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I have been SO lucky in fest exchanges this year. Not only were my [info]snaco_exchange and [info]smutty_claus gifts amazing, but YOU GUYS. My [info]merry_smutmas gift?


It's art--a series of panels that tell a Snape/Draco story and it's BRILLIANT. There's rain (!!!!!!! I LOVE RAIN!!!!!) and there's cigarette smoking (which is SO one of my kinks like you wouldn't believe and the way it's woven into not only the storyline but the art itself is BEYOND brilliant) and there's greasy, wet, seriously hot blowjob-giving Snape, and there's blushing Draco, and there's an amazingly hysterical twist at the end, and the whole thing is just GORGEOUS.

You have to go look at it.

I can't wait to find out who drew this because it is seriously amazing. I love it so much, and I want to hug it tight and squee, squee, squee at how incredible my gift is and how much I love this fandom and how much I LOVE MY OTP.

Snape! Draco! LOVE.

Go look. Now. Tell the artist how much you love it, because trust me, you will.

A Snaco Vignette
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