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Gerard Way didn't save my life. But he made it a hell of a lot more squeeful.

Hi, so okay, I spent from about 3:30 this afternoon until almost eight straight tonight drinking, no joke, which ended up with me being DRUNK OFF MY ASS on the T and for the rest of this evening. The first two of those hours were spent in the bar in my building with my boss and two of my co-workers drinking to celebrate my boss's upcoming nuptials next Friday (yes, those of the OMG I NEED A DRESS earlier this week) and the latter two and a half were spent in a crowded pub a few streets over with [info]spiderine and [info]ze_dragon celebrating the joy of fangirlhood.

The joy of fangirlhood has kicked my ass tonight.

Let's just say that after crashing on the couch for a while--somehow in her infinite fabulousness, Dragon (whom I vaguely recall being a bit tipsy herself) got me home in one piece--I am now awake, half-sober and beginning to get hungover. Oh my God, I am never drinking that much again, hand to God, and boys and girls, drink is made of evil. Evil, I say.

But, have I mentioned that Thursday I might have, you know, OMG MET GERARD WAY?

'Cause, yeah. I did. *tries to be blase and fails miserably*

So Gerard was signing copies of his new comic book The Umbrella Academy at Newbury Comics in Boston on Thursday afternoon/evening. )

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Emo playlist for Isolde

So, tonight [info]isoldest told me to come up with a list of ten emoboyz songs and she'd listen to them the whole way through. And dude, I'm not stupid, so I jumped at the chance to pimp her into bandslash introduce her to my latest obsession, so I've culled through my 400-song emoboyz playlist and picked 10 of the songs I think she's least likely to run screaming away from. :D

I haven't included any Panic songs because I'm not certain they're Isolde's cup of tea musically. I'll hit her with those after she succumbs to these. *looks innocent* I've also linked to YouTube versions of the music videos where applicable because believe me, these boys know how to do fantatstic music videos. These songs will be left up for one week and then I'll take them down. So if anyone else would like to be pimped into Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.... :D

( Songs for Isolde )
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Okay, longer report later--maybe even tonight!--but I'm passing on this video [info]supergrover24 just uploaded of the Frank/Gerard gayness--OMG, YOU GUYS--that happened at our show tonight.

I have footage I'll put up later, but it's nowhere near as good as this as far as clarity for the lick itself--Jodie got the jumbotron of it and I was too late to catch it..mine's from a distance, but you can see some of the gropage. Not much. But some.

This happened during Give Em Hell, Kid.

And yes, the shrieks and screams you can hear are those of me, [info]supergrover24, [info]kueble and [info]apetslife HAVING A FUCKING NERVOUS BREAKDOWN OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS.


More photos and video forthcoming.


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Projekt Revolution - Tweeter Center - 8.24.07

So. I just purchased general admission tickets for Fall Out Boy's November Boston concert and then the concert the next day in Connecticut.


Hi, my name's Femme and I have a concert addiction. (There had better damn well be some Peterick gayage those nights. I'm just saying.)

Speaking of concerts...so I went to see a little thing called Projekt Revolution last night. *g*

First of all, as always happens to me at concerts, we had a camera failure. Seriously, you'd think I'd learn to have a backup plan by now so I don't have to resort to shitty Sidekick photos. OH WELL. My camera karma is shit, you guys. Shit.

[info]ze_dragon's cell phone pictures came out a tiny bit better though, although nowhere near as good as the camera would have, alas. But still, there will be a few included with this. However, MCR uses a fuckload of lights, and it's hard to get a decent picture of them that's clear. :/ At least with a cell phone. Dammit.

We got to Tweeter about 5:40ish or so, located our seats (AWESOME FRONT AND CENTER) and then, since we weren't thrilled with Him, went and hit up the Bacardi Silver cart.  )

All in all, it was an amazing concert. I loved it, and I love the boys. SO MUCH. But parts of it felt a little off. The interaction between the band was a bit weird, at least from my interpretation of it. Others might disagree. I'm going to see how they are next week when I see them with [info]supergrover24. DAMMIT I WILL BRING A WORKING CAMERA TO THAT ONE. XD

Okay. Must dash to run a couple of errands this morning and return the goddamn Zipcar before they charge me for another day and then will be back to catch up on email/comments/flists. *smooches you all and looks for T pass*

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