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Slept through a good chunk of today and yesterday due to feeling like crap physically, so I'm just getting around to comments and flisting and posting of fic on various comms (yeah, er, sorry to anyone who gets hit by crossposting /0\). Also, I do not want to go back to work tomorrow. *cries* However, I have managed to get a bit of my Snarry Games fic done between naps, although I have a long way to go before I'm finished. Um. You may see me writing frantically at Azkatraz... *looks shifty*

Okay about this picture of Tom Felton that he tweeted today? Jesus Christ. And for the love of all that is holy do not get me started on this one. I can't even. Seriously. I can't. Gott im Himmel. Can Kai Z Feng take all of his pictures now because he makes the boy look like sex on a stick. I keep looking at them, going, good Lord, boy, when did you grow up and can you please stop making me feel like a perv because I remember when you were in Anna and the King, my God. And then I stop and think that maybe that's how I make Snape feel when I force him to perv on Draco, and you know, I'm really kind of okay with that.

I am going through a massive Brian Molko/Placebo love phase at the moment. Be afraid. There is a pimp post of doom coming whenever I can be arsed to code it up. This may very well trace back to a recent viewing of Velvet Goldmine which threw me into a glam rock/early punk rock kick that I'm still wallowing about in cheerfully, which of course then traces directly down to Brian. And seriously, fandom, where the hell is the Placebo love? I mean good God, you have a band with an openly admitted bisexual (and as an aside I have post percolating in my head about bisexuality and fic) and an uncloseted homosexual and yet I have found only one members-locked fic community (which of course I immediately joined)? This grievous lack must be fixed. I've already managed to slide past Brian/Draco into one fic I'm working on. Of course I've also managed to slip in Harry/Simon Amstell too--shut up, I've been watching a lot of Never Mind the Buzzcocks this week and I'm a little enamoured with Simon at the moment. Plus the idea of him dating Harry amuses me to no end.

Also, for some reason Brian Molko (*points to icon*) is a grown-up Albus Severus in my head. I don't even know, but there you go. He's my Al, cocky little Slytherin bastard attitude and all. \0/

Anyway. I now have lo mein from the Chinese restaurant down the street and a cat who's eyeing it a little too closely for my comfort. Must go rescue it, I think. Back soon...
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