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Random update is random.

1. Woke up this morning at ten til five because the damn sun has decided to start rising at four-thirty in the morning and filters through one of my windows. I find this ridiculously annoying since I don't have to roll out of bed until seven.

2. Got caught in a nightmare commute this morning that turned my I'm-going-to-be-15-minutes-early-to-work into WTF-I'm-half-an-hour-late because I got stuck in a subway tunnel for 45 minutes, thus mutating my 30 minute commute into well over an hour. Not. Fun. To say the least. Bad MBTA, no biscuit for you. >:(

3. Downloaded 500 pages of factsheets from the Parliament.uk site detailing a goodly chunk of the procedures--legislative and otherwise--for the House of Commons. This is research material for several fics bubbling away in various stages of production, including my [info]snarry_games fic, the synopsis of which has now hit 2500 words and still isn't finished. *headdesk*

4. Watched the series four finale and series five opener of Spooks tonight. This was me: ZafZafZafZafZAFZAFZAF--ZOMGCOLINCOLINCOLINCOLIN--ZAFRuthRuthRuthRUTHZafZafZafZAFZAFZAFZAF. *cough* Also I am now utterly convinced Malcolm/Colin is canonical. And certain that series five is going to tear me apart. *whimpers*watches with one eye closed*

5. Got to RP my Marik tonight against [info] - livejournal.comjjtaylor's Tonks. This was massively happymaking. I giant-sparklypen-heart those two. Plus it was nice to RP; I haven't had a chance to do it much the past few weeks. Alas. Alack. Woe.

6. I looked at the prompts that are being submitted so far for [info] - livejournal.comhd_career_fair and I kept going, oooh, I want to write that one and that one and that one and that one and that one...and that was just on the first page. *facepalms*

7. I owe a couple of emails and a bunch of comments, but for now I must needs hie myself to bed as I've an early meeting in the morning. Blech. Meetings should not be scheduled before 11 a.m. Ever. I am neither functional nor nonsnarly that early in the morning.
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