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I love floppy haired spoiled brats so damn much. Yes, I have a type.

So. What have I been doing all weekend? Why, reading House/Chase fic obsessively, oh my God. I think I might be a bit addicted to it, and really, seriously, the dynamic just makes me *KEYBOARD SMASH* *KEYBOARD SMASH* *KEYBOARD SMASH*. I'm a bit starry-eyed in love. Cranky bastard/spoiled brat OTP 4eva!

I am also amused by all the HP fen falling into Kyo Kara Maoh at once. HOORAY! Now go write me Yuuri/Wolfram, dammit, people. :D I'm also going to catch up on season three this week. Which terrifies me because if they officially screw up my OTP I might have to stab someone. This is seriously why I've put off watching it the past few months. Pure fear. It's a problem when you OTP in a fandom. :/ Oh well. If they do, I'll just ignore it. Much in the way I am cheerfully ignoring Chase/Cameron and House/Cuddy this season. Denial is a lovely place. DO NOT HURT MY WOLFRAM, KKM POWERS THAT BE. I will be very pouty. And sullen. And may say nasty things about you behind your back.

Also, I am still in love with [Eleventh Doctor's name redacted]'s hair. You guys. It's floppy! And it stands it up! ALL AT ONCE. It's like, I don't know, HEAVEN. \0/\0/\0/\0/ Do you think I would be lucky enough for TPTB to make him a brat too? *looks hopeful* Because then my ickle, shallow, entirely-looks-based semi-crush would be sealed.

I may have purchased two books this weekend on the practical side of the music business to assist me with finishing [info]purely_ironic's (ridiculously) late Sweet Charity fic. H/D band AU, ahoy! I also may have a couple of ficlet ideas for House/Chase and Wolfram/Yuuri and Harry/Viktor floating around in my head, taking root. *cough* I think my week's writing break might be over. On with the 2008 ficcage!

Um, but first I have to go finish reading this 28-chapter House/Chase fic that I have fallen in love with. \0/
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