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So...any Snape fen out there? *g*

I'm in the process of pulling together my part of the Snape panel I'm doing with [info]bethbethbeth, [info]goseaward and [info]djinnj at Terminus. And as research, I'm getting ready to sit down and read what I'm pretty sure will amount to a metric fuckload of Snapefic over the next couple of weeks. \0/

However, I need a bit of help from my so very well-read flist. *bats eyelashes prettily*

I'm looking for everything from happily-ever-after romance fic to rough-and-ready PWPs to non-con to, well, anything. What I need in particular are stories that have a really excellent Snape characterization in them. The story doesn't necessarily have to be from Snape's POV, but I want Snape to sizzle off the page in some way. I'm also interested in common fannish interpretations of Snape, i.e. Slytherin Sex God, loner, evil!Snape, romantic!Snape, etc.

I've pretty much got the Snape/Harry and Snape/Draco side of things covered, I think. (Though feel free to tell me if there's a fic you think I really should look at, just in case I've missed it.) But I'm now looking for fic in the following pairings:

Massive Snape/Someone list o' doom )

I'm going through back entries in Pornish and Erotic Elves as well as Smutmas, Smutty Claus, [info]hp_beholder and [info]snape_rarepairs (as well as Beth's ginormous Snapecentric rec list *g*) and bookmarking like mad, but I know there are people on my flist who are into various of these parings...and if you have any must-reads for me or you've written anything that would fall in one of the above pairings, please feel free to toss them my way.

And now...I need to get shower and cracking on some writing. I have a fic I need to send to beta tonight and I want to knock out one or two of those prequels and I'm thinking about maybe walking down to Chipotle this afternoon to grab lunch...

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