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A real hurting song about a love that's gone wrong

A comm rec: There's a new community on LJ called foc_u that sounds pretty amazing. From their userinfo: This community also serves as a place to celebrate and affirm POCs of the speculative fiction genre, celebrate our favorite POC characters and storytellers, and it's also intended to be a fun place where we can come and discuss our fandoms, recommend movies, books, authors, etc. It is also intended to be a safe space for POCs/non-whites and white allies to discuss issues of race, gender, orientation and how they affect speculative fiction. My response? \0/\0/\0/\0/

An art rec: So after reading Finding Viktor Krum, the Albus Severus/Viktor that was written for me in hp_beholder, littleblackbow drew art for it! \0/ And it is AWESOME. You should all go here to see it and flail at Rana, who was gracious enough to let me nab her art for my icon. *hearts*

A pairing rec: Albus Severus/Viktor, FTW. Although Viktor/anyone is pretty damn awesome too. Just saying. Actually, I'm considering starting to compile a Viktor art/fic list just to share the Viktor love.

Things wot I am planning on doing today and tomorrow: )

Now. To see how much of that will actually get done... :D
Thinking: calm calm
Singing: B.J. Thomas - Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song

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