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Recs, and can someone please tell Kanye to stop dropping his drawers in public?

Kanye West, you're an asshole. And I don't even know Taylor Swift's music, but I'm about to go download her album from iTunes whether I like it or not just so she'll get some money. It's the least I can do as a protest for such douchebaggery. Somebody needs to get that man into therapy or rehab. Fast.

I've been really tired for about a week or so now; I think I've got some sort of low-grade virus that isn't bad enough to cause me to feel okay with staying home from work, but which is just draining enough to make me fatigued and brain-dead for most of the day. :/ It's been fun, let me tell you. I meant to spend all weekend writing. Instead I spent most of it sleeping, and I'm still ridiculously tired. Very annoying, let me tell you. Particularly when one has deadlines which one is not going to meet because one is so zonked one cannot think, much less write coherently. *sadface*

Anyway. Two recs for my flist....

There's an H/D fic in [info - livejournal.com] hp_summersmut that I got to beta and it's fantastic and I think everyone should read it. Voices From The Fog by [info - livejournal.com] noeon. It's a smidge under 14,000 words, it's set in Amsterdam, it has cigartette smoking (shut up, it's a kink for me), it has a Harry that I adore and a Draco who is deliciously standoffish and snarky, and I love it so much I've forced Noe into writing me a sequel. Srlsy, go read it.

And for those Snarry fen on my flist, you should run now to the [info]snarry_games and check out [info - personal] bethbethbeth's Everything He Ever Wanted, which I also got to beta. It's one of the most original takes on the epilogue I've seen, and it's charming and chilling and has the best ending ever. \0/ Although I'd kill for a sequel to it as well. *eyes Beth* So go read it too.
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Let's get together and feel all right.

Before I head to bed, I had to share this, which [info] - livejournal.comgoseaward linked me to earlier tonight. If it doesn't make you go \0/, I don't know what will. :D As Goosey said, it's just happymaking.

Playing For Change is, according to their website, a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. They go around the world, recording musicians and splicing the video and audio together into something amazing. This is episode three of nine that they've posted to their blog. Immediately after hearing it, I went and bought the album.

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The scourge of Londontown, there'll be no rest until you are a guest of the Crown

Taking a break from writing to say happy birthday, [info] - livejournal.comdjin7!

Also everyone knows, right, that Spinal Tap recorded Saucy Jack? And you can download it here? For free? I am so amused by this song. And by their website where you can listen to tracks from the new album. I'm particularly fond of Funky Sex Farm. Oh Spinal Tap. I heart you so much. I really, really need to watch that movie again.

Do you know what I hate about living in an old house in the summer, other than the fact that there is no central air and window air conditioners do absolutely no good most of the time? The bugs. The annoying ones that slip under the crack at the bottom of the French doors in my bedroom and decide to crawl on me when I'm taking a nap and I smack them off sleepily and then I wake up with a giant red bug bite on my cheek that itches like crazy. Die, bug. DIE. >:(

I have now registered for the Sunday programming at Azkatraz. I'm going to be at the Parc55 from Wednesday night through Tuesday morning, but as of right now I'm only officially attending the day that my panel's scheduled. Other than that I'm planning on hanging out around SanFran, going to meetups, and jabbering with friends about pretty boys and what we want to do with them. But everyone should come to the Harry/Draco panel at 10:30 on Sunday morning because it's going to be awesomecakes and I'm totally in awe of my fellow panelists. \0/

ETA: Beth brings up a good point here...are those of us without full con registrations going to be able to get into any of the meetup rooms if the meetups are being held in the hotel?

Okay. Going back to writing Harry/Draco club fic now.
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Now put your hands up, up in the club
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Happy birthday, [info] - livejournal.combewarethesmirk and [info] - livejournal.comsansa1970! I hope you both had lovely days.

New Hampshire passing their gay marriage law makes me so happy. \0/ Six down, baby, forty-four to go. Now all we need is Rhode Island to cough up one, and we'll have the entirety of New England sewn up.

