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This and that, and recs of fic.

I am evidently ridonkulously homesick because I have the University of Florida/University of South Carolina football game on the TV and I hate football, whether college or NFL. But it's a South Carolina home game and (despite the fact that I am highly ambivalent about USC and its athletics program) I'm all HOME! WOOBIES! *sniffles*

Anyway. I caught up on two Spooks episodes today while procrastinating from writing and was going to rant about a certain plot development that occurred at the end of 8x03, but then [info - livejournal.com] reserve distracted me this awesome photo and I really think someone should write Harry/Draco fic based on it. *eyes certain segments of my flist speculatively* I am willing to beg, trust me.

Two fic recs! One's Snape/Draco, one's Harry/Draco.

The first is Clean and Filthy by [info - livejournal.com] entrenous88. It's a 5,000 word post-HBP Snaco written for the [info]daily_deviant kink costumes. It's got Spinner's End, power plays and Draco dressed as a French maid. Oh, and there may be a scorching hot boot. It's gorgeous and oh, it makes me miss Snape/Draco so much. I think once I finish some of these fics I'm working on at the moment, I might reward myself with a wee bit of Snaco writing.

The second is Cornbread and Sweet Tea by [info - livejournal.com] sor_bet and it's the prompt I chose to have written for me for the [info - livejournal.com] ownficfest. It's a Harry/Draco AU that takes place in the American South, and I adore how [info - livejournal.com] sor_bet weaves actual canon into the story while picking the characters up and making them truly Southern--and yet keeping them totally in character. It's a wonderful read and take it from this Southerner, it's spot-on. \0/

Have realized that it's six-thirty and I haven't eaten yet today. Hm. Probably should remedy that...


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FIC: Reefer Madness (Snape/Draco, NC-17)

I wrote this for [info - personal] bethbethbeth's birthday a few weeks ago and just realized I hadn't posted it anywhere outside of her birthday comm since.

So since there are a few people on my flist who might like a wee bit of Snaco porn, here you go. :) Do note the warnings and the title--there is definitely pot smoking involved. *g*

Off to watch an episode of Leverage and then maybe go to bed early....

Title: Reefer Madness
Author: Femme
Pairing: Snape/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~ 3,500
Warnings: Um...Draco (that warning would be for Cordelia *g*), semi-epilogue compliance (in other words, Snape aten't dead \0/), established relationship, slightly pervy portraits, the humiliation of teenagers, and unabashed pot smoking.
Author's notes: A huge thank you to [info - personal] supergrover24 for beta services, and a happy, happy birthday to Beth. *hugs*

I found this in Scorpius's room. )
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ZOMG. Snaco Art. \0/

I came home tonight to the most fantastic surprise in my inbox... [info - livejournal.com] xxaphaniax had read my fic The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, which I wrote, OMG, back in 2004, and she drew art for it. \0/ And it's GORGEOUS. \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/

Go look at it here and tell her how absolutely amazing it is because OMG, it takes my breath away. Look at them lying there in the rain. OMG. My heart. *adores Snape and Draco* I could look at this forever, I think. THE RAIN, YOU GUYS. I have such a thing for rain. (The fullsize version is here but do make sure you go back here to squee at [info - livejournal.com] xxaphaniax. *g*)

And then after flailing at [info - livejournal.com] xxaphaniax for that gorgeous bit of art, everyone who has even the slightest interest in Snape/Draco should go immediately over to her journal and flail over this adorable Snaco chibi. Draco's little naked chest! \0/ Snape's crossed arms! \0/ Draco's smirk! \0/

ETA: And for you Harry/Draco peeps on my flist, you may be interested in these portraits of Harry and Draco. :D

*squees gleefully and with great abandon*
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I heart my OTP of OTPs.

