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Patrick and babies make even Mondays brighter.

Yesterday was [info]isoldest's birthday (except really it was Saturday night what with Australian/US time zones and all--boo on time zones and being half a planet away from one of my favouritest people ever), so you should all go tell her she rocks. Because she does.

Procrastination last night lead to me ordering a vacuum cleaner (finally) as well as a two-foot tall silver Christmas tree, thirty-seven blue/teal/green glass ornaments and two strings of blue and teal lights with which to cover it. I am going to have a kitschy Christmas this year, yay. Perhaps I shall take pictures when it arrives next week.

However, I finally fell asleep last night at 3:30 after a five-hour writing frenzy in which I wrote five thousand words....and kept two thousand of them. *facepalms* Sometimes I hate the way I write. But, ah well. No sense in keeping scenes that just don't work. The delete key is a writer's best friend.

Due to falling asleep less than four hours before I had to get up, I slept through my alarm this morning, waking up exactly twenty-three minutes before my train left.

Which I made. I am just that good. Also yay for sloppily doubled ponytails.


Dear Idiots on the T... )


Then I got to work, crankily, to find the heat off in the building. It is currently 34 degrees outside with a wind chill of 24. I am currently huddled over a tiny space heater still wrapped in my Slytherin scarf.

BUT. I turned on my computer to find an all-caps email from [info]supergrover24 saying HAVE YOU SEEN THE HATLESS PATRICK WITH BABY PICS on [info]gigantic's journal?

I had not.




Dear Pete Wentz... )


Also, it is snow-flurrying outside! Before Thanksgiving! OMG. \o/


Dear God... )


I am going to make a hot cuppa, then knock a few projects out of the way and perhaps eke out some time to write more.


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She says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down

Okay, let's get this out of the way. This? Fall Out Boy covering Green Day's Basket Case? MAKES ME SO HAPPY I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU GUYS OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.


God. I have so dated myself. I have this urge to find one of my old plaid flannel shirts. (Shut up. I had them. And work boots.)

Someone please tell me there's an mp3 of that cover floating around by now. Please. Because I. Must. Have.

I JUST. Patrick Stump. Basket Case. Dookie. Grad school. YOU GUYS.

*flails about wildly*

In other news, I hung out with [info]luciamad today and she pushed the pilot episode of The Invisible Man on me, and yeah, okay, I have another obsession now. HI NEW TINY OBSCURE FANDOM WITH FUCKING AWESOME SOURCE MATERIAL. I now have all the episodes for the first season on hand and I will be watching them over upcoming weeks and reporting back with a viewing diary. So far I can say I am hearting the Fawkes/Hobbes already and I am totally in love with Arnaud. This show rocks. Seriously. How on EARTH have I managed to miss it?

And then I got home and [info]a_belladonna had written me Adrien Brody/Owen Wilson, which I'd link to but it's flocked but if you have her friended on InsaneJournal you MUST read it because it's awesome and MADE OF WIN. I think that may be my new RPS pairing. I mean seriously. Damn. Adrien. And Owen. It works. Oh, how it works.

This has been a Night Of Awesome. Except for the T. BUT THAT'S OKAY. Hot Brody sex makes up for a multitude of MBTA sins. :D

P.S. AND FRANK IERO PICSPAM. Seriously. The only way tonight could be better would involve Mikeyway, Frank, a video camera, a can of Redi-whip and YouTube, and you know that's probably not going to happen.


You never know with these boys.

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So keep me in your bed all day, nothing heals me like you do

I had really a bizarre dream last night about having Thanksgiving brunch at a very schna-schna restaurant in Malibu with Ari and Mrs. Ari from Entourage....and my toddler. WTF. My brain is a strange place. Of course what amuses me is that I'm more WTF about the toddler than Ari and Mrs. Ari. Because they seem more plausible. Oh, fandom.

Okay, so I'm still working on the soundtracks that I offered up a couple of weeks ago. (It's taking me longer to pull them together than I thought...) So this one was requested by [info]supergrover24 for the oh so very NC-17-rated Pete/Patrick bunkfic she and I wrote together this summer: I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby.