I've discovered Lala.com, courtesy of Rhett Miller tweeting his Lala playlist earlier today. (Don't look at me that way; I am so damn easy when it comes to him, yes.) Anyway, I'm kind of entranced by it. I like that you can listen to full songs before you buy them, and that you can buy them for web use only or as MP3s, and they're still cheaper than iTunes and Amazon. Plus I managed to buy the new Eels album for $3.99 on there. \0/

Joe Jonas doing the Single Ladies Dance is utterly dorktastic. I blame my watching this on[info] - livejournal.comsupergrover24. And now I have the song going through my head. Thank you, Jodie. Thank you so much. :P

I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips, hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans, acting up, drink in my cup, I can care less what you think--no, I will not write a gloss-wearing, Muggle-clubbing Draco fic for his twenty-ninth birthday. I won't. Really. *whimpers*

Plans for tonight? Betaing, watching Spooks and hopefully catching up on emails/comments. Writing a gloss-wearing, Muggle-clubbing Draco fic...dammit.
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Always forget how strange it is just to be alive at all

I haven't gone to see the new Star Trek movie. To be completely honest, I'm not sure I'm going to. My dad was a Trekkie--a Spock fan, and honestly how my mother can be surprised that all three of her kids ended up fannish in one way or another is beyond me since we all take after my dad on that score (and she and I laughed about that this past weekend, actually, about how much the three of us had obviously inherited my dad's geek/fan genes because the entire concept of fannishness flummoxes her)--and seeing the squee on my flist is a little bittersweet for me. Not that I want to avoid it, mind, because it brings up some really great memories of my dad and of watching reruns of TOS and new episodes of TNG with him when I was in high school and college (whether or not I wanted to *g*). But I miss him, rather a lot, and this time of year it's always more poignant. I can't believe it's been almost 5 years. Odd.

I started plotting out my Snarry Games fic today while at a seminar on multitasking and workplace productivity that my boss felt the need to send me to. (*rolls eyes*) I really like my idea, and I'm taking on a new method of plotting which is really intriguing me. It involves outlining in steps, adding more plot and character detail with each incarnation of the outline, and so far I'm liking it. I don't take the outlining as slow as Weisner suggests (she thinks outlining should fill 30 days, and I did five days worth in one and should be on track to start writing next week), but I have to say it does make me focus more on the way plot and subplot and character dynamics interweave than I normally do at this stage in the writing process. I'll be interested in seeing if the final outline makes it easier to write the draft...

My latest musical obsession is Patrick Park's Life Is A Song. I cannot get enough of this song. Srsly.

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they might be psycho killers but tonight I really don't care

Two quick things that have made me \0/ today:

1. Supernatural. OMG HEART. Also, I have decided that since I can't personally climb up Jared Padalecki, the next best thing is for me to daydream about Rhett Miller climbing up Jared Padalecki and being wicked with him. Mmmm. Floppy haired, drawling Texans FTW!

2. This video of Jens Lekman singing Black Cab in a black cab and recorded for the Black Cab Sessions. \0/ \0/ \0/ Brought to you by the awesomeness that is [info]luciamad who pointed me to it. :D Jens! In a black cab! Singing Black Cab! *flails* Seriously, how much more awesome can life get?

And on that note I have to go back to writing my ass off for the next couple of days which equals pretty much being offline. Or making a marked attempt to be. Thank God for Isolator and a significant stash of productivity-enhancing classical music. (OMG, I hate Snape and Harry right now more than you can possibly imagine. *shakes fist at them* Behave, dammit! And stop talking so damn much. ARGH. I'm looking at you, Harry. Stupid, stupid, stupid men.)
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So when the shadows lengthen into an evening sun

So it's been a while since I've posted, I guess. I've drifted in and out of reading my flist the past couple of weeks--mostly out, though, I'll admit--and I've even written a couple of posts that I deleted before posting because they were either boring as hell or ridiculously emo or unsuitably cranky. Be grateful I've not inflicted them on you. [info]isoldest and [info]ze_dragon have gotten them instead. Poor boos.

