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So, mashups. I love them. Which is kind of ironically funny since a year ago I had no interest in them. And then [info]luciamad and [info]ze_dragon sat me down and shoved some on me. Now I'm obsessed with them and my mashup playlist keeps growing and growing and growing. Plus Boston's got some great mashup artists, including one of my favourites, Lenlow.

What are mashups, some of you might be asking...well, think of them as the musical versions of fanfic and fanart and fanvids. Basically what you have is a DJ pulling together elements of two or three or four (or more!) songs, twining the various tracks into an entirely new song. And when it's done well, these new songs are brilliant.

Sampling of songs in other songs has been part of music for ages, particularly in club/dance and hip-hop generes. But with audio editing equipment getting cheaper and cheaper and the Internet taking off in popularity, homegrown mashups have taken the musical scene by storm over the past couple of years.

Record companies aren't particularly fond of them though they've started turning a blind eye to them, but they've made such an impact on musical culture that there was an entire mashup album of Kanye West and Fall Out Boys songs floating around last year. And um, I really hate to say this, but those mashups are horrific. Do not listen to that album, for the love of God. Kayne and FOB The DJ who put this together (thanks for the heads up, [info]gigantic!) fell into the beginner mashup trap of just laying one song over another so it sounds like you have two different radio stations on and the same time and it makes my brain hurt, precious. Bad mashup album. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. *shudder*

Good mashups don't do this. Good mashups blend the songs together so that they flow, lyricially, musically, rhythmically. Sometimes this is as simple as sampling a melody/bass line from one song and laying the lyrics from another over it, such as Red Umbrella by DJ Topcat and Tequila Lip Gloss by DJ Paul V, or it becomes as complex as combining lyrics, music and rhythm from several songs into one such as We Need A Filthy War by DJ Earworm and Imagine Wild Music by Lenlow and How Six Songs Collide by Norwegian Recycling (which I think is sheer brilliance, I have to say).

Anyway. I tried to winnow this list down, but it was so damn hard. So I'm putting up my current high-rotation mashups, along with some Umbrella and Muse mashups that [info]luciamad and [info]ze_dragon sent me. Um. There's a lot of them. *looks shifty*

Right-click, save-as, and if you like something, feel free to let me know. :D Songs will be up for one week, then taken down. Also, if you'd like more info on mashups (and a good place to start hunting for some), I'd recommend mashuptown.com.

Oh, and I should probably say before you click the LJ-cut that I'm fond of, ah, genre-bending mashups. *G*

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