The arc I followed for this soundtrack is want/desire -> sex -> love. Which echoes the arc of the story. :)

The legalse again: Songs are for sampling purposes only; if you like the artists, go buy them at the retailer of your choice, the files will be up for one week and then taken down, right-click save-as, and comments would be lovely for bandwidth tracking.

I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby )

And I don't know what it says about me, but right now I'm in the mood for my ultimate comfort-type fic. Which for me is wedding, marriage and/or kidfic. Unfortunately, finding those sorts of fic in my comfort pairings...is not easy. Although I've found some Pete/Patrick lately. But finding it in Snape/Draco or Frank/Mikey is pretty much nigh unto impossible. And I'm not even going to touch Harry/Draco. I've read all the good ones there. Sigh. I really want Snape-with-a-baby-and-married-to-Draco, dammit. Or better yet, Snape-married-to-Draco and their kid at Mommy and Me with Pete and his and Patrick's kid. THAT? WOULD BE AWESOME. And where is that fic, I ask you? Where?


I'm going to have to write that now. Dammit.

Okay, this may explain the toddler in the dream. Hm.

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Gerard Way didn't save my life. But he made it a hell of a lot more squeeful.

Hi, so okay, I spent from about 3:30 this afternoon until almost eight straight tonight drinking, no joke, which ended up with me being DRUNK OFF MY ASS on the T and for the rest of this evening. The first two of those hours were spent in the bar in my building with my boss and two of my co-workers drinking to celebrate my boss's upcoming nuptials next Friday (yes, those of the OMG I NEED A DRESS earlier this week) and the latter two and a half were spent in a crowded pub a few streets over with [info]spiderine and [info]ze_dragon celebrating the joy of fangirlhood.

The joy of fangirlhood has kicked my ass tonight.

Let's just say that after crashing on the couch for a while--somehow in her infinite fabulousness, Dragon (whom I vaguely recall being a bit tipsy herself) got me home in one piece--I am now awake, half-sober and beginning to get hungover. Oh my God, I am never drinking that much again, hand to God, and boys and girls, drink is made of evil. Evil, I say.

But, have I mentioned that Thursday I might have, you know, OMG MET GERARD WAY?

'Cause, yeah. I did. *tries to be blase and fails miserably*

So Gerard was signing copies of his new comic book The Umbrella Academy at Newbury Comics in Boston on Thursday afternoon/evening. )

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I really love your hairdo, yeah, I'm glad you like mine too

Because [info]bethbethbeth loves me and tolerates my OMGEMOBOYZ squee and I am not-so-secretly trying to tempt her over to the Dark Side(tm)--after all, we have cookies. And Patrick Stump. This is a hard combination to resist. *nods*--she wrote me Snape/Gerard commentfic.

There is just nothing sexier than greasy black hair. WHAT CAN I SAY? I cannot help myself.

True fact: Snape/Gerard is my fandom crossover OTP. Along with Draco/Pete. And Harry/Patrick. I'm wondering if it'd be possible to have Snape/Gerard/Draco/Pete/Harry/Patrick. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

I'm just saying.

I think Gerard and Pete would agree with me.

Now I have to go pretend to work. And maybe sneak some writing in. Perhaps.

Also, if my iPod would stop skipping songs on me today, that would be brill. *eyes Marik balefully*
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I don't want you back for the weekend, not back for a day

This weekend...does not really need to be talked about. Suffice it to say it's not been my best of weekends.

I went over to [info]spiderine's for dinner with her and [info]ze_dragon, though, which was nice. And tonight I've been playing around in my FOB video folder and, well...this happened.

I haven't vidded in a while but this song's been stuck in my mind and I just figured, what the hey. I needed to throw together a quick Pete/Patrick vid to it. So on a whim tonight, I did. Not the greatest quality of clips available in my folder, but hey. 'Twas done with love. :)


I adore these two boys. I really do.
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If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you

I don't care if you absolutely hate Fall Out Boy--you need watch this video. I'm in tears and I have to leave for work.

Oh, boys. I just.


Invisible Children.

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So I say turn up the music, take me home or take me anywhere

So. Today happens to be this sweet little dude named Mikeyway's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKEY! *smooches*

In celebration I'm putting up a soundtrack that [info]lovesongwriter requested of me last week. She asked for a Frank/Mikey soundtrack that took into account canonverse Mikey and Frank. So. I ended up with 32 songs on my playlist. Well, actually I ended up with a lot more, but I managed to winnow it down to this list. *g*

I also want to say that this soundtrack wouldn't be possible without [info]luciamad, who's responsible not only for addicting me to Frank/Mikey, but also for introducing me to the boys and to a few of the following artists.

