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Ever since I found you I've been orbiting around you like you are the sun

My Rhett CD just arrived, thank you, Amazon pre-order! \0/ Um, not that I haven't had the mp3s for the past week and been listening to them non-stop or anything. *looks shifty* But! The actual package is in my hands and I absolutely must scan and icon the back photo because it is AWESOME. *hearts Rhett OMG* (And the deluxe album on iTunes has FIVE bonus songs on it, HOORAY. *shoves more money at Rhett*)

Walking home tonight, I passed a twentysomething guy carrying a skateboard. Painted on the deck was the Dark Mark. This amused me to no end in so many ways.

Speaking of Dark Marks (what, it's a segue, go with it), I have been flailing over the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone cover all afternoon. Trufax, I must admit that I've been reading Kradam fic (and downloading last season's AI epsiodes) since last week because I totally fell for Adam after seeing the US video with him and Kris. And now I'm horribly tempted to follow up my Harry/Draco club!fic (which is nearly done, yay) with a sequel Harry/Draco/Adam club!fic. /0\ But it would work for one of my [info] - communitykink_bingo prompts! And it would be brutally hot. And he's on the cover of Rolling Stone with a snake. I mean, really. Oh my God. It's like crack for a Slytherin lover.

Totally skipped lunch today. Must find food. Then do a bit of Dungeons. Then finish club!fic and force Jodie to beta it for me. \0/ And then start another one...
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