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I spent this afternoon rearranging the furniture in my living room out of some overwhelming psychological need to do something to change things up a bit in my life. I'm evidently having a fit of restlessness. Although actually I like the new arrangement better. It's cosier. Yuuri isn't certain what to make of it though...I think he's a bit perturbed that I've moved his favourite couch arm from where he expects it to be.

I've been spending more time than usual lately perusing my IJ flist--I finally got around the other day to using the add friend console command to hopefully find most of my flist who have IJs. Although I'm getting a lot of duplicate posts. So I'm finally going to get around to setting up my filters on IJ and LJ properly to counteract some of that. So if y'all could fill out this poll, it'd help me a lot. Thanks.

Poll #1213 Posting on IJ or LJ
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Where do you post primarily?

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I post primarily (or only) on InsaneJournal
31 (50.0%)

I post primarily (or only) on LiveJournal
7 (11.3%)

I cross-post identical content to both IJ and LJ.
19 (30.6%)

I post on LJ, but my fic is posted on IJ
5 (8.1%)

If you cross-post regularly to IJ and LJ, where would you prefer me to read you?

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22 (57.9%)

1 (2.6%)

15 (39.5%)

BTW, since I've seen a lot of people claim recently that one of the reasons they can't deal with IJ is because the basic pages are ugly, um...just an FYI that there are some new beta site schemes [info]squeaky's testing out. I'm using one of them (called Worksafe, with the sidebar option) and speaking as a graphic designer? I like it a lot. It's clean and classic and very legible. There are still some bugs that crop up every so often (hi, beta stage) but I give it two design thumbs up.

Here's a screenshot of it. )

You can switch to the new site schemes here.

Anyway. I'm going to curl up and watch Dracula for a bit. It's fic research, believe it or not.

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