Songs for Frank/Mikey )

And as another nod to Mikey's birthday, here's a snippet from the Jared Padalecki/Mikey Way that is still currently under construction but which was supposed to be finished today. *facepalms* Yeah. I suck with self-imposed deadlines.

Mikey was curled up in the corner of the sofa in the front lounge... )
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But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you

Things that are sad-making today:

1. Being physically and mentally exhausted beyond all rational belief without any actual real reason for said exhaustion. :/

2. Seeing my wee ickle bandslash fandom explode into its first big wank. *sheds a tear or two for my baby growing up* Ah well, at least we're not ABBA wank. Somewhere there's a Dancing Queen/Gerard joke that I am far too tired to make.

3. Wank in general. Dude. I am so tired of wank and drama...my whole damn summer's been caught up having to deal with it in one way or another, and hi, I just want the pr0n before I, I don't know, throw myself into a pit of despair or something.

4. Wanting to write and either not having the time or not having the mental energy to do more than stare at a blank page and listen to whatever pops up on my iPod.

5. Stress. Just...stress. So very, very, very tired of stress.

Things that are happy-making today:

1. The very fact that there's an ABBA fandom. Who knew? I now want Agnetha/Frida hatesex, chiquitita. Or better yet...Agnetha/Frida hatesex with Pete/Patrick thrown in. What? It could happen. Somehow. Maybe.

2. Having three versions of Dancing Queen on my iPod. (Hey. Don't be judging me. ABBA rocks and you know it.)

3. [info]amanuensis1's screenplay for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which is AWESOME. Let's ditch Kloves and go with this script, shall we? Reshoots, anyone?

4. This post about the non-gay things in bandslash that make us go squee.

5. This macro which wins the Internet hands-down at the moment:So I told them you'll be gay and like it. )

I am currently obsessed with the idea of canning jam and making pickles for some reason. I DO NOT KNOW YOU GUYS. PERHAPS MARTHA STEWART HAS TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN. But I really kind of want to do it. )

And I found out today that tickets for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band go on sale Saturday for Hartford. Since the tickets are most likely $70ish or more, I am currently attempting to convince myself that a) having just gone to 2 MCR concerts and going to see The Academy Is and 2 Fall Out Boy concerts all in one week in November automatically eliminates my financial ability to purchase said tickets and b) Hartford is too far away to drive by myself and c) I can't take the day off work anyway because I need to take a day off to go to see FOB who are far more likely to make out than Bruce and Little Steven are. Although that'd be awesome.

Which is a thought that then reminds me that I really need to tinker with a MCR time travel fic that I've been thinking about which would involve MCR waking up one morning to discover, hi, they're opening for Springsteen during the River tour and wacky hijinks ensue. Um. Like Ray sleeping with Bruce and when he walks back in the next morning they all just look at him wide-eyed and Ray says what? and Frank goes, you didn't come back last night and Ray just shrugs and Mikey (who's curled up next to Frank rather snugly) says, so where were you, man? and Ray says nowhere, really and Gerard just raises his eyebrow and says so is that what we're calling balls deep in ass now? and Ray says fuck you, Gerard and Bob rolls his eyes and throws a pair of legwarmers at them and Frank leans forward and says, eyes bright, dude, seriously, you fucked The Boss and Mikey will shake his head and say, man, don't let Steven find out because it will be on and then Clarence will be pissed and they'll all pause and blink and Ray will look a little frightened because dude, Clarence could even take Bob down. With one hand tied behind his back and the other on his sax.

I'm just saying...
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According to Dragon, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump should never ever Technorati themselves. Ever.

In regards to the ongoing "stage gay" discussion in bandom, all I have to say is yeah, I'm gay; no, gaying it up on stage regardless of sexual orientation doesn't offend me in any way, shape or form; and dude, BRING THE GAY ON BABEE. Especially if Pete Wentz would like to, oh, say, tongue the living fuck out of Patrick Stump in front of me. Because that? WOULD BE AWESOME.

