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FIC: By Chance (HP/Pushing Daisies crossover, gen, PG)

Okay, so one fic's finished and posted to its comm. My very first crossover fic ever. *wibbles and bites fingernails*

Title: By Chance
Author: Femme
Type: Fic
Length: ~4100 words
Warnings: Harry Potter/Pushing Daisies crossover
Pairings: gen, with hints of Snape/Draco and Ned/Chuck
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes second chances do occur by chance.
Notes: Many, many thanks to my lovely betas [info]bethbethbeth and [info]ze_dragon. Spoilers for Deathly Hallows and the pilot of Pushing Daisies. Written for the [info]snape_after_dh fest.

( At the precise age of nineteen years, sixteen weeks, five days, nine hours, and eighteen minutes, young Ned walked into the village of Hogsmeade in Scotland. )
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heartbreak, old friend, goodbye it's me again [userpic]
I really love your hairdo, yeah, I'm glad you like mine too

Because [info]bethbethbeth loves me and tolerates my OMGEMOBOYZ squee and I am not-so-secretly trying to tempt her over to the Dark Side(tm)--after all, we have cookies. And Patrick Stump. This is a hard combination to resist. *nods*--she wrote me Snape/Gerard commentfic.

There is just nothing sexier than greasy black hair. WHAT CAN I SAY? I cannot help myself.

True fact: Snape/Gerard is my fandom crossover OTP. Along with Draco/Pete. And Harry/Patrick. I'm wondering if it'd be possible to have Snape/Gerard/Draco/Pete/Harry/Patrick. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

I'm just saying.

I think Gerard and Pete would agree with me.

Now I have to go pretend to work. And maybe sneak some writing in. Perhaps.

Also, if my iPod would stop skipping songs on me today, that would be brill. *eyes Marik balefully*
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