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On SUP, LJ, and the recent interview.

Okay, so a lot of you have probably already seen this translation of Anton Nosik's interview that references the LJ userbase and the suggested boycott. However, before we all tar and feather LJ for yet another instance of Being Giant Assholes, I'd seriously suggest reading through [info]furiosity's translation of the interview.

While the interview still remains somewhat frustrating in the disconnect that LJ management seems to have towards a certain part of its userbase (hi, protest =/= blackmail, for Christ's sake), [info]furiosity's translation is far less incendiary than the previous one and [info]furiosity makes some cultural points that I think do need to be taken into consideration.

Nosik is right. LJ's a business--a Web 2.0 business--and as someone who partially makes a living off web work, I don't know that I can entirely fault them for wanting to make a profit. They're not here for us; they're here for their business plan. If they don't want to host certain content, they don't have to. If they don't want to offer Basic accounts, they don't have to. They are entirely within their rights as a business to do so, and frankly, they don't owe us anything. They don't even owe us good customer relations (though that's kind of short-sighted and stupid of them).

Then again, we don't owe them anything either. I think we may be hitting a point where it's up to users now to decide if they are comfortable with LJ's business plan or not, with all that decision entails.

I'm still making my mind up on that one. Though I'm leaning towards embracing IJ far more fully every day.

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