No, really.


That? Is a start, boys. It's a start.

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Two hours left in the day, yay.

Neighbor's alarm going off again repeatedly at 2 a.m. not long after I fell into bed? Check. I hate them; they must die. Painfully. And often. I'm beyond tired now and really seriously verging on crankypants today, though I've kind of been a bit crankypants all weekend so that's really not a huge change. *g*

Speaking of pants, today I'm wearing trousers--yes, I have on pants, not a skirt, you can all be shocked, I do actually wear them...sometimes--that are driving me crazy because they keep twisting to one side every time I move and good God Almighty, how does anyone manage in pants every day? THEY ARE NOT COMFORTABLE. No, really, they're not. (I know, I know. I'm weird...)

In other news, I talked to my mother for the first time in over a week last night and we had the following conversation... )

I heart my mother. :D

Also, in regards to Gerard Way...dudes. You guys. The man actually did it. W-T-F, Gee. *dies laughing* I've seen the public record for the license dated 9/4 thanks to a friend who double-checked today to see if it'd been filed. (And no, I'm not telling you how to find it...it's seriously not that hard, if you really feel the need to confirm.) I just. You guys, HE MARRIED (or is marrying) GIRL!FRANK. This really shouldn't amuse me as much as it evidently does. But. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My shrink would have a field day with that one.

No, really. For those of you who aren't obsessed have no idea who I'm talking about...let's compare. )

And this is for my fellow Adrien Brody fen...in particular [info]jjtaylor who I've already sent this to via email but dude. It should be shared. Seriously.

This is going to have to be iconed, really. )

Gott im Himmel, the man is pretty. I am the worst lesbian ever.

And now I have to go back to work. Le sigh. Le very big sigh.
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Emo playlist for Isolde

So, tonight [info]isoldest told me to come up with a list of ten emoboyz songs and she'd listen to them the whole way through. And dude, I'm not stupid, so I jumped at the chance to pimp her into bandslash introduce her to my latest obsession, so I've culled through my 400-song emoboyz playlist and picked 10 of the songs I think she's least likely to run screaming away from. :D

I haven't included any Panic songs because I'm not certain they're Isolde's cup of tea musically. I'll hit her with those after she succumbs to these. *looks innocent* I've also linked to YouTube versions of the music videos where applicable because believe me, these boys know how to do fantatstic music videos. These songs will be left up for one week and then I'll take them down. So if anyone else would like to be pimped into Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.... :D

( Songs for Isolde )
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Is this creepy now?

So. I have been informed by a nurse at my workplace that I am to stay the fuck off my ankle this weekend if at all possible. Which means poor [info]ze_dragon has to put up with my crankiness. :D

[info]miasnape posted a link earlier to Morphthings, with the warning that it's addictive, and OMG is she right. Dude. I've been morphing and snickering like mad.

But! I have discovered what the love child of Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump would look like all grown up. And I am going to inflict this on my flist. Hah.

AW. )

Dude. This makes me want mpreg like whoa. WHY IS THERE VERY LITTLE MPREG, DAMMIT? Mpreg ROCKS. *sighs and curses fandom's prejudices* :(

Also? This video of Morrisey and Johnny Marr dancing together is AWESOME. *LOVES*


And for those of us having bad days? Taking Back Sunday has this to tell us....



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Okay, longer report later--maybe even tonight!--but I'm passing on this video [info]supergrover24 just uploaded of the Frank/Gerard gayness--OMG, YOU GUYS--that happened at our show tonight.

I have footage I'll put up later, but it's nowhere near as good as this as far as clarity for the lick itself--Jodie got the jumbotron of it and I was too late to catch it..mine's from a distance, but you can see some of the gropage. Not much. But some.

This happened during Give Em Hell, Kid.

And yes, the shrieks and screams you can hear are those of me, [info]supergrover24, [info]kueble and [info]apetslife HAVING A FUCKING NERVOUS BREAKDOWN OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS.


More photos and video forthcoming.


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Seriously? This is starting to get not-so-funny.

Okay, so more trials and tribulations in the saga of Femme travelling this summer. Y'all. I swear I pissed off the transportation deities earlier this summer.

