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Ever since I found you I've been orbiting around you like you are the sun

My Rhett CD just arrived, thank you, Amazon pre-order! \0/ Um, not that I haven't had the mp3s for the past week and been listening to them non-stop or anything. *looks shifty* But! The actual package is in my hands and I absolutely must scan and icon the back photo because it is AWESOME. *hearts Rhett OMG* (And the deluxe album on iTunes has FIVE bonus songs on it, HOORAY. *shoves more money at Rhett*)

Walking home tonight, I passed a twentysomething guy carrying a skateboard. Painted on the deck was the Dark Mark. This amused me to no end in so many ways.

Speaking of Dark Marks (what, it's a segue, go with it), I have been flailing over the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone cover all afternoon. Trufax, I must admit that I've been reading Kradam fic (and downloading last season's AI epsiodes) since last week because I totally fell for Adam after seeing the US video with him and Kris. And now I'm horribly tempted to follow up my Harry/Draco club!fic (which is nearly done, yay) with a sequel Harry/Draco/Adam club!fic. /0\ But it would work for one of my [info] - communitykink_bingo prompts! And it would be brutally hot. And he's on the cover of Rolling Stone with a snake. I mean, really. Oh my God. It's like crack for a Slytherin lover.

Totally skipped lunch today. Must find food. Then do a bit of Dungeons. Then finish club!fic and force Jodie to beta it for me. \0/ And then start another one...
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In these times, in these lonely, lonely times, I will sing along

Tired Femme is tired.

Paste Magazine is streaming Rhett Miller's new album, which officially comes out next Tuesday. \0/

And...I have nothing else of note to say at the moment. Ten-thirty is too damn early to go to bed, isn't it, particularly when you've already napped for two hours? God, I'm so ridiculously exhausted lately. Sigh.
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One more Rhett!squee post for the week.

I came home tonight and fell into bed for three hours. I woke up finally and staggered out into the living room like a rumpled, sleep-buzzed, monosyllabic zombie (causing [info] - personalze_dragon to laugh at me like a good roommate should in such a situation). Supper was eaten, a bit of DVRed TV from last night was watched (hi there Bones and 30 Rock!) and I don't think I'm going to be up much longer. So tired. I think it's a combination of two nights straight of concerting (God, I am just too damn old, seriously) combined with a horrific headache that aspirin could not kill that I had from the time I woke up this morning until just a little bit ago.

Rhett was awesome last night. I got to meet up with [info] - personalnoeon for it and she is absolutely and totally fantabulous. \0/ I've now hooked her on live Rhett concerts and she's now hooked me on next gen fic. I'd say that's a good tradeoff. :D Also, we think that all of you should be writing Viktor Krum fic. So if y'all could get on that now, that'd be awesome. Snap, snap! :D

*contemplates writing a spot of Albus Severus/Viktor pr0n this weekend and thinks perhaps that's a good idea*

Speaking of Rhett. (What? I was before I got derailed into pondering Viktor smut. Go with the segue, people. Go with the segue.) Rhett. 30 Rock finale. OH. MY. GOD. It's absolutely ridiculous how flaily happy five seconds of television made me, but you guys. YOU GUYS. The Kidney Now performance! (Jodie, don't watch that link, Elvis Costello is in it.) Rhett's in the back with Moby and Rachel Yamagata, wearing that eye-searingly blue jacket that he loves to wear. (Oh, honey. Honey. I adore you. I do. But that jacket should be burned. Really.) What I love the most about those five seconds though is how when the camera's on his little group, Rhett breaks the cardinal rule of acting and looks off stage left, wide-eyed. *snorts with laughter* As [info] - personalze_dragon put it, he's like the kindergartner that has to be put on the edges in the school play because he's probably going to wander off mid-play and sit on the edge of the stage. :D Oh, Rhett. *hearts so damn much*

I also love that he was included in that line up of musicians. I mean, seriously. There are some pretty awesome musical chops there, and he's right up in there with them. On national TV! *indulges in a moment of fangirl GLEE* You guys, I'm so proud of him. \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ Okay, yes, shut up, I realize I'm a dork. But Rhett Miller is bloody AWESOME and I can't help myself. Also he sang Fishbowl to me on Wednesday. *flails liek woah* I HAVE YET TO GET OVER THAT AND MAYBE I NEVER WILL.

Okay. I had more to ramble on about, but I can't remember it and I think bed is calling. I have comments and such to get to still from the past couple of days...will attempt to get caught up in the morning. Also must post fest fic and download three weeks worth of Supernatural since I've managed to miss the past three episodes for one reason or another and have had no time to get caught up. :/ But for now... *yawns sleepily*

G'night, el jay, eye jay and dee dubyoo...

