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I read in the papers that Gemini people will make it tonight

So, Severus the MacBook officially gave up the ghost last week. I'd managed to coax the keyboard into working again, though the DVD burner was still stuck, but Thursday the last bottom row of my keyboard died on me again. And it's kind of hard to type without the m, z, x, c and comma keys. :/ So yesterday [info]ze_dragon and I hiked up to the Apple store in Cambridge to get her power adapter replaced and my laptop packed back off to Apple. Which means for the next 5-7 days I'm back down to the ickle iBook and let me tell you....it is so much slower. And smaller. And heavier. And bulkier. And the shift key only works half the time.

*cries for Severus*

Best part of taking him in though? I have this OgN picture of Ayase chained to Kanou as my background on my desktop, and the dude at the Apple store who was tattooed up both arms and had a lip ring looks at it and says "Awesome pic. What's it from?"

Dragon and I still aren't sure if he realized Ayase was a boy. :D

Of course Apple > Best Buy given the fact that Marik the iPod is still not back from the repair shop and the 2-3 weeks they told me it'd be has now hit two months. Not best pleased. Not best pleased at all.

In between writing and going to chats and cleaning my apartment the past couple of days because OH MY GOD I HAVE COMPANY COMING NEXT WEEKEND, I've been indulging in anime. I inhaled the fourth English subbed OVA for Okane ga Nai--and WHOA THE FIC IDEAS--and then [info]ze_dragon introduced to me another anime that (according to her) she hand-picked to hit all the cracktastic things I tend to love.

So now, of course, I'm addicted as hell to Kyo Kara Maoh!, and I hate Dragon, I really do. I may have actually ordered the entire first season DVDs because the company who dubs them has stopped production, and I may be up to episode 21 out of 78 on the Veoh fansubs.

Really, how could I resist? *coughs and points to icon* It combines high fantasy with total CRACK with a yaoi couple who get unintentionally engaged in the second episode because one of them gets pissed off and slaps the other and that's how nobility gets engaged in this world and then they go on to adopt a daughter together, and the main character was born in Boston, is addicted to baseball and loves the Red Sox. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. )
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