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Artses! For me!!!

My [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays gift posted tonight and I'm all squeeful because it is gorgeous art that's so subtle and delicate and fairy-taleish. ZOMG. I heart it something fierce. \0/

Everyone should go look and tell the artist how awesome it is..and dear God, I want to live in that house so much. It would be fantastic. :D Although I suppose I'll allow Harry and Draco to live there, if they let me come visit. *G*

Two...Four...Six... by Anonymous

Also, huge thank yous to everyone who sent snowflakes earlier this week (and apologies for the belated thanks--I've been keeping myself offline in order to write the past couple of days). I meant to return the snowflake love once I got home from work on Monday night, but alas, LJ had turned the option off by the time I got to my laptop. But believe me when I say every single one of them brought a smile to my face on a day when that was sorely needed. You guys are seriously awesome. *hugs every damn one of you*


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This and that, and recs of fic.

I am evidently ridonkulously homesick because I have the University of Florida/University of South Carolina football game on the TV and I hate football, whether college or NFL. But it's a South Carolina home game and (despite the fact that I am highly ambivalent about USC and its athletics program) I'm all HOME! WOOBIES! *sniffles*

Anyway. I caught up on two Spooks episodes today while procrastinating from writing and was going to rant about a certain plot development that occurred at the end of 8x03, but then [info - livejournal.com] reserve distracted me this awesome photo and I really think someone should write Harry/Draco fic based on it. *eyes certain segments of my flist speculatively* I am willing to beg, trust me.

Two fic recs! One's Snape/Draco, one's Harry/Draco.

The first is Clean and Filthy by [info - livejournal.com] entrenous88. It's a 5,000 word post-HBP Snaco written for the [info]daily_deviant kink costumes. It's got Spinner's End, power plays and Draco dressed as a French maid. Oh, and there may be a scorching hot boot. It's gorgeous and oh, it makes me miss Snape/Draco so much. I think once I finish some of these fics I'm working on at the moment, I might reward myself with a wee bit of Snaco writing.

The second is Cornbread and Sweet Tea by [info - livejournal.com] sor_bet and it's the prompt I chose to have written for me for the [info - livejournal.com] ownficfest. It's a Harry/Draco AU that takes place in the American South, and I adore how [info - livejournal.com] sor_bet weaves actual canon into the story while picking the characters up and making them truly Southern--and yet keeping them totally in character. It's a wonderful read and take it from this Southerner, it's spot-on. \0/

Have realized that it's six-thirty and I haven't eaten yet today. Hm. Probably should remedy that...


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FIC: Black Coffee On A Lonely Night (HP, Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Reveals have gone up for the [info - livejournal.com] ownficfest, so I can now take responsibility for inflicting a non-magical Parliament/cricket/coffeshop fic on fandom. \0/

A huge, huge, huge thank you to those of you on my flist who pointed me in the right direction for cricket info. I ran up against the deadline in writing this fic, so I actually snipped the plot I'd developed in half at an appropriate point, which means for the couple of you who've poked me, yes, there will be a sequel at some not-so-distant point down the road and (in response to [info - livejournal.com] cursive's insistence that she wanted more cricket, dammit) I can say definitively that cricket will become even more of a plot point. *g*

Title: Black Coffee on a Lonely Night
Pairing: Harry/Draco, past Draco/Astoria
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: non-magical AU, bisexuality
Word Count: ~21,600
Summary: Draco owns a café in the city. Harry's a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.
Author's Notes: Written for the 2009 [info - livejournal.com] ownficfest. Much love to [info - livejournal.com] cursive and [info - livejournal.com] noeon for their support and their suggestions. Many thanks also to my flist for advice regarding cricket and to the highly informative UK Parliament website, and a huge thank you to [info - livejournal.com] tray_la_la for the opportunity to write this.

( The day my wife dies, I'm half a world away, having my cock sucked in the filthy loo of a Brisbane pub. )

This fic is also archived on my Dreamwidth fic journal, An Archive of Our Own, and Skyehawke.

Download a PDF version of this fic.

Addendum: When I started writing this fic, I commissioned [info - livejournal.com] glockgal for art to accompany it. She came up with the following gorgeous picture that proved to be the inspirational push I needed to finish the story. \0/

Glockgal's illustration )


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Fic rec liek woah.

Drop everything and go read this fic.

I don't care if you hate Harry/Draco. Drop everything and go read this fic.

