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Hm. I think the [info]pornish_pixies member list on IJ is going to end up being half what it was on LJ. A lot of people have left fandom in the past four years. Which is really rather sad, but it also does mean I can invite a bunch more people which I think will be a good thing.

Er. Once I get the initial invite process over. (Damnation on that 50-outstanding invites at a time rule. WTF, source code. WTF.)

Which brings me to the point of this post...I have some people on my flist whom I need to poke to go accept their invites so I can send more out. :D

So if [info]atrata, [info]bookshop, [info]catrinella, [info]electricandroid, [info]emmagrant01, [info]fabularasa, [info]hannelore, [info]icarusancalion, [info]lilith_morgana, [info]lizardspots, [info]luthien, [info]lyricalnights, [info]maeglinyedi, [info]millefiori, [info]mizbean, [info]myrafur, [info]nimori, [info]novembersnow, [info]pervart, and [info]phineasjones could go here and accept or decline the invitation I would love you all forever. No seriously. Forever. I mean that. Really.

If you have no clue what I'm nattering on about, there are some details here.

Thanks, y'all!
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