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I can has Draco/Chekov! \0/

So, on our last night at Azkatraz, Beth, Cordelia, Dragon, [info - livejournal.com] leela_cat and [info - livejournal.com] lesyeuxverts00 and I ended up at a showing of Star Trek because Dragon hadn't seen it yet. And on the way back, the suggestion of Draco/Chekov as a pairing may have been made and I may have had an entire brain meltdown on the San Francisco sidewalks at the ABSOLUTE HAWTNESS of the thought. (Don't look at me that way. There is nothing hotter than two twinky seventeen-year-olds, and you know it. *g*)

I came home tonight to find that Lyv had written me a Draco/Chekov drabble and it is AWESOME. \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/ I need more. And I might actually be considering throwing the wee HP/Star Trek crossover fest Lyv's trying to talk me into just to get more Draco/Chekov smut if there'd be any interest in it... *eyes flist*

Dammit, I need a Chekov icon.

Also, there is an Azkatraz friending meme going on now...go forth and find peeps. \0/

Must take a little nap now...con crud has most definitely set in. Alas. Woe. I think I've coughed up a lung today. Ew.
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home again, home again

Back from Azkatraz and SO not looking forward to going in to work tomorrow. Although I have brought Ghirardelli chocolate back with which to bribe coworkers.

Con report later when I have a time to recuperate from a cross-country flight, but briefly for now:

a) San Francisco is awesome and I love it and I want to go back NOW;

b) my love for Snape/Draco burns bright again post-HBP (you guys, that scene--you know the one, omg) and as for my love for Harry/Draco...well, let's just say I now have around thirty Harry/Draco stories on my to-write list after this con, dammit, people, stop bunnying me;

c) the H/D panel was made of win and I was and am in awe of my fellow panelists, who all completely rock \0/;

d) after five cons, I finally caved and bought a Slytherin robe and prefect pin so I can cosplay Pansy (oh, hush);

e) I've been sunburned like crazy since I went on a bay cruise with a lovely group of slashers on Saturday afternoon; and

f) the top non-Azkatraz-related memory of San Francisco I will take with me to my grave is standing up in a packed and predominately gay piano bar down Market Street, [info - livejournal.com] cordelia_v and the pianist having coerced me, [info - livejournal.com] geoviki and [info - livejournal.com] noeon into singing backup for Cordelia on Dancing Queen. Yes. Dancing Queen karoke. In a gay piano bar. I'd had five Cherry Blossom cocktails by then; I was weak and susceptible and duly (and rightly so) teased mercilessly by [info - livejournal.com] bethbethbeth and [info - livejournal.com] ze_dragon for giving in. *g* And yet...I'm so glad I did it. :D

I now have to go coax my cat into loving me again. I'm currently being Shunned, though I think I saw a little pink nose poke around the corner of my bedroom door a moment ago.

Also, I think con crud is starting to strike... :(
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Birthday wishes and HBP comment \0/

Today is [info - livejournal.com] ze_dragon's birthday and she wanted glitter text. SO GLITTER TEXT SHE GETS. *hearts* Everyone tell her happy birthday! :D

sparkle - http://www.sparklee.com

Quick spoilerish HBP comment under the cut... )

Must now get dressed in order to, you know, see San Fran. :D
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The scourge of Londontown, there'll be no rest until you are a guest of the Crown

Taking a break from writing to say happy birthday, [info] - livejournal.comdjin7!

Also everyone knows, right, that Spinal Tap recorded Saucy Jack? And you can download it here? For free? I am so amused by this song. And by their website where you can listen to tracks from the new album. I'm particularly fond of Funky Sex Farm. Oh Spinal Tap. I heart you so much. I really, really need to watch that movie again.

Do you know what I hate about living in an old house in the summer, other than the fact that there is no central air and window air conditioners do absolutely no good most of the time? The bugs. The annoying ones that slip under the crack at the bottom of the French doors in my bedroom and decide to crawl on me when I'm taking a nap and I smack them off sleepily and then I wake up with a giant red bug bite on my cheek that itches like crazy. Die, bug. DIE. >:(

I have now registered for the Sunday programming at Azkatraz. I'm going to be at the Parc55 from Wednesday night through Tuesday morning, but as of right now I'm only officially attending the day that my panel's scheduled. Other than that I'm planning on hanging out around SanFran, going to meetups, and jabbering with friends about pretty boys and what we want to do with them. But everyone should come to the Harry/Draco panel at 10:30 on Sunday morning because it's going to be awesomecakes and I'm totally in awe of my fellow panelists. \0/

ETA: Beth brings up a good point here...are those of us without full con registrations going to be able to get into any of the meetup rooms if the meetups are being held in the hotel?

Okay. Going back to writing Harry/Draco club fic now.
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