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So don't tell me to mind the gap, I want my f***ing money back...

So this weekend is the last chance to vote for fics in the [info]snarry_games! If you haven't gotten around to reading and voting on some of the fics yet, now's your chance...and hey, I'm not above bribing or begging people to read my Sing A Mad Rebellion. :D (Seriously, though, I am pretty proud of this fic; I really think it's the best one I've written so far in my fanfic career.) Anyway, Snarry fen, go read and go vote--for Team Cauldron, of course. :)

Also, [info - livejournal.com] glockgal posted a piece of Harry/Draco art I commissioned from her (look, look, see my icon?) and it's gorgeous. *squees and hugs it tight* Mine all mine all mine!!! \0/ \0/ It's actually an illustration from a fic that I'm currently working on and it's providing a great deal of inspiration for me to get to that particular scene, which happens to involve Harry and Draco kissing on the Albert Embankment in the rain. \0/ I am absolutely delighted with what Glock did--especially with Draco's clothes. *bounces up and down* Go look and tell her she's absolutely brilliant. :D

Draco and Harry on the Albert Embankment by [info - livejournal.com] glockgal (ETA: Glock's art comm is flocked, but I've uploaded my copy here, if you want to see it...)

Oh and [info - livejournal.com] noeon just made me listen to this absolutely hysterical ditty about the London Underground and OMG THIS IS NOW MY COMMUTE SONG EVERY DAY because it is exactly how I feel most days about taking the T to work. :D Anyone who has to take public transportation daily will so relate, omg.

London Underground Uncensored by the Amateur Transplants )

Okay, off to do some Dungeons with [info - livejournal.com] noeon and [info - livejournal.com] ze_dragon, and hopefully get some comment answering completed before bed.

YAY IT'S THE WEEKEND. *collapses on the chaise in relief*
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