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Then we sat on our own star and dreamed of the way that I was for you

Okay. So I'm going to ask you guys to do something. I'm going to ask you to go see Star Trek one more time. And then I want you to go back out to the box office and purchase a ticket to The Brothers Bloom.


[info] - personalze_dragon and I went to see it this afternoon. Well, actually, she said, let's go see a movie and rattled off a list of films that we both went no, no, no, no--are you kidding, no through until she finally hit The Brothers Bloom, and I sat straight up and went OH MY GOD ADRIEN BRODY WANT THIS MOVIE, HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AGES FOR THIS MOVIE, WANTWANTWANTWANT GRABBYHANDS WANT. And she blinked and said, okay then, let's go see The Brothers Bloom.

You guys. Seriously. I know I'm an Adrien Brody fan and will sit through utter and complete crap if he's in it and will justify that by saying, but he's so gooooood and so cute, but this time... *flails*

First off, it's like they sat down and said how can we write a movie that will make Femme die of delight, because there is funny and there is charming and there is angst and there is surreality and there are old-fashioned, Old World trains and steamer boats right out of Agatha Christie--the whole movie has this slightly out-of-time feel to it that is gorgeous and perfect.

And there is Prague and there is St. Petersburg and there is a rocky beach in Montenegro. (No, seriously, Rian Johnson, could you hit up any more gorgeous Eastern European scenery because MY GOD. I'm already trying to talk my mom into going with me to Prague next summer and I think this just gave me more ammunition.) And there are brothers (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) who adore each other and who raised themselves and who can't live without each other as much as one of them resents this con artist life they've wrapped themselves into since childhood. And there is a quirky, charming, eccentric girl who reminds me of so many of my dearest fannish friends, and a gorgeous, snarky Japanese assistant who speaks I kid you not three words in the entire film but absolutely steals the show--and yes, it is entirely possible to be silent and snarky at the same time and Rinko Kikuchi is fucking brilliant at it. AND THERE IS ROBBIE COLTRANE. I'm just saying.

And I swear to God Adrien Brody's Bloom and Rachel Weisz's Penelope could be my Marik and [info] - livejournal.comjjtaylor's Tonks in Dungeons. (An aside to JJ. You absolutely MUST see this movie. Your jaw will be on the floor. It's like watching Marik & Tonks' early days. There is St. Petersburg. And thievery.)

I loved this movie. It made me ridiculously happy, it's the absolute, hands-down best thing I've seen Adrien in since The Pianist, and I'm going back to see it next week after work. I want it out on DVD, like now. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that I absolutely fell completely in love with, but this one? Oh, my. I'm a bit starry-eyed at the moment. Also? Soundtrack? Amazing. Must locate.

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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
I wonder if the three of us would've been friends in real life. Not as brothers, but as people.

Oh, God, I'm so fucking tired.

Trying to make your way home after Friday night out in Boston when the Red Sox have a playoff home game is utter madness, I tell you.

But! I have seen The Darjeeling Limited.

In which Femme squees a bit--okay, sort of a lot--about Adrien Brody... )

And then I got home finally after much wearisome insanity (and one puking kid, ew) and there was a cheer up, emo kid package for me from [info]djinnj ('cause this week's been pretty crappy) filled with bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies and macaroons and a cake and Ghiradelli chocolates AND? The entire set of Royal Mail Harry Potter postcards and stamps from earlier this summer--book covers and house crests, and you guys, I am FLAILING about these because how AWESOME is that? I mean really. AWESOME. *hugs [info]djinnj hard* I have the best friends ever, seriously. Seriously.

It's been a good night. But I'm going to have to sleep soon. Because OMG so tired, LJ-land. So very incoheret and so very, very tired.

P.S. The soundtrack is amazing. I'm going to have to procure it soon...
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