I just found this via [info - livejournal.com]torenheksje and I do not care if all the rest of you have already seen it because you guys. It's Snape and Draco's post-HBP love nest Spinner's End. *squee*

Cut for HBP movie spoilage )

Seriously, I really feel bad for any of y'all at Azkatraz who I drag to see multiple showing of HBP with me (no, seriously, I'm so not joking) since I don't have a ticket to the huge group showing, because I will be FLAILING LIKE CRAZY with OTP love. No seriously. You don't even know. I'm already squeeing into my pillow right now, and I just. This movie. I don't care if it absolutely sucks eggs--IT WILL BE A SNAPE/DRACO ORGASM OF LOVE, IT WILL.


OMG, I really don't know how y'all are going to deal with me, seriously. Bouncing. Off. Walls. Already.

*grabs Snape and Draco and shoves them together, making kissy-kissy noises*

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

ETA: AHAHAHA, thanks to [info - livejournal.com]noeon, I already have a ticket to the 7:45 showing on Thursday night at the Loew's across from the Parc 55. \0/
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But I never knew love before 'til you walked through my door

In the course of the past hour I have blown THREE lightbulbs in various lamps in my apartment. Evidently this is today's magic ability. I'm your girl if you need your lights to go out tonight. \0/

I am going to hell for this, but really, it's all [info] - livejournal.comsinick's fault. She pointed out that this HBP photo needed a little, ahem, enhancement. So. Yeah. Going to hell now. \0/

Chatting up in the Hogwarts hallways--potentially mildly NSFW )

I leave you with that thought. \0/ I have lip-gloss-wearing Draco to finish writing. *g*
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I heart my OTP.


Cut for HBP photo spoilage and gratuitous abuse of capslock )
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I just.

So this morning I reread Nine and Sixty Ways by [info]goseaward in prep for my Terminus panel next week and oh my God.

Have you ever had one of those moments when all the reasons why you love your OTP so damn much just slam smack into you and you have this really enormous emotional wave of woobieness for them crash over you to the point where you get a little leaky because you really, really adore them?

(Oh, God, that has got to sound so crazy to nonfannish ears.)

Anyway. Yeah. Had a moment like that rereading Goosey's fic. Cut for truly embarrassing OTP flailing. No, really. I mean it. )
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[info]ravenna_c_tan's written an absolutely delicious Snape/Draco. Two words, you guys. Azkaban sex. Oh, yeah. It's hot and delicious and so very, very, very brilliantly fucked up. \0/ I love the Snape we see here, and Draco is so very vulnerable and broken which is just...wow. This is a very Slytherin piece. Two thumbs way, way up. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant.

The Puppet Master by [info]ravenna_c_tan, Snape/Draco, NC-17, warnings of some dub-con.

Go. Read. Seriously.

In other news, today's been rather blech. I got some news when I got home that might possibly affect negatively some of my plans for the rest of the summer which sucks a bit, and it's currently hot as blue hell and twice as muggy in my apartment despite the two fans blowing tepid air at me. Rumor has it by Wednesday it'll hit the 90s again. WTF is it with New England and the lack of air conditioning in the summer? *grumbles and pulls off yet another layer of clothing* CENTRAL AIR, PEOPLE. It's a good thing.

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So evidently once I get my squee back, I don't shut up about it... :)

Okay, so I think it's probably pretty common knowledge around here that my favourite of the Harry Potter books is and always will be, world without end amen, Half-Blood Prince because, HI, SNACO CANON OMG.

Cut for HBP movie spoilerage...again. *G* )

In other news, my cat, God love his strange little hide, has decided to wrap himself up like a burrito in my living room rug. I can't decide whether to be highly amused or chastise him. I'm leaning towards the former. He's a bit spoiled, what can I say?
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I just. No, really. I just.


Look at what [info]myrafur drew for me! LOOK!



*flails wildly*

NOW GO HERE AND TELL MYRA HOW AWESOME SHE IS! *squees more and flails*
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Evidently I am posty tonight...

Dear God,

Cut for anyone who doesn't want HBP movie spoilerage. )

Much love and even more Snaconess,

*goes back to reading Snarry*

ETA: I have the irresistible urge to write a St Trinian's/HP crossover...
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