So, I'm taking the train today to [info]supergrover24's, right, so we can go concerting. Well. Amtrak's reservation system has been down all weekend. Because of course, I'm traveling this weekend. Dude. I have the worst travel karma So I had to board the train with no ticket, just a confirmation number and a picture ID. HI, THIS DOESN'T SEEM LIKE THE SAFEST WAY TO TRAVEL, RIGHT? Not to mention I'm like...er....I'm not going to get thrown off the train in some podunk town am I?

And on top of that, I fell down a flight of stairs in South Station back in Boston--DO NOT ASK IT WAS OMG SO HUMILIATING--and managed to sprain both my ankles. Yes. Both. And the one that has seven pins and a plate in it...is kind of nastily swollen.

But does anyone think two sprained ankles are going to keep me from seeing MCR again? HELL NO. I WILL GO ON TWO BROKEN LEGS TO SEE FRANK IERO IF IT IS NECESSARY. I DO NOT CARE.

Hi. I think I have a slight problem. XD

Besides we've had these damn tickets since June. *G*

Anyway. Moral of the story? DO NOT TRAVEL ANYWHERE WITH FEMME. Because I will kill the hell out of any travel plans you have, it seems.

Trials and tribulations aside...I've forty-five minutes or so to kill waiting for my connecting train so I'm mooching wireless from somewhere, eating a banana nut muffin and checking my flist.

Man. My ankles hurt.

*goes to download MCR and J2 fic to read for the next two hours as *coughcough* research for a certain fic*

*looks shifty*
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Bandslashers weekend out?

So [info]frek mentioned wanting to have a group of bandslashers to get together for our own version of a fangirl weekend somewhere...in other words a weekend of gabbing and squeeing and drinking. :D And one thing lead to another and we got to talking and, well...

We now have an interest poll up so we can start maybe figuring out some details and pull something together along those lines. Right now we're thinking possibly some place in Jersey with easy access to NYC so we might have a night at AK-47, perhaps.

So. If you're into bandslash and you might be willing to do a weekend getaway at some point in upcoming months, go here and fill out the poll. Because we need your suggestions. :D

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Projekt Revolution - Tweeter Center - 8.24.07

So. I just purchased general admission tickets for Fall Out Boy's November Boston concert and then the concert the next day in Connecticut.


Hi, my name's Femme and I have a concert addiction. (There had better damn well be some Peterick gayage those nights. I'm just saying.)

Speaking of concerts...so I went to see a little thing called Projekt Revolution last night. *g*

First of all, as always happens to me at concerts, we had a camera failure. Seriously, you'd think I'd learn to have a backup plan by now so I don't have to resort to shitty Sidekick photos. OH WELL. My camera karma is shit, you guys. Shit.

[info]ze_dragon's cell phone pictures came out a tiny bit better though, although nowhere near as good as the camera would have, alas. But still, there will be a few included with this. However, MCR uses a fuckload of lights, and it's hard to get a decent picture of them that's clear. :/ At least with a cell phone. Dammit.

We got to Tweeter about 5:40ish or so, located our seats (AWESOME FRONT AND CENTER) and then, since we weren't thrilled with Him, went and hit up the Bacardi Silver cart.  )

All in all, it was an amazing concert. I loved it, and I love the boys. SO MUCH. But parts of it felt a little off. The interaction between the band was a bit weird, at least from my interpretation of it. Others might disagree. I'm going to see how they are next week when I see them with [info]supergrover24. DAMMIT I WILL BRING A WORKING CAMERA TO THAT ONE. XD

Okay. Must dash to run a couple of errands this morning and return the goddamn Zipcar before they charge me for another day and then will be back to catch up on email/comments/flists. *smooches you all and looks for T pass*

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Ticketmaster is an enabler.

Okay. Um. You guys?

So, like I wasn't planning on going to Projekt Revolution tomorrow because I'm going to it next week with [info]supergrover24. But then Dragon and I were goofing around and decided to check on a whim to see if they had any lawn seats for the Boston show, 'cause I'm off work tomorrow.

And Ticketmaster decided to give us center seats in the section BEHIND THE PIT.



Yeah. Um. So guess who's going to see My Chem tomorrow night?

*is a bit dazed*

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Hey! All you bandslashers out there!