I've been busy with work and writing and some real life things, but, honestly, it's more than that. )

I've gotten into Lost lately, slipping in an episode or two before bed here and there over the past few weeks. I'm about two-thirds of the way through the first season (right now I'm at Do No Harm so I've got four left in the season, I think), and good Lord. This show is addictive. I'm actually watching first season and fourth season simultaneously (fourth with Luc when she comes over on Thursdays for Supernatural) and seriously that'll blow your mind. My mantra is I'm so confused, I'm so confused, yay Hurley-Charlie-Jin-Sawyer-Locke-Ben, I'm so confused, I'm so confused. And yet, I can't stop watching because I have to know what the hell is up with that damn island. Dear JJ Abrams, you are evil. Evil I tell you.

And just because I feel like it tonight...here are some songs that for various reasons have some special meaning for me today. Right-click, save-as, and they'll only be up a few days.

Music... )
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So, mashups. I love them. Which is kind of ironically funny since a year ago I had no interest in them. And then [info]luciamad and [info]ze_dragon sat me down and shoved some on me. Now I'm obsessed with them and my mashup playlist keeps growing and growing and growing. Plus Boston's got some great mashup artists, including one of my favourites, Lenlow.

What are mashups, some of you might be asking...well, think of them as the musical versions of fanfic and fanart and fanvids. Basically what you have is a DJ pulling together elements of two or three or four (or more!) songs, twining the various tracks into an entirely new song. And when it's done well, these new songs are brilliant.

Sampling of songs in other songs has been part of music for ages, particularly in club/dance and hip-hop generes. But with audio editing equipment getting cheaper and cheaper and the Internet taking off in popularity, homegrown mashups have taken the musical scene by storm over the past couple of years.

Record companies aren't particularly fond of them though they've started turning a blind eye to them, but they've made such an impact on musical culture that there was an entire mashup album of Kanye West and Fall Out Boys songs floating around last year. And um, I really hate to say this, but those mashups are horrific. Do not listen to that album, for the love of God. Kayne and FOB The DJ who put this together (thanks for the heads up, [info]gigantic!) fell into the beginner mashup trap of just laying one song over another so it sounds like you have two different radio stations on and the same time and it makes my brain hurt, precious. Bad mashup album. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. *shudder*

Good mashups don't do this. Good mashups blend the songs together so that they flow, lyricially, musically, rhythmically. Sometimes this is as simple as sampling a melody/bass line from one song and laying the lyrics from another over it, such as Red Umbrella by DJ Topcat and Tequila Lip Gloss by DJ Paul V, or it becomes as complex as combining lyrics, music and rhythm from several songs into one such as We Need A Filthy War by DJ Earworm and Imagine Wild Music by Lenlow and How Six Songs Collide by Norwegian Recycling (which I think is sheer brilliance, I have to say).

Anyway. I tried to winnow this list down, but it was so damn hard. So I'm putting up my current high-rotation mashups, along with some Umbrella and Muse mashups that [info]luciamad and [info]ze_dragon sent me. Um. There's a lot of them. *looks shifty*

Right-click, save-as, and if you like something, feel free to let me know. :D Songs will be up for one week, then taken down. Also, if you'd like more info on mashups (and a good place to start hunting for some), I'd recommend mashuptown.com.

Oh, and I should probably say before you click the LJ-cut that I'm fond of, ah, genre-bending mashups. *G*

46 mashups )
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they might be psycho killers but tonight I really don't care so I say turn up the music

This is my life in order of importance lately:

Work = batshit busy lately
Family = checking in on my mom regularly and trying to figure out how to get home for Christmas
Sleep = running into a serious deficit now
Fandom = twice as batshit busy as work...but it doesn't pay the rent. Which is due Thurs. Dammit, have to remember to mail that tomorrow.
Apartment = in desperate need of a good fall scouring/smudging/organization
Laundry = enough done to provide clothing for this week; ignoring the rest until the weekend. Or next week. Depending.
Television = weeks behind on most programs. Occasionally catch up on some during dinner, like Pushing Daisies or Dirty Sexy Money. Waiting for hiatus just to have a chance to omg catch up. I hope.

