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So after a lot of research and internal debate, I ordered a G1 Android phone (aka the first Googlephone) from T-Mobile today. It's supposed to arrive on Nov. 10, knock wood. There's a part of me that feels kind of bad for deciding against an iPhone, especially because I've wanted one for two years now. But a couple of things swung me towards the G1... )

Also, I just submitted my nominations for [info]yuletide! Here are the ones I picked:

  • Bones (Well, duh. That was a no-brainer.)
  • RPF - Old 97's (I realize that this fandom at the moment consists mostly of me and [info]djinnj, but I want some Rhett slash, dammit. No seriously, I really do. Go nominate it, please, please, please?)
  • Lloyd Alexander - Westmark (I can't decide if I want slash or het where Mickle wears a strap-on. Don't look at me like that. You know she would.)
  • Neil Gaiman - The Graveyard Book (One word. Silas.)
  • St. Trinian's (femmeslash FTW)
  • True Blood (oh, what the hell, I heart this cheesy show)

And Rhett Miller just released new tour dates in December. I think I've managed to convince myself that it would be COMPLETELY responsible to hit up two concerts in Philly and DC in one weekend. *looks shifty* I'm calling it my Christmas present to myself. *G*

Now, back to writing and getting-ready-to-RP. :)
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