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So keep me in your bed all day, nothing heals me like you do

I had really a bizarre dream last night about having Thanksgiving brunch at a very schna-schna restaurant in Malibu with Ari and Mrs. Ari from Entourage....and my toddler. WTF. My brain is a strange place. Of course what amuses me is that I'm more WTF about the toddler than Ari and Mrs. Ari. Because they seem more plausible. Oh, fandom.

Okay, so I'm still working on the soundtracks that I offered up a couple of weeks ago. (It's taking me longer to pull them together than I thought...) So this one was requested by [info]supergrover24 for the oh so very NC-17-rated Pete/Patrick bunkfic she and I wrote together this summer: I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby.

The arc I followed for this soundtrack is want/desire -> sex -> love. Which echoes the arc of the story. :)

The legalse again: Songs are for sampling purposes only; if you like the artists, go buy them at the retailer of your choice, the files will be up for one week and then taken down, right-click save-as, and comments would be lovely for bandwidth tracking.

I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby )

And I don't know what it says about me, but right now I'm in the mood for my ultimate comfort-type fic. Which for me is wedding, marriage and/or kidfic. Unfortunately, finding those sorts of fic in my comfort pairings...is not easy. Although I've found some Pete/Patrick lately. But finding it in Snape/Draco or Frank/Mikey is pretty much nigh unto impossible. And I'm not even going to touch Harry/Draco. I've read all the good ones there. Sigh. I really want Snape-with-a-baby-and-married-to-Draco, dammit. Or better yet, Snape-married-to-Draco and their kid at Mommy and Me with Pete and his and Patrick's kid. THAT? WOULD BE AWESOME. And where is that fic, I ask you? Where?


I'm going to have to write that now. Dammit.

Okay, this may explain the toddler in the dream. Hm.

heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
I don't want you back for the weekend, not back for a day

This weekend...does not really need to be talked about. Suffice it to say it's not been my best of weekends.

I went over to [info]spiderine's for dinner with her and [info]ze_dragon, though, which was nice. And tonight I've been playing around in my FOB video folder and, well...this happened.

I haven't vidded in a while but this song's been stuck in my mind and I just figured, what the hey. I needed to throw together a quick Pete/Patrick vid to it. So on a whim tonight, I did. Not the greatest quality of clips available in my folder, but hey. 'Twas done with love. :)


I adore these two boys. I really do.
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
According to Dragon, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump should never ever Technorati themselves. Ever.

In regards to the ongoing "stage gay" discussion in bandom, all I have to say is yeah, I'm gay; no, gaying it up on stage regardless of sexual orientation doesn't offend me in any way, shape or form; and dude, BRING THE GAY ON BABEE. Especially if Pete Wentz would like to, oh, say, tongue the living fuck out of Patrick Stump in front of me. Because that? WOULD BE AWESOME.

No, really.


That? Is a start, boys. It's a start.

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