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Er. Love letters. No, really.
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Dear MBTA,

As much as I usually love you for allowing me to actually not drive in this city...today? You suck.

No love,
Femme, whose 20 minute commute this morning turned into 60 minutes of sweaty bodies crammed into a subway car and 17 minutes of waiting on a very narrow platform with several hundred other omg!cranky people after you threw us all off the train midway into town.


Dear work-related person who has emailed me unable to figure out how to use the change your password form on the website,

I'm taking back your license to use the Internet because you are obviously too stupid to be online.

Also no love,


Dear Quark,

Please stop acting like you're going to crash on me again and corrupt another file because I will have to kill you and I'm not certain what the Massachusetts law is on softwareicide.

Seriously no love,

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