vikingcarrot tried.

Enough is bloody enough.

(And if someone within [info]pornish_pixies reported [info]vikingcarrot...yeah. The idea of me not being happy about that is what I would call an understatement of the highest degree.)

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Underage Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart and those who write and draw it are not pedophilic.

Wait. I'm not arguing right now whether or not underage fic or art are legal or whether or not they have literary or artistic merit or whether or not it's right or wrong for such works to exist. I seriously don't have the energy to get into that particular discussion at the moment. But. I'm saying that underage Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart and those who write and draw it are not pedophilic.

Why do I feel I need to say this? I've received more than one very well-meaning comment in more than one place over the past few days from people who are obviously not trolls who make the erroneous statement that Harry Potter fiction is filled with pedophilia, that any student/teacher pairing should be banned and that the journals of those pedophiles who write or draw those pairings should be suspended.

These are comments from people who seem to be truly very nice, very kind people. Who are honestly concerned. Whom I'd probably quite like. Who are entirely misinformed about a) pedophilia and b) Harry Potter fanwork, fanwriters and fanartists.

It's just...please don't call me a pedophile, directly or through implication. Please don't reference my work as being pedophilic.

You see, for me, personally, that is the biggest slap in the face you could ever give me. I'm a sexual abuse survivor. )

And I, for one, have found a community here of supportive women (and a few men) who, regardless of whether or not they're survivors themselves, have given me the freedom and safety to express myself. And for that I thank them. The general, calm openness and acceptance of virtually all topics in this fandom, regardless of their acceptance by the mainstream, has been so very, very healing for me whether or not I participate in those forms of art. And just because these wonderful, supportive people read or write or draw fiction that is outside the mainstream, does not in any way, shape or form make them pedophilic.

I am not going to say that pedophilia doesn't exist at all in the Harry Potter fandom. Perhaps it might in some dark corner, just as it might in the Supernatural fandom or the Smallville fandom or, hell, the Jane Austen fandom for all I know. That sort of thing can exist anywhere, I'm all to aware; one of my abusers was a deacon in my childhood church. But the vast, vast, vast majority of those of us out here, those of us writing and drawing what Livejournal has now deemed underage? We're women (who, frankly, are far less likely to be pedophiles than men, studies show), we're at times abuse survivors, and, regardless of whether or not you find underage fic or art moral, ethical or legal, the fact of the matter remains that we're most certainly, most definitely not pedophiles.

If you want to know what an actual profile of a pedophile is, I'd suggest you read A Profile of Pedophilia: Definition, Characteristics of Offenders, Recidivism,Treatment Outcomes, and Forensic Issues by Ryan C.W. Hall, M.D. and Richard C.W. Hall, M.D., PA, published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. In addition, you may want to look at the American Psychological Association's DSM-IV definition of pedophilia.

Like I said above, I'm not arguing here whether or not underage fic or art is legal, moral, ethical, or right. I'm not really even arguing here whether or not it should or shouldn't be written or drawn. I'm just saying that for people to blithely call all Harry Potter underage fanfiction pedophilic is wrong both in definition and in intent and is highly offensive to both sexual abuse survivors and to women who were not sexually abused who would never consider the abuse of a child.

It's just something to think about before you decide to term it such.

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