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But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you

Things that are sad-making today:

1. Being physically and mentally exhausted beyond all rational belief without any actual real reason for said exhaustion. :/

2. Seeing my wee ickle bandslash fandom explode into its first big wank. *sheds a tear or two for my baby growing up* Ah well, at least we're not ABBA wank. Somewhere there's a Dancing Queen/Gerard joke that I am far too tired to make.

3. Wank in general. Dude. I am so tired of wank and drama...my whole damn summer's been caught up having to deal with it in one way or another, and hi, I just want the pr0n before I, I don't know, throw myself into a pit of despair or something.

4. Wanting to write and either not having the time or not having the mental energy to do more than stare at a blank page and listen to whatever pops up on my iPod.

5. Stress. Just...stress. So very, very, very tired of stress.

Things that are happy-making today:

1. The very fact that there's an ABBA fandom. Who knew? I now want Agnetha/Frida hatesex, chiquitita. Or better yet...Agnetha/Frida hatesex with Pete/Patrick thrown in. What? It could happen. Somehow. Maybe.

2. Having three versions of Dancing Queen on my iPod. (Hey. Don't be judging me. ABBA rocks and you know it.)

3. [info]amanuensis1's screenplay for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which is AWESOME. Let's ditch Kloves and go with this script, shall we? Reshoots, anyone?

4. This post about the non-gay things in bandslash that make us go squee.

5. This macro which wins the Internet hands-down at the moment:So I told them you'll be gay and like it. )

I am currently obsessed with the idea of canning jam and making pickles for some reason. I DO NOT KNOW YOU GUYS. PERHAPS MARTHA STEWART HAS TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN. But I really kind of want to do it. )

And I found out today that tickets for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band go on sale Saturday for Hartford. Since the tickets are most likely $70ish or more, I am currently attempting to convince myself that a) having just gone to 2 MCR concerts and going to see The Academy Is and 2 Fall Out Boy concerts all in one week in November automatically eliminates my financial ability to purchase said tickets and b) Hartford is too far away to drive by myself and c) I can't take the day off work anyway because I need to take a day off to go to see FOB who are far more likely to make out than Bruce and Little Steven are. Although that'd be awesome.

Which is a thought that then reminds me that I really need to tinker with a MCR time travel fic that I've been thinking about which would involve MCR waking up one morning to discover, hi, they're opening for Springsteen during the River tour and wacky hijinks ensue. Um. Like Ray sleeping with Bruce and when he walks back in the next morning they all just look at him wide-eyed and Ray says what? and Frank goes, you didn't come back last night and Ray just shrugs and Mikey (who's curled up next to Frank rather snugly) says, so where were you, man? and Ray says nowhere, really and Gerard just raises his eyebrow and says so is that what we're calling balls deep in ass now? and Ray says fuck you, Gerard and Bob rolls his eyes and throws a pair of legwarmers at them and Frank leans forward and says, eyes bright, dude, seriously, you fucked The Boss and Mikey will shake his head and say, man, don't let Steven find out because it will be on and then Clarence will be pissed and they'll all pause and blink and Ray will look a little frightened because dude, Clarence could even take Bob down. With one hand tied behind his back and the other on his sax.

I'm just saying...
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