Blood and Brimstone is the latest offering in [info - livejournal.com] hd_career_fair. It's a fusion fic, a melding of the Potterverse with the world of Wicked Gentlemen, and it is phenomenal.

It had me at inventor!Draco.

You don't have to have read Wicked Gentlemen to understand this fic (though if you have, you'll love the side appearances by various WG characters); the author weaves the worlds together seamlessly, explaining what you need to know along the way.

This story goes beyond fanfic. It's a masterful, amazing, incredible tale that reads like something you'd pick up in Barnes & Noble. It's breathtaking. It's gorgeous. It's the kind of story that makes me wish I could write this well and that makes me so grateful that I had an opportunity to read something so beautiful.

If you love a good story, if your idea of an amazing night is curling up on the couch with a novel that captivates you and draws you into an entirely different world, read this fic. You won't be sorry.

It's 42,000 words of utter brilliance.

Blood and Brimstone by Anonymous
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Two H/D recs

Work continues to be ridiculous this week--lots of stress, lots of exhaustion, and I've been getting in to work an hour early every day. Blech. Will be glad when it settles; I'm behind on RL and fandom again, dammit. :/

But I've two fics I've read that have been highlights of the past few days, and I don't want anyone on my flist to miss them because they're delightful.

Rec the first: I was having a significantly crappy day last week and [info - livejournal.com] noeon wrote me a little pick-me-up Harry/Draco porn that utterly and completely made my day. In just a few thousand words we have brutally hot cigarette smoking, an angry, possessive Harry, a snarky, turned-on Draco, anal beads, and…well, I can't say the rest because it'll spoil it. It's delicious and sexy and if it doesn't make your toes curl, I don't know what will. It's just gorgeous. And will leave you incoherent. :D

If you're in the mood for a bit of brilliantly sexy, scorchingly hot, beautifully written smut, you must read this.

Yielding to Uncertainty by [info - livejournal.com] noeon

Rec the second: Let me say up front that this is not your usual Harry/Draco fic. The language is dense and tersely descriptive all at once, and it's very, very, very British, which is something I adore and crave in this fandom and surprisingly (and sadly) do not get enough of.

It is not an easy fic to read, and it's long--40,000 words long. You can't just fly through it. And if you're not British, some of the references will go over your head no matter how well-steeped you are in the culture--do not be afraid of this. Seriously.

Because it is so very, very, very, very worth the effort. Not to mention, meant to be savoured.

This fic is amazingly, beautifully, incredibly written, it's funny as hell, and it reminds me of those deliciously charming novels about the lower gentry living in rural English villages. Reading it made me ache to live in one, to be honest, as those sorts of novels always do. I adore this Harry and this Draco--and don't even get me started on how fantastic the supporting cast is. If you don't walk away loving Narcissa and Pansy and Blaise and Scorpius and Albus Severus, you…well, you need to go back and read the damn fic again, that's for certain. And then there are the OCs. I am in love with Dr. Vickers like you wouldn't believe, and would be more than happy for him to be my Rector. (Also, I'm entirely thrilled that the author chose to make Harry and Draco bisexual and to have them sincerely have been in love with their wives. That's a die-hard kink for me in H/D fic. I. Love. That.)

I cannot stress enough how amazing this fic is. It goes beyond fanfic and into the realm of literature, to be bluntly honest--it made me remember why I chose to focus on British authors when I was in grad school. If you have any love at all for Britain and its culture, you must read this fic.

It's witty, it's sharp, it's complex, it's wound through-and-through with legend and history and Anglicanism, it's shot up to the top of my all-time favourite HP fics list, and I suspect it will stay there for a very, very, very long time. (And I desperately want to know who wrote this because I want to give them a mad fangirling. The author of this fic gave me everything--and I do mean everything--that I've been gagging for in a H/D fic. Brava, whomever you are, and thank you. I'm awed and delighted by your work.)

Drink Up Thy Zider: A South Hams Pomona by Anonymous (for now)

Off now to work on my [info - livejournal.com] ownficfest fic, which yes, is late. Sigh. One day. One day I'll turn a damn fic in on time. Today is not that day. :/
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Love can cure your problems, you're so lucky I'm around

It's 3 am and I have finally, finally, after about 14 combined hours of toil, beat the damn CSS code for my LJ into submission.

