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So, it's halfway through the month now and I've barely posted. Er...real life's been a bit busy with work and moving...

  • Still a saga on the latter as the moving company admitted today that they've officially lost eight of our boxes and can't find them anywhere in their warehouses. Awesome. I'm going to have to call their insurance company tomorrow and figure out how we can be compensated. Color me not thrilled...I'm missing my Wacom tablet, winter clothes and half of my bedding and Dragon's missing a bunch of her textbooks. :/ I'm trying to be Zen about it though because, really, what can you do? Possessions are just possessions, after all.

  • I've been a bit worn out and under the weather the past week or so. Lots of headaches and coughing and copious amounts of napping on the couch when I get home. One of my coworkers had a bug recently and came to work anyway (due to issues with our leave time), so I suspect I might have picked it up from her. Unfortunately, I can't take a day off either which doesn't help with the getting to feeling better bit. Alas. Woe. I am cheering myself up, however, with large doses of Ella Fitzgerald. Who can make any day brighter.

  • I'm rereading Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer's The Power of Myth right now and really, it's amazing how much a twelve-year-difference can make in my enjoyment of it. I remember being a bit bored and impatient at times with Campbell in grad school. Now I keep finding myself nodding as I read, agreeing with him both as a human being and as a writer. And I very nearly missed my T stop on the way home tonight because I was caught up in the book. Which is of course why I'm now downloading some of Campbell's lectures to listen to at work tomorrow. And I think I might go back and reread The Hero with a Thousand Faces again. Very interesting.

  • I'm finishing up my outline tomorrow hopefully for my snarry_holidays fic so I can actually dig into writing. Because that would be good, yes. Because I have a deadline approaching. Quickly. Urk.

  • I splurged this weekend and bought 10 Adrien Brody DVDs for a total of $50. Now I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the mail from various Amazon Marketplace sellers. Today's arrival was The Darjeeling Limited. \0/ I might force [info]ze_dragon into an Adrien fest Friday night. Apropos of very little at all...I rode the T today with an Adrien-lookalike who was wearing a t-shirt that read Optimus Prime says stay in school. For some reason this amused me greatly.

  • As it's now officially the 17th on the East Coast, I can say happy birthday to my baby sister! *snugs [info]mulberry_ink* I heart you.

  • I'm on my way to bed. But as I go, a link to share. The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Hours of fun for the whole family. *nods sagely* And on that note, good night, Eye Jay.
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