So I said to hell with all of the above tonight and went with [info]luciamad to go see Jens Lekman because a) he's one of the best (if not the best) modern songwriters, b) he's from Sweden so the chances of seeing him again any time soon are minimal, and c) I haven't stopped listening to his new album Night Falls Over Kortedala for the past two weeks.

It was awesome.

We were at the Paradise over on Commonwealth, which is a tiny, amazing rock club--probably my favourite place in Boston to see a show. We were in the center back of the room and that was seriously probably 20 feet from front of the stage. And Jens.

His band is incredible. He's incredible. They did an hour or so set, then were called back for a two-song encore, after which they got called back again, and Jens did two more songs, including a cover of Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al--sans chorus, which was incredible. He actually had to say he had to leave because his throat was closing up on him; we'd have begged him for more all night.

If you have a chance to go see him while he's touring, go. I'm serious. You won't regret it. And if you've never heard his music before, here, have a couple of songs. If you like quirky, witty, smart, slightly melancholic lyrics combined with sparkling bright music, I highly, highly recommend locating his albums Oh You're So Silent Jens and Night Falls Over Kortedala.

Jens Lekman - Black Cab My first Jens song, courtesy of Luc, and still my absolute favourite.
Jens Lekman - A Postcard For Nina Dude. It's a song about being a beard for a lesbian. Awesome. I can't stop playing this song.
Jens Lekman - Sipping On The Sweet Nectar A bit of a bittersweetly 70s feel, light and airy and frothy.
Jens Lekman - A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill A fun, delightful earworm.
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My name's Stewart Ransom Miller; I'm a serial lady-killer.

For the parts of my flist who also have an obsession with overwhelming love for the Old 97s and/or Rhett Miller, (HI, [info]djinnj, YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) the Old 97s played last week at a benefit last week for the Carter Albrecht Foundation in Dallas and you can download the video here. Right now there's just a 1.3 GB high-res .mov file available but they'll be putting up a lower-res .mov file and an iPod format file as well. Scroll down to the bottom of the page; they're the last ones listed in the roster of performers.

They played for 90 minutes and reportedly (I haven't yet gotten to download the file 'cause I'm pretty sure IT would object to me putting 1.3 gigs of Rhett on my work computer though I think it's perfectly reasonable), anyway, reportedly included in that is a performance of their NEW SONG "Wanna Dance With Me" FROM THEIR UPCOMING ALBUM. *tries not to squee too loudly*

A donation to the foundation is strongly suggested for each download, but not required.

(Also, [info]djinnj? Tickets go on sale tomorrow via Ticketmaster/Live Nation for Rhett at the Paradise here in Boston on Feb 2. [info]ze_dragon and I are going. YOU WANT TO COME UP THAT WEEKEND, YES, YOU DO. Just saying. *g*)
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So keep me in your bed all day, nothing heals me like you do

I had really a bizarre dream last night about having Thanksgiving brunch at a very schna-schna restaurant in Malibu with Ari and Mrs. Ari from Entourage....and my toddler. WTF. My brain is a strange place. Of course what amuses me is that I'm more WTF about the toddler than Ari and Mrs. Ari. Because they seem more plausible. Oh, fandom.

Okay, so I'm still working on the soundtracks that I offered up a couple of weeks ago. (It's taking me longer to pull them together than I thought...) So this one was requested by [info]supergrover24 for the oh so very NC-17-rated Pete/Patrick bunkfic she and I wrote together this summer: I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby.

The arc I followed for this soundtrack is want/desire -> sex -> love. Which echoes the arc of the story. :)

The legalse again: Songs are for sampling purposes only; if you like the artists, go buy them at the retailer of your choice, the files will be up for one week and then taken down, right-click save-as, and comments would be lovely for bandwidth tracking.

