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Oh, yeah, it's so clear, all the bad things are gone, all the good things are here

I just walked in the door from a weekend down in NJ, seeing the Old 97's at Maxwell's. Am trying to catch up this evening, especially on comments for my club!fic (oh, hey, did you know I posted that damn 12,500 word H/D club!fic Friday? *G*) but for now a quick update before I attempt to find some sort of food...

Bandom Fic Rec - [info - livejournal.com]supergrover24 has posted her [info - livejournal.com]bandombigbang fic and anyone with any interest in Panic At The Disco should read it. It's a Jon/Ryan Bewitched AU and it's really, seriously fantastic. Let me put it this way. I'm not a huge PATD girl, and I usually don't like Ryan Ross. Jodie made me love him in this fic. So yeah. You should definitely read this one. Also, Jodie writes seriously excellent pr0n, even when it's not explicit. I'm just saying. *g* You can find it here: Sing To Him, Each Spring

Old 97's - What can I say other than they were absolutely fantastic? Both Murry and Rhett did opening sets of their solo work before the whole band took the stage. And they played Weightless! I've wanted them to play that song for years and I'm not joking. They never have at any concert I've been at until last night, which made me ridonkuloulsy happy. Also, [info - livejournal.com]djinnj, [info - livejournal.com]ze_dragon and I decided to go to Maxwell's early to grab dinner before the doors opened. The waitress seated us, and we looked over and the whole damn band was at the table next to ours. Seriously. There was massive, albeit quiet, flailing over that. TRUST ME. (The four of them appear to have excellent table manners and a great love of alcohol and French fries. *g*)

Knitting - I appear to have been sucked into the knitting vortex this weekend. I have about eight inches of a garter stich scarf done already. Dammit. *eyes [info - livejournal.com]djinnj, [info - livejournal.com]ze_dragon balefully* Also I may have spent four hours today on a bus knitting. And another half hour on the T. /0\

Food now. BBS. *g*
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You’re scoring her shipwrecks with fiddles and dobros

So I went to take a short nap last night at 8 o'clock before I tackled some things on my to-do list like send out p_p invites, answer some comments/email and do some RPing. Um. I woke up from said short nap at 7:30 this morning. I've been...a little tired lately. Sadly I could still take a nap right now.

I currently have no furniture in my apartment (unless you count an air mattress furniture, which I don't.) Two-pronged moving is a pain in the butt seriously. (Six days left! Six! \0/)

You know you've officially become a Massachusetts resident when you're rewatching Men In Black for the thousandth time as [info]ze_dragon and I were recently and when they zoom in on Truro, MA on a satellite map you suddenly turn to one another at the same time and say, dude, that's so very much the wrong end of the Cape, duh.

Anyway, to sum up, life lately = pretty much working and moving accompanied by a lot of Old 97's interspersed with some Van Morrison to help with the staying sane part.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the Old 97s the past few days because when I say I've been listening a lot I mean probably 20 hours a day worth of listening. (That's really not all that much of an overexaggeration, sadly. *g*)

In which Femme goes off on a somewhat emo tangent about the Old 97's )
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Well a box of red and a pill or three and I'm calling time and temperature just for some company

Big brown eyes, and a gust of wind,
And the cherry burns the corner of the page that says "The end
Is coming soon," but not soon enough.
Restring all your guitars,
Pack up all your stuff,
'Cause if Robert's dad is right,
We might not make it through the night,
And I'd hate to go alone.
Oh, please pick up the phone.

I have had the live version of this song on repeat for the past half-hour and have been dancing around my apartment, singing at the top of my lungs and scaring the hell out of the cat.

Old 97's - Big Brown Eyes (Alive and Wired version)


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Things what make me happy tonight.

Because it's been a seriously blech week...here's some happy.

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