This redesign was a bear--I went with more CSS graphics than I usually do which required math to lay them out so they all matched up. But. Vini, vidi, vici! And it's been tested in Firefox and Safari on the Mac by me and [info - livejournal.com] ze_dragon, and I pestered the hell out of [info - livejournal.com] noeon and [info - livejournal.com] cursive tonight, too, to test it in Firefox and IE on PCs. Everything seems to be working so far. *knock wood*

I like it the more I look at it; it's different than what I usually design and that pleases me muchly. Although there's a part of me that feels slightly guilty because this is the first time in three years I haven't had a Rhett-centric design, but I wanted Harry/Draco this go around, dammit. I still love you, Rhett, and I'm going to make a mood theme for you, okay? Okay.

I now have the most awesomest of awesome LJ headers, if I do say so meself. I commissioned [info - livejournal.com] draykonis to draw Harry and Draco for me. All I told her was that I wanted them both smoking and drinking at a bar, and then I pointed her to a promo photo from Mad Men and said, these clothes are cool, and she came up with the most spectacular artwork. Go here and tell her how fantastic it is. :D I may have made a complete idiot of myself at work, squeeing into my fist, when she sent it to me Thursday.

Also, OMG, [info - livejournal.com] draykonis is really an amazing artist. Her style is gorgeous, and she has a wonderful eye for detail. Just take a look at her art tag. I could lose myself in there--I don't even have to know the fandoms she's drawing in, the art's just that beautiful,and her original stuff is delicious. I think everyone should go fangirl her right now. God knows I am. *g*

I have smacked this art all over my journal. Header, userinfo, default icon...ZOMG, I HEART IT SO MUCH. I mean, seriously, you guys. Harry and Draco sitting around in a bar, smoking and getting drunk together. IT'S LIKE MY DREAM COME TRUE. \0/\0/\0/ I'll be over in the corner, nursing a vodka gimlet and waiting for them to make out with each other.

Come on. You know it'll happen eventually. (Yes, Cordelia, it will. In my head. It will. *g*)

Off to bed shortly, then up in a few hours to spend the weekend writing Snarry. This damn fic is going to kill me before it's finished. Sigh.
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Pinch-hit Drabblethon, um, still-not-drabble.

OMG, I suck. I can't even write a proper drabble for a pinch-hit Drabblethon entry. /0\ Ah well. Fuck it. :D

This one's for Noe. *hugs*

Title: Fairy Cakes
Recipient: [info - personal] noeon
Prompt: Draco cupcakes "Potter" sticky
Word count: 893. Okay, really. Even when pinch-hitting, I fail at drabbling. /0\
Rating: PG-13ish?

Harry’s tired when he Floos into the flat.


My previous Drabblethon entry is here. And let's face it, this is me. They're both Harry/Draco. :D
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Drabblethon, um, drabble... (AHAHAHAHAHAH...right.)

Okay, so I just posted my "drabble" for the Cats' Birthday Drabblethon. Let's just all accept the fact that when it comes to drabbling I FAIL LIKE A FAILING THING, okay? This puppy ended up being 1,664 words. We'll just say it's 16.5 drabbles. *nodnodnodnod*

Anyway. Should you care to read it.... (Also note that it's in three consecutive comments, so make sure you read all three or you might be confused at the end of the second one. *cough*)

Title: Drunkenness Is Nothing But Voluntary Madness
Recipient: [info - livejournal.com] stormwynd
Prompt: Draco sleeps with either Ron or Harry but can't remember which one.
Word count: 1,664. I am so damn glad the cats can’t count because I FAIL at drabbling.
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Title from a quote by Seneca.

I’ve lost track of how many drinks I’ve had.

Also while you're there, read the one written for me by [info - livejournal.com] cheshyre! It's an actual, you know, drabble and it's AWESOME. *hearts Slytherin Pansy* \0/
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FIC: Cigarettes Will Kill You, NC-17, Harry/Draco

I have committed pornage. I have committed pornage that is under 4,000 words. !!!! (No really! I wrote a short PWP! I'm just as stunned as you are.) I have also committed pornage that involves adultery. Don't look at me like that; I'm evidently in a Harry-as-cheating-bastard mood lately. \0/ I can't help myself. I don't even know.

Anyway. Should you feel the urge to indulge in a little adulterous porn, I'm your girl today. Clicketh below. :D And now I go back to writing Snarry for the rest of today.

