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Ice skating on asphalt and other hazards of winter
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I hate ice and freezing rain. I slipped and slid all the way to the T this morning, and I have to go out to run errands during lunch today which means that I'll be slipping and sliding all over downtown. Bah. Winter sucks.

Also, I managed to fall down a flight of seven steps last night when I got home at 10:30. No, seriously. After 12 hours en route in one form of another, I got home just in time to walk home through the freezing rain carrying luggage, and I fell down my steps onto the concrete. I'm bruised on my hip, my shins and my palm and my lower back is rather grumpy with me today. This makes two flights of stairs I've fallen down in roughly four months. Go me.

All I really want to do today is curl up on the couch in my red sweatshirt that hangs down nearly to my knees and sleep or watch source material for my Yuletide story which is due in nine days.

What I do not want to do is... )
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Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops

My boss brought in homemade chocolate covered pretzels today and they are incredible. I've already had five. And six Starbursts. OMG. Sugar.

In which Femme rather boringly rambles on about the WGA strike... )

So. Yeah. Now that I've waved my pinko commie former-union-member flag...a pointless poll! Because I am much with the bored this morning and am procrastinating on writing. Or, um, doing anything productive. Like, you know, working.

Poll #594 pointless poll o' doom
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Someone should make a sheet sign for this weekend's FOB concert that says Patrick Stump stole our gay (and Lyn-Z gave it back)--yes/yes?

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...dude, yes
5 (45.5%)

...who are these people, you total dork?
4 (36.4%)

...I don't know you.
2 (18.2%)

Should I be writing my Smutmas fic?

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yes, OMG you have a deadline, dumbass
5 (35.7%)

yes, for God's sake, get off your lazy arse
3 (21.4%)

yes, but don't feel bad because I'm nowhere near having mine finished either (really I am, but I'm just saying this to make you feel better)
1 (7.1%)

...why are you wasting valuable writing time on LJ--dammit, woman, if you're going to goof off at work, goof off productively and write something for the love of God.
5 (35.7%)

Since I can't have a real Christmas tree in my apartment this year due to unfortunate placement of baseboard heating and the fact that I live in a postage stamp, should I purchase a...

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boring traditional fake green Christmas tree
2 (13.3%)

wee, kitschy but fabulous silver Christmas tree (because if you're going to go fake, darling, go fake)
13 (86.7%)

Severus Snape, Patrick Stump or Sam Winchester?

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Severus Snape--it's the grease, baby
9 (56.2%)

Patrick Stump--it's the voice, baby
0 (0.0%)

Sam Winchester--it's the hands, baby
2 (12.5%)

Um...all three?
5 (31.2%)

Where is the ticky?!

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Still asleep on a Monday morning--lazy ticky.
2 (12.5%)

Off on vacation in the Bahamas. Or Fiji.
1 (6.2%)

Having hot ticky sex with the text box.
11 (68.8%)

Dead. The ticky is dead.
2 (12.5%)

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Gospodi pomilui

I'm exhausted today. )

Also, I ordered $100 worth of non-fiction books from Amazon last night, despite the fact that I dropped $30 at Borders during lunch earlier yesterday. This is how I cope with stress. I buy books and pretend that they could possibly be for research purposes. I suppose it's a bit healthier than indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Although the Ben and Jerry's would be cheaper. And taste better.

I'm going to see Eastern Promises for the second time later today. It's part of my trying-to-be-good-to-myself scheme and if there was ever a movie that was hi, made for me? That's the one. I haven't yet squeed about it because I haven't had time, but I'm already writing Nikolai/Kirill. Because, hi, yeah. Allow me to let David Cronenberg, the director, say it for me:

I wouldn't consider any of this spoilery, but still, just in case... )

Nikolai/Kirill FTW.

Also, seriously, if you read [info]hp_dungeons, go see this movie. Because this is the Muggle version of my Dolohovs. *squishes them*

Right now what's getting me through the day is a playlist on my iPod filled with the Eastern Promises OST and liturgical music that I downloaded last night from the Church of St John the Forerunner (Chesmenskaya) in St Petersburg. I have now decided the Dolohovs attend there. Mainly because I like the choir. They're incredibly peaceful.

I'm a weird person.
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Life, the universe and the number 42

So. Bloody. Tired. I can't even begin to tell you. Here's a tip. Don't watch Dexter right before you go to sleep because you will wake up at least twenty times OMG certain that someone is going to kill you. :/ Then again, I've convinced myself that the actual way I'm going to die is to slip on stairs outside, fall, and crack my head wide open. I think recent events have proven that I'm fully capable of doing that....

I am also freezing to death despite wearing a sweater to work today and it being 75 degrees outside. So I have commandeered a heater from a coworker and have it aimed at my legs. I think I might be sick. I cannot take days off work. I need them for FOB concerts, dammit.

So. I went out at lunch. I have an odd habit of finding various people around where I work who remind me of certain characters. For example, one of the guys in the deli in my building looks remarkably like John Sheppard. And Reginaldo from Quizno's down the street is the spitting image of Viktor Krum. Well, movie Viktor Krum. Not book. And yes, I'm on a first-name basis with my local Quizno's staff. This should disturb me far more than it does. And then, of course, there was Draco on the T platform a few weeks ago.

Today I ran into my Harry on the street. Down to [info]quidditch_prat's shaggy hair, glasses, black Converse All-Stars, jeans and suit jacket. It took all I had to restrain myself from saying, "hey, aren't you supposed to be at Lake Cottage?"

It's the little things in life that amuse me.

I want to run into Snape now, dammit....

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