Do you hear those bells a-jingling in the distance? Yes, that's right. It's HOLIDAY FEST TIME. And bandom? Needs us some Christmas smut, y'all.

So [info]ze_dragon and I have decided to run a small anonymous fic exchange this December for bandslash called [info]nightmare_xmas. Yes. After that movie. *g* Hey, if it's good enough for our boys... :D

With [info]gmth's permission (thank you Gina!) we're modeling it somewhat after the classic HP holiday exchange, [info]merry_smutmas. We're looking to sign up between 31-62 participants. Enough to have one post of fic or art a day throughout the month, but no more than two.

Stories have to be 1,000 words long at least, but there's no cap on what you write. Hell, if you want to write a 50,000-word bandslash masterpiece, GO FOR IT. This fandom needs more long fics, dammit.

Signups for the fest will open on Monday, August 27 and close Monday Sept. 3. Assignments will go out by September 15, and fics will be due on November 19. Posting will commence on December 1, and the reveals will be made sometime in the first week of January.

So if you're interested, check out the details on this post on Livejournal and then go join the comm! We'll also be mirroring the community here on Insanejournal for those who'd like to follow it there as well.

And pimp, you guys. Pimpity, pimpity, pimp. After all, there'll be presents for ALL of us, right? :D
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Oh Celeste...

People. I have worked so hard today it's not funny and tomorrow's going to be just as insane. Sigh. I like my goofing-off-at-work days so much better, thanks. Ah well. I'm off for three days next week to go see MCR, so it evens out.

So my new MacBook arrived today and it is the bomb. I just downloaded something at 1200KB per second. DUDE. I've never gone above 300 before.

I shifted 20 GB of crap over from my old computer tonight and I still have 100 GB on the hard drive. THIS ROCKS OMG. And it now has as the desktop a photo of Rhett Miller AS HE SWEATED ON ME, PEOPLE, and it has been dubbed Severus (as usual for my laptops) but this time it's actually appropriate because it's a black MacBook rather than a white one. So now I have the whole Snape family: a black laptop named Severus, a white external HD named Draco, and a black iPod covered with a skin of Botticelli's Venus named Marik. (That last will only be amusing to people who follow Dungeons, I'm afraid, and are accquainted with Snape's illegitimate former art thief son, but trust me IT'S FUNNY. Well. Okay. To me at least.)

There will be pictures to come tomorrow and you can all point your fingers and mock me for my Cult of Macintosh geekage. :D

Back on the bandslash front, [info]ze_dragon and I have decided that Insanejournal needs a bandslash comm. So. We made one. [info]hoodies. If you're over at Insanejournal, feel free to join...it's open for fic, art, recs, squee, you name it. Slash, het, femmeslash and gen are all welcome and the order of the day is to have fun. So hop over and join in. We may even be having fic challenges at times. Because the EYELINER LOVE MUST BE BROUGHT TO INSANEJOURNAL. *nods sagely and pushes all IJ bandslashers towards the comm* (Speaking of IJ, let me just say [info]squeaky rocks. I've been in communication with him tonight, and he's just beyond fantastic.)

Also, Dragon and I may have another bandslashy project in the works. We shouldn't be allowed to hang out together, really. We come up with mad ideas. Trust me. And I may have convinced her to not only go see FOB in Massachusetts with me in Nov, but also maybe even the next night in Connecticut. MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Do y'all know what I'll be like if I see Patrick Stump two nights in a row? Yeah. Slight implosion.

And on the the Harry Potter side, oh my God, you guys. I have two recs for you today. So you know how [info]icarusancalion writes like the BEST Percy ever? Yeah. Well, she wrote a wee bit of Snape/Percy for me and you guys. Oh my God. You have to read it because it's awesome. Small Sacrifices. Go. Read now. I heart Icarus's Percy more than I can possibly say. And her Snape? Is fantabulous.

And [info]draco_a_malfoy drew a truly gorgeous Draco piece (with implied Snape/Draco) called Necromancy, based on a joke I made pre-DH about Draco doing necromancy. I just. The colours are incredible and the composition is gorgeous and it makes me ache, y'all. It's so beautiful.

*hearts on [info]icarusancalion and [info]draco_a_malfoy*

Still behind on email/comments..that may continue the next day or two. Work is...sigh. Yeah.
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