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  • Membership in OTW has opened as of this evening. You guys, I'm so excited about the archive that's going to be released this summer (version 1.0). Check out the roadmap for archive development. All this stuff is going to be available when it opens. It fills me with massive squee. And some of the possibilities for expansion that have been discussed for the future are even more awesome.

    You don't have to be a member of OTW to use the archive when it opens, but OTW membership provides financial support for the underpinnings of the archive and non-profit and a donation of $10 or more during a year will give you the right to vote in the next board election. You can read more about OTW membership at the Membership FAQ. If you've financial questions or privacy concerns, check out the Financial FAQ and our Privacy Policy. Still want further info? Drop ComRel a comment on the LJ post or email us at comrel@transformativeworks.org. :)

  • I'm getting sick again. I came home tonight at five and took a little nappy-nap on the couch. I didn't wake up until 9:30 and I'm still so tired I could curl up right now and sleep until morning. I don't feel like eating, my throat's raw, my head hurts, and I'm running a fever. Awesome. I don't know what it is with me and illness this winter but I'm like the walking plague lately. I'm seriously debating whether I should go to work tomorrow. Stupid body.

  • I've gotten sucked into Skins. How did this happen, you ask? LET ME TELL YOU. I resisted [info]luciamad talking about it for a year because hi, I don't need another show to watch, dammit. I can't keep up with the ones I have--even with the writer's strike. Then [info]ze_dragon saw Luc start mentioning Skins lately with the new series airing and all and knows that she has excellent taste in media. (Cause she does. *eyes Luc*) And not long ago [info]stepps pimped it. So between those two, Dragon fell last week. I still resisted. Bah! Don't need! No! Will not! No more shows! No more fandoms! And then Dragon came over this weekend with a DVD filled with the whole damn first season and forced it on me. Dammit. Now I'm totally in love with Sid because he's such a sweet dork and I may be in search of fic and oh my GOD, [info]luciamad, [info]stepps, and [info]ze_dragon....I hate you all. No, really. I do. Oh, God, Sid. My heart. Sid. Dammit.

  • Am still feeling seriously restless and discontent. I don't know why. This too shall pass, I suppose.
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