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So. Today happens to be this sweet little dude named Mikeyway's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKEY! *smooches*

In celebration I'm putting up a soundtrack that [info]lovesongwriter requested of me last week. She asked for a Frank/Mikey soundtrack that took into account canonverse Mikey and Frank. So. I ended up with 32 songs on my playlist. Well, actually I ended up with a lot more, but I managed to winnow it down to this list. *g*

I also want to say that this soundtrack wouldn't be possible without [info]luciamad, who's responsible not only for addicting me to Frank/Mikey, but also for introducing me to the boys and to a few of the following artists.

Songs for Frank/Mikey )

And as another nod to Mikey's birthday, here's a snippet from the Jared Padalecki/Mikey Way that is still currently under construction but which was supposed to be finished today. *facepalms* Yeah. I suck with self-imposed deadlines.

Mikey was curled up in the corner of the sofa in the front lounge... )
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