Title: Cigarettes Will Kill You
Summary: He lights a cigarette across the pub, his hand cupped to his mouth as the tip sparks to life in a faint orange flare, and my breath catches.
Pairing: Harry/Draco, mentions of Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Warning: adultery
Word count: ~3800
Author's Notes: Written for in two hours for [info - livejournal.com]bryoneybrynn's Speed Pronz challenge using this picture prompt. Title cheerfully stolen from Ben Lee. Many thanks to [info - livejournal.com]noeon for her quick beta/readthrough.

He lights a cigarette across the pub… )
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FIC: Let's Dance To Joy Division 1/2 (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Title: Let's Dance To Joy Division 1/2

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: candle play (for a [info - community]kink_bingo square \0/)

Word count: ~12,500

Author notes: Yeah, okay, this was supposed to be a short little PWP for Draco's 29th birthday on June 5. Hah. Much love to [info - livejournal.com]supergrover24 for her beta. *hearts Jodie* Title shamelessly stolen from The Wombats. Not that Draco would have any clue who they are. Or Joy Division for that matter. :D

Let the love tear us apart, I've found a cure for a broken heart… )

Part Two

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FIC: Let's Dance To Joy Division 2/2 (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Title: Let's Dance To Joy Division 2/2

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: candle play (for a [info - community]kink_bingo square \0/)

Word count: ~12,500

Author notes: Yeah, okay, this was supposed to be a short little PWP for Draco's 29th birthday on June 5. Hah. Much love to [info - livejournal.com]supergrover24 for her beta. *hearts Jodie* Title shamelessly stolen from The Wombats. Not that Draco would have any clue who they are. Or Joy Division for that matter. :D

Part One

Part Two )

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VID: So What? (Harry/Draco)

Okay, finally getting around to uploading this. This song ended up stuck in my head; the only way I could get it out was to vid it this weekend. :) Also, there is a seriously sad dearth of decent Draco clips in the movies. Thank God for PoA...

Music: So What? by P!nk
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Disclaimer: Music and video belong to their respective owners; I'm just mashing them up a bit.

And in case it gets yanked from YouTube, I've also uploaded it to Imeem. And if neither of those work for you (or they're being ridiculously annoying and hanging mid-lyric as they are for me at the moment, argh), you can download it as an iPod-ready mp4 from my server. (File size is 22MB; right-click, save-as.)
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FIC: Once Upon A Time, Yesterday (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

Yeah, this is a holiday fest fic I'm just now getting around to PDFing/archiving/reposting. *facepalms* I still have another one left to go. What can I say? I'm slow this year. *headdesk*

Title: Once Upon A Time, Yesterday
Author: Femme
Summary: "You've always been obsessed with Malfoy, Harry. That should probably tell you something."
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Jo's. Not mine.
Warning(s): past relationship, older Harry and Draco
Epilogue compliant?: Oh, so very, but perhaps with a bit of filling-in-the-blanks.
Word Count: ~22,000
Author's Notes: Written for [info] - livejournal.comviolet_quill for the 2008 [info] - livejournal.comhd_holidays fest. Many, many thanks to my three wonderful betas, [info] - livejournal.combethbethbeth, [info] - livejournal.comdjinnj, and [info] - livejournal.comsupergrover24, and to the mods for their generous patience with me.

Download a PDF version of this fic.

Read on An Archive of Our Own

Read on Skyehawke

Read on my Dreamwidth fic journal

Read on Livejournal
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Instarec: Boundaries by Florahart (H/D)

Okay, so if I said the words Harry/Draco, penis enlargement and beautifully hysterical porn in the same sentence would you be interested? Because you should be.

[info]florahart's written a fantastic fic for [info]pornish_pixies that includes all three and OH. MY. GOD. I howled my way through it. So much love. Seriously.

Boundaries, Harry/Draco, NC-17

Read. Now.

Excuse me while I go fangirl Flora madly.

I really need a H/D icon...
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Two HP fics: Eileen/Tobias and Harry/Draco

Popping in before collapsing into bed to post pointers to two fics I've written recently and give a rec to another someone brilliantly wrote for me. :)

The first fic I wrote was written for the hp_beholder fest on InsaneJournal. But before I mention it, I have to say that the fic written for me by [info]bluestocking79 is abso-bloody-lutely brilliant and should be read by everyone. I received it a day before I went out of town for a week, so I didn't get a chance to pimp it properly, but it's fabulous. It's Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape and it's a fantastic interpretation of the Snape family. (And there's a touch of Snape/Draco in there as well!) You can find it here: Wholly to Be a Fool. Go read. Seriously, you won't regret it. It's exquisite and I love Eileen and Tobias here.