*wanders off to read self back to sleep*
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I have had the most awesome night.

So. I went to see Rhett Miller play in Northampton tonight, along with [info]ze_dragon and [info]bookofcalm.

It was awesome. I heart Rhett, especially when he forgets the words to a song or two because he's just so damn cute when he does this. But the best part was after the show.

Stop for a moment, if you will, and imagine your very favourite musician. The one whose music just means everything to you. Imagine that you have a chance post-show to chat with him. Imagine that you have a very favourite song of his from way back in his very, very, very early days of recording, one that he never mentions, never sings, that very few people even know about because his first album was a rather small run and is out-of-print, one that you're not even sure he remembers the words to.

Now, imagine that your favourite musician SINGS PART OF THIS SONG DIRECTLY TO YOU COMPLETE WITH HANDCLAPS while you're standing there chatting with him because your awesomecakes roommate tells him that this is your favourite song of his.


You guys. I am still flaily. *hearts [info]ze_dragon for telling him*

But Rhett Miller sang part of Fishbowl to me tonight. He recorded this song when he was in high school! It's on his impossible to locate Mythologies album--which he himself just got a copy of recently. *looks shifty about how I got a copy* I love this song a hell of a lot. And HE SANG IT. TO ME. AND HANDCLAPPED.

And he said that he has a friend who's trying to get him to re-record some of the Mythologies songs, and I'm like OMG YES PLEASE. \0/

I'm going to see him play again tomorrow night here in Boston. I. Cannot. Wait.

Here, I'm going to share Fishbowl with you. He was 18! Woobie! Ickle!Woobie!

Fantastic night. Fan-fucking-tastic. \0/

Just in case it wasn't clear to all y'all by now, I really, really, really, really, really adore Rhett Miller. I know--such a shocking discovery. :D But OMFG I HEART HIM SO MUCH. *squees and bounces around the room* He sang Fishbowl to me!

P.S. He's going to be on 30 Rock tomorrow night too. \0/ *makes note to set DVR, dammit*
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Y, halo there, El Jay! I just got back from seeing the Old 97's play their very last concert on their current tour which was down on the Cape, almost all the way at the tip (hello two+ hour drive one way!) and I just had to inform the internets of this one very important fact: I HAVE RHETT MILLER'S SETLIST AND GUITAR PICK OH YES I DO.

See?! )


I have also once again been copiously sweated and spit upon by the man himself (HOORAY!), [info]ze_dragon and I got my favourite spot right in front of Rhett's mic stand, first row, and Murray grinned right at me as I sang the entire lyrics of W. Texas Teardrops at the top of my lungs with him.


And I got smacked by Rhett's butt when they were going on stage, Dragon got Ken's guitar in her side when Ken came down into the audience to play for part of a song, and during the opening act, Rhett came out and stood RIGHT BEHIND US (no I'm not kidding RIGHT BEHIND US) for a song or two, wearing a pink button-up over a lavendar t-shirt, and he worked that, baby. And when we drove into the parking lot of the Wellfleet Beachcomber, we looked immediately to our right and Rhett and Murray were standing right outside of this teeny tiny bar, just chilling. Also, Rhett played Oppenheimer as a dedication from this guy to his girlfriend, after which the guy PROPOSED to her, and then Rhett sang Question and you guys! *flails*. It was so romantically sweet.


AND THERE WAS STAGE GAY. DUDE. We had Ken flicking his tongue at Rhett and Rhett rubbing up against Murray and Ken talking about going into Provincetown next week for BearFest and Rhett telling him not to flirt with his boy (one of the techs). I was like LOL BOYS DO NOT MAKE ME SLASH YOU BECAUSE I WILL, I'M SERIOUS.

Ken and Rhett rock my world. No, seriously. )


And the opening act was Sleepercar and they are AWESOME. I have purchased their CD and will be trying to convert you all soon. :D And best of all? Their drummer? Looks REMARKABLY like my Marik in Dungeons. I was kind of jaw-droppy. So I got to see my Harry (Rhett) and my Marik tonight. THIS MAKES ME REALLY STUPIDLY HAPPY. I KNOW I KNOW. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. SEE? )

Best. Concert. Ever. OMG. And OMG, I have to go to bed. I have to be at church at 8:20 in the morning for Altar Guild. OMG. OMG. Sleep is necessary. But I love this band. OMG, I love this band so stupid much.

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Things what make me happy tonight.

Because it's been a seriously blech week...here's some happy.

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