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Proof that I am, yes, indeed, a Dweeb Of The Highest Order, thanks.

Right, so let's get this out of the way first. Yes, I name my computer equipment after RP characters. This automatically gives me Geek Cred. Both in the fact that I have computer equipment and in the fact that I'm dorky enough to RP for almost four years. So for those of you who don't follow Dungeons and are wondering WTF--my Snape is married to [info]isoldest's Draco and that Snape has an illegitimate adult son named Marik who used to be an art thief. (What, shut up, it's a bloody soap opera.) Anyway, it's a hell of a lot more complicated than that, but hey. Let's stick to the basics, right? On to the serious dorkage.

Okay, so [info]djinnj has been asking me what Rhett picture I chose to put on my desktop. So here it is. Straight from the July concert we went to in NYC. Where he sweated ALL OVER ME. Hi, yes. SWEATY RHETT=TEH SEX. In this picture I would be standing...about where the line of hard drives is on my desktop, facing Rhett. [info]djinnj was towards Ken's side. *G*

Desktop! )

Please to be noting that on this screeshot Draco is beneath Severus. And Marik is beneath Draco. HAH. This provides me with no end of amusement because of course Snape tops Draco. Duh. Although the Draco topping Marik is a bit disturbing. Then again Dungeons always has been slightly incestuous...

And now...meet my new Severus.

The dreaded cranky Professor Snape! )

Isn't he sexy? Yeah. He thinks so too. You should see his Apple glow.

This is Draco.

The loveably neurotic Master Draco! )

Draco used to be happy that his hard drive was bigger than Severus's. It brought him great pleasure. Now, however? Snape's is a little bigger. And Draco's sulking a bit. But that's okay because I think Severus is thinking up ways to show him exactly how best his new....endowment can be put to use. Hubba-hubba, wink-wink. I think Draco will be won over. He does like being mounted, after all.

This is Marik.

The bemused bastard son! )

Like any good art thief, Marik likes to hide his black robe and wrap himself in Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Check out his back. He thinks he's styling. Naked blondes and all. Just call him Pimp Daddy Marik.

The bastard son's arse! )

But deep down underneath he's really a little cantankerous gloomy gus just like his Father. We won't mention the number of times he's decided to just...stop playing for ten or fifteen seconds just to express his displeasure--usually about being forced onto the T. Arsehole. But I love him anyway. Most of the time.

And here they all are together. One wee happy--well, okay, perhaps that's overstating it a bit given that they're all Snapes or Malfoys--family.

The Snape-Malfoys! )

My dorkage? Knows no bounds, you guys. Seriously. NO BOUNDS.

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