I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby )

And I don't know what it says about me, but right now I'm in the mood for my ultimate comfort-type fic. Which for me is wedding, marriage and/or kidfic. Unfortunately, finding those sorts of fic in my comfort pairings...is not easy. Although I've found some Pete/Patrick lately. But finding it in Snape/Draco or Frank/Mikey is pretty much nigh unto impossible. And I'm not even going to touch Harry/Draco. I've read all the good ones there. Sigh. I really want Snape-with-a-baby-and-married-to-Draco, dammit. Or better yet, Snape-married-to-Draco and their kid at Mommy and Me with Pete and his and Patrick's kid. THAT? WOULD BE AWESOME. And where is that fic, I ask you? Where?


I'm going to have to write that now. Dammit.

Okay, this may explain the toddler in the dream. Hm.

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Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow
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It's nearly 2 and I've been trying to coax my exhausted ass back into bed for the past two hours. All I do is stare up at the ceiling.

I hate insomnia when I'm already worn out and desperately need sleep. It's a pain.

Instead I've been listening to Try to Remember from the Fantasticks original 1960 cast recording I downloaded tonight. I've had it on repeat for an hour. It's funny; I've known this song all my life--I was raised on 60s Broadway--but I never knew what it was from for some reason until [info]bethbethbeth and I saw the revival of the Fantasticks off-Broadway in July.

For some reason it suits my mood tonight. So here...I'm sharing. Have a link of Jerry Orbach singing Try To Remember. And hell, because I can...Rita Gardner and Kenneth Nelson singing Soon It's Gonna Rain from the same production.

And now I'm in the mood for some classic musicals. Not just Broadway either. I love movie musicals. I won't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen Singin' In The Rain or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Brigadoon or Funny Face or The Unsinkable Molly Brown or Calamity Jane or Thoroughly Modern Millie or Meet Me In St. Louis or My Fair Lady or The Sound of Music. When I was in junior high two of my favourite LPs of my parents' were Camelot and the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan. (Yes, I was a dork even then.) And I used to put my baby sister to sleep singing Edelweiss to her when she was wee.

There's just something about those musicals that's sweetly, oddly innocent. Modern musicals like Moulin Rogue and Chicago and even Wicked, no matter how brilliant they are, just aren't quite the same for me. I don't know why. Maybe it's the jadedness of modern life. Maybe the attitude shifts half a century's difference makes in a society. Maybe it's just nostalgia creeping in.

I need to find some old soundtracks. I had a bunch on casette when I was in college, but they got packed up when I converted to CD and I never did replace them. I think that needs to be corrected.
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So I say turn up the music, take me home or take me anywhere

So. Today happens to be this sweet little dude named Mikeyway's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKEY! *smooches*

In celebration I'm putting up a soundtrack that [info]lovesongwriter requested of me last week. She asked for a Frank/Mikey soundtrack that took into account canonverse Mikey and Frank. So. I ended up with 32 songs on my playlist. Well, actually I ended up with a lot more, but I managed to winnow it down to this list. *g*

I also want to say that this soundtrack wouldn't be possible without [info]luciamad, who's responsible not only for addicting me to Frank/Mikey, but also for introducing me to the boys and to a few of the following artists.

Songs for Frank/Mikey )

And as another nod to Mikey's birthday, here's a snippet from the Jared Padalecki/Mikey Way that is still currently under construction but which was supposed to be finished today. *facepalms* Yeah. I suck with self-imposed deadlines.

Mikey was curled up in the corner of the sofa in the front lounge... )
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Emo playlist for Isolde

So, tonight [info]isoldest told me to come up with a list of ten emoboyz songs and she'd listen to them the whole way through. And dude, I'm not stupid, so I jumped at the chance to pimp her into bandslash introduce her to my latest obsession, so I've culled through my 400-song emoboyz playlist and picked 10 of the songs I think she's least likely to run screaming away from. :D

I haven't included any Panic songs because I'm not certain they're Isolde's cup of tea musically. I'll hit her with those after she succumbs to these. *looks innocent* I've also linked to YouTube versions of the music videos where applicable because believe me, these boys know how to do fantatstic music videos. These songs will be left up for one week and then I'll take them down. So if anyone else would like to be pimped into Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.... :D

( Songs for Isolde )
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