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I don't know what you do but you do it well, I'm under your spell

After meeting up with [info]bewarethesmirk for a lovely bit of coffee/tea and chatting this morning, I came home and curled up on the porch (well, until the frigid wind sent me scurrying back into my bedroom) and spent the afternoon/evening beating my Dreamwidth journal style into submission.

And what GLORIOUS fun it was. \0/ There is nothing better than wrangling with code until your eyes glaze over and you come out the other side having coerced a computer to do exactly what you want.

I used the not-so-pretty (well, okay, not-so-pretty to me) Transmogrified style and ripped apart the CSS, then stitched it back together until it turned into this.


Thank you, Tom Felton for the pretteh picture and [info]gossymer for the navigation strip CSS. *g*

That's still the bones of Transmogrified; it just has a brand new skin. I've only had a chance to test it in Safari and Firefox on a Mac so far, so it may still be buggy on a PC, but I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment. CSS is bloody brilliant.

And now, I collapse exhaustedly into bed and watch some Spooks before falling asleep. I've hit series three and I'm still crushing on Keeley Hawes.
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Random thoughts on nothing in particular

1. My upstairs neighbours are playing seriously crap dance music very loudly. It's annoying, but I suppose it's better than listening to them fight. Or have sex. Still. :|

2. Now that my fest fics are done and I appear to have broken through my writer's block at least a little, I'm getting ready to tackle my next batch of fics. Coming up on the list are my Snarry Games fic (for which I am currently incubating what I hope is an awesome idea), [info]purelyironic's H/D musician AU, [info]gossymer's H/D fantasy AU, and [info]accioslash's Snarry. The latter three of which are extremely overdue. *facepalms* But they should fill my writing schedule up through Azkatraz.

3. Meryl Streep freaking creeps me out in The Manchurian Candidate.

4. Still very much enamoured with Dreamwidth. On [info]idlerat's recommendation, I snagged the username [info]femme which I've wanted on LJ for years, but it's been taken by someone from California since 2000, dammit. Anyway I'm thinking of using my Dreamwidth [info]femme as a fic archive journal. I've been considering setting up a fic website, but haven't wanted to use efiction. So this might be a good substitution. *ponders*

5. I started reading Douglas Rushkoff's Coercion: Why We Listen to What "They" Say today. It's an examination of media and marketing in the Internet age, and I may have more to say on it later. Lately I appear to be having a slight existential crisis in regards to my twelve-year-long career path in marketing/communications/graphic design.

6. There was a six, but I forgot it. So instead I think I'll curl up in bed now...good night, el jay, eye jay and dreamwidth. :)
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