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Yeah, so, I think I might be slightly obsessed.

Okay, so I may have just ordered a photo essay book on Russian criminal tattoos and a copy of the Eastern Promises script. And, um, I may have located a really crappy cam version of the movie that I put on my iPod last night 'cause paying $10 a whack to see it in the theater is going to get expensive and, er, I might have got halfway through watching the movie for the third time at lunch today.


David Cronenberg, this is all your fault, dammit.
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
Gospodi pomilui

I'm exhausted today. )

Also, I ordered $100 worth of non-fiction books from Amazon last night, despite the fact that I dropped $30 at Borders during lunch earlier yesterday. This is how I cope with stress. I buy books and pretend that they could possibly be for research purposes. I suppose it's a bit healthier than indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Although the Ben and Jerry's would be cheaper. And taste better.

I'm going to see Eastern Promises for the second time later today. It's part of my trying-to-be-good-to-myself scheme and if there was ever a movie that was hi, made for me? That's the one. I haven't yet squeed about it because I haven't had time, but I'm already writing Nikolai/Kirill. Because, hi, yeah. Allow me to let David Cronenberg, the director, say it for me:

I wouldn't consider any of this spoilery, but still, just in case... )

Nikolai/Kirill FTW.

Also, seriously, if you read [info]hp_dungeons, go see this movie. Because this is the Muggle version of my Dolohovs. *squishes them*

Right now what's getting me through the day is a playlist on my iPod filled with the Eastern Promises OST and liturgical music that I downloaded last night from the Church of St John the Forerunner (Chesmenskaya) in St Petersburg. I have now decided the Dolohovs attend there. Mainly because I like the choir. They're incredibly peaceful.

I'm a weird person.
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Singing: Choir of St John the Forerunner: Dogmatikon in tone 6

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