I also had the privilege of writing Elieen Prince/Tobias Snape for [info]atdelphi. It's just a wee fic because I was in the middle of a flurry of deadlines, but I'm fond of it. :)

Title: Underneath The North Star And The Sycamores
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~5,000
Pairings: Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape
Summary: I'm restless, eager for something I'm not quite certain of, something I never thought I'd want.
Notes: Many, many, many thanks to my betas ([info]amanuensis, [info]winterthunder and [info]ze_dragon) for their suggestions and comments, and much love to [info]bethbethbeth for [info]hp_beholder. And a huge debt of gratitude to [info]atdelphi for a chance to write Eileen and Tobias.

"Six NEWTs," Mother says in that shrill, nearly hysterical voice she's taken to using with me since I'd come home from Hogwarts a month past.

My second fic was for the [info]hd_worldcup. (And props to my team, Team Epilogue for winning the cup. See, epilogue-compliant fics can actually work. *g*)

When I first decided on my story for [info]hd_worldcup, I wrote to [info]ze_dragon and said, "If I'm going to write about divorce, I want it to be painfully real. I want it to hurt the way the breakup of a family would hurt. I want the custody battle to be bitter, I want the kids to be at a loss, and I want Harry to have fucked up big-time because I don't want to write Ginny as a bitch and Harry as a saint. And P.S. I want to make Draco a social worker just to see if I can."

So I gave it a shot, and I was pleased with what I came up with. Of course, not that I was very anonymous, evidently. *eyes the guesses at my fic with amusement* It seems I have a certain style that's easy to recognize. I'm going to have to do better at hiding myself next time. *g*

What surprised me most about the response to my fic though was spoilers )

Title: Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better)
Prompt: Judgment
Wordcount: 48,005 (according to skyehawke...hm)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The last thing Harry wants is to lose his kids.
Notes: Many thanks to [info]cursive and [info]ze_dragon for their wonderful beta work.

The turntable needle dragged across the surface of the record with soft, muted thumps of diamond against vinyl for a moment before the quiet strum of the guitar echoed through the almost empty flat.

(Right now both of these links go to Skyehawke, but I'll also be adding the fics to The Archive At The End of The Universe. Um. As soon as it comes up for me. It appears to not be loading tonight....)

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FIC: Kiss A Boy In London Town (And Other Intimate Misadventures of A Society Whore) HP, Harry/Draco

So [info]merry_smutmas reveals are up and I can squeal and fangirl [info]sherant for my SPECTACULAR art, A Snaco VIgnette, which is the most awesome thing EVER.

And I can now admit, yes, Virginia, I didn't write Snape/Draco this year. *g*

I intended to. I really did. And then I happened to stumble across a little blog called Belle de Jour, which happened to be the basis of some little show on ITV this year called The Secret Diary of A Call Girl, and suddenly I happened to get hit by the biggest plotbunny ever...which happened to be Harry/Draco. Yes, I was as surprised as anyone. :)

I devoured Belle's blog, digging back through several years of entries and the more I read, the more I liked her and the more I realized that I could totally adapt her story for an unabashedly unashamed rentboy Draco. I should note that Belle's blog itself was my primary source, rather than the TV show or the book based on the blog, and if you have an afternoon or two or three to while away in her archive, I highly recommend it. She's charming and witty and smart and entirely unashamed of her choice of profession. It's a delight to read.

This was one of my favourite fics this year to write--possibly one of my favourite fics ever. And definitely one of my favourite Dracos. So thank you so very much to [info]charlotteschaos for the opportunity to write this story. It was a world I thouroughly enjoyed immersing myself in.

And to everyone who rec'd this little fic o' mine? Thank you. :)

Title: Kiss A Boy In London Town (And Other Intimate Misadventures of A Society Whore)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Disclaimer: Things would be so very different if I owned them.
Summary: There's only one cardinal sin for a whore.
Warnings: Prostitution, semi-epilogue compliant
Notes: Many thanks to [info]goseaward, [info]supergrover24 and [info]ze_dragon for their betas and to [info]gmth for all her years of hard work with Smutmas, et merci beaucoup, Belle de Jour. Written for [info]charlotteschaos in Smutmas 2007.

(Call me a whore. )

Story is also available at The Archive At The End of The Universe if you'd rather read it off Skyehawke.

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