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Okay, so the last time I saw 8 inches of snow it was 1988, I was a high school junior, and my entire city shut down for half a week. (No, seriously. Entire city.)

Today, I trudged through 8 inches of snow to go to work.

Damn cities with snowplows.

On the other hand, yesterday on the way home, for the first time in my life, I saw snow falling on the ocean. Talk about weird.

Have two pictures I took on the way to work today. Both are from my neighbour's yard.

jack frost nipping at your nose )

Tonight maybe I'll post the pics of the wee Snape and Draco snowmen [info]ze_dragon and I made last night...those are on my laptop. :)

So. I'm in the mood for some HP fic. Rec me some really good Snape/Harry or Harry/Draco? (Yes, you heard that right.)

Also, why is there not more kidfic and mpreg in Harry Potter? Because I'm utterly desperate for kidfic and mpreg involving any combination of Snape, Harry, and Draco...hey, don't look at me that way. I have entirely no shame in my love of mpreg and kidfic. Babies=made of awesome. Babies with Snape and/or Draco=EVEN MORE MADE OF AWESOME.

Seriously. Snape with cranky two-year-old? Tell